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Why Should You Go With Windows Web Hosting?

Usually, you will get two operating system options in web hosting either go with Windows or Linux. It may confuse you as to which one is better and which platform you should finalize for your site. Although both have their pros and cons, most business owners opt for Windows operating system. Windows web hosting Canada contains more options in terms of website technologies; it is easy to configure and is highly secured. All such reasons are enough for you to look at the windows plans and check which one is suitable for your business.

Windows support almost all the technology which are supported by Linux plus the additional one. Many large companies which are looking for secured hosting go with Windows. Apart from supporting all the windows programs, windows hosting also supports open-source platforms. This makes it the most versatile hosting as it supports various programming languages.

In this article, we will talk more about the benefits of WordPress hosting Canada, which will give an assurance of working on one of the best-operating systems.

Benefits of windows web hosting Canada

Microsoft friendly operating system

Microsoft tools and products are widely used in many businesses, and if your web hosting supports Microsoft, it will be better for you to operate such tools efficiently. Microsoft tools like FrontPage, ASP work well on Windows. In addition, many companies use Microsoft Exchange for their email management and SharePoint for efficient team collaboration. Your windows reseller hosting Canada supports all such tools and provides dynamic and interactive websites.

Moreover, many professionals keep on maintaining and updating the windows programs. The familiar nature of this operating system makes it easy for them to work with a server interface.

Simplicity with power

Windows Application Server Hosting Canada is the most secured one. Also, the windows web hosting packages offer a Plesk control panel through which professionals can easily make any changes to the website. Furthermore, the supportive Plesk interface is ideal for commercial websites, as it allows companies to manage multiple websites without any trouble. Also, this operating system shows the greatest compatibility with many content management systems like WordPress and Joomla.

Also, Microsoft has the quality of supporting other applications. This has allowed developers to come up with multiple applications compatible with Windows. Also, open-source tools like PhP and MySQL can work smoothly on Windows, which is not present in Linux.

An affordable solution

In the current era, you can find affordable web hosting services Canada as low as $10/month. Although Windows hosting is costlier than Linux, when you consider the features and benefits of windows over Linux, you will be assured that your money is spent well.

Compatibility with other Windows tools

The reason why professionals go with windows hosting is the availability of various familiar tools. For instance, if your website is built on ASP.NET, then Windows hosting will greatly support your website. Also, windows hosting is compatible with Microsoft SQL. Finally, you can even use Microsoft Exchange with windows hosting.

Enjoy Plesk Control Panel

As discussed earlier, windows hosting comes with Plesk Control Panel. You can directly control your website through this user-friendly control panel. Hence it will become easy for you to update your website. Also, through this control panel, you can manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Secured web hosting

When it comes to security, no one compromises on that. Windows hosting is backed by one of the reputed United States corporations. Therefore, many free security patches are available for Windows hosting. Also, it is easy to update your windows server. You need to check for the updates and download them. All such frequent updates ensure that your data remain secure.

Easy to configure

For beginners windows configuration process is easy. For instance, a DNS server is difficult to configure with Linux. With windows, DNS server creation can be done with a few easy clicks. Also, editing and installing Apache configuration files in Linux are difficult, which is not the case with Windows Canadian dedicated hosting. Windows come up with a graphical interface for web server management. Hence it is highly recommended to go with Windows hosting to make the administration process a cakewalk.

Final Takeaway

Windows offer a good hosting environment for all the websites. It supports many technologies like .NET, SQL, IIS, etc. Also, windows cater graphical interfaces to administration options. Hence no need to do editing of long configuration files. Finally, as the window is supported by one of the finest organizations in the US, you can remain assured about the security updates provided timely. There is no surprise that all the benefits mentioned above have made windows hosting a highly demandable one. Even it is costlier than Linux; its benefits overshadow the cost.

So, go with windows hosting this time to avail all the benefits of this versatile platform.

What Type of Hosting Does My Business Need?

There are a lot of different web hosting options out there. Any provider can have a multitude of options. If you have not worked with web hosting, you might feel totally lost when it comes to figuring out just what you need. Cirrus Hosting provides an array of services, and we’re here to help you sort through the details to figure out just what type of hosting you need for your business.

Understand the Types of Hosting

Before you can figure out just what you need, you need to be familiar with the different types of hosting options out there. These are the most common:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting

You will find that different hosting companies will potentially have different services available for their customers. Here’s a brief overview.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is pretty much exactly as it sounds. You are sharing your server space with other users. This is generally the most affordable hosting option out there. For some users, it’s sufficient. If you’re just getting started or don’t need to worry about heavy volume and traffic, this could be a good option for you. With shared hosting, there could be thousands of users on the same server. The server is managed by the host, so it’s up to them to control the users.

The downside of shared hosting is that you never know what resources you will have available. You can be affected by the action of others with things like malware or viruses. Your speed could suffer based on other traffic. Some providers that offer shared hosting will also allow you to upgrade. They help you transition to a different type of hosting when you are ready or your site grows.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server. This is very similar to shared hosting, but there are some safeguards in place. This helps you not have to worry as much about security from what others are doing. On a VPS, you are on a shared server, but you are offered your own spot on that server. That spot is yours and no one else can tap into it or subject you to their risks from it, either.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting takes it all to the cloud for you. You have resources, speed, and storage on demand and you can adjust your cloud based on your needs. With cloud hosting, you rely on your provider. It is up to them to have the appropriate measures in place, and you just work within your cloud. You can manage it, add software and applications, and customize everything however you need it.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the top level. This is the ultimate form of hosting service and the more expensive option. You get an entire server dedicated solely to your needs. Within that server, you can do whatever you want to the space. You can customize it, manage it, add security, add tools, and work within your server. You don’t have to worry about anyone else on the server. It’s dedicated to you so the resources are ALL YOURS! The best part is you also do not have to maintain the server. That’s what we’re for!

Tips to Make Your Type of Hosting Decision

Now, let’s take a look at a few simple tips to help you know just what to look for before you choose a type of hosting.

Available Features

Think about the different hosting service options and the features of each one. What type of features do you specifically want or need? How can you be successful with your hosting plan? If you have any idea what type of storage you need or the traffic that you can expect, this could be very helpful. Determine what you NEED and then work from there.

Think about the security you will need and whether you will have high traffic or even need to be able to handle e-commerce on the site. Now, what type of hosting feels most suitable to those needs?


Some sites don’t require a lot of security, while other sites demand high security protocols. The type of hosting that you choose will probably have something to do with the security that you need. You also will want to be familiar with how much support your provider offers in terms of security. What do they have in place for security, and how will that benefit your site? What type of added security do you need, and can you implement additional security measures?

Keep in mind that shared hosting offers very little security and you can’t really do much to add it. VPS has a similar setup to shared hosting, but offers you a layer of security between you and the next person there.


It’s quite possible that if you are just starting out, you might not have much of a budget. It’s safe to say that your budget will affect the type of hosting that you end up choosing in the end. Remember that shared hosting is the most affordable. Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive. You might need one of these or you might need somewhere in between.

We can help you choose the right fit for you based on your needs.

Let Cirrus Hosting Serve Your Needs

When you find yourself faced with choosing the type of hosting for your site, let Cirrus Hosting help you out! Not only do we offer multiple types of hosting plans and services, but we also offer you a company with experience in the field. We are a secure and reliable hosting provider that has been operating since 1999. We would love the opportunity to work with you for your hosting needs. Contact us today to get started.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

When you are trying to determine what type of server hosting service you need, there is much to know to make an informed decision. In this guide, we’re going to focus on dedicated server hosting. We will cover just what it is and how it works. We can even give you some tidbits to compare it to other types of hosting to give you some reference. Cirrus Hosting does have several options available for dedicated hosting. Give us a call for your needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting Explained

Dedicated hosting is designed to give you all of the server access to yourself. It’s like the penthouse of server options. It’s not for everyone, as it is more expensive to utilize and may provide way more power and functionality than you actually need. However, this is a good option for you if you need high levels of performance and security.

When you use dedicated server hosting, one single physical server is dedicated solely to you – or to an individual business customer that pays for the service. The customer doesn’t just get access to the server, either. You get total control of the server for their needs. Customers make changes and customize it so that it works for them.

A customer with a dedicated server can use it however they want to. They have the performance and it’s like a clean slate for them to create. They don’t have to worry about sharing data, performance, or space. We will talk about the benefits in more detail later, but a dedicated server gives a client control, flexibility, security, and performance all in one place.

In our explanation of a dedicated server, we also want to mention that the customer isn’t responsible for maintaining or managing the server. That duty is performed by their provider. Basically, they get all of the access without any of the background work to keep the server running and operational.

The Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

There are several benefits to using dedicated hosting. Again, we want to mention that it isn’t for everyone. However, there are substantial benefits to those who use it.

  • You get control of the space
  • You have optimized performance
  • It’s fully flexible to your needs
  • Dedicated hosting is secure
  • Maintenance and tech support

Now, let’s look at these in a bit more detail!

You’re in Control!

Perhaps one of the best things about this type of hosting plan is that you still get to be in control. Where some hosting platforms will have major limitations on what you can change or if you can even make changes, that isn’t the case with dedicated servers. This means you are the only tenant and this is your penthouse, so you get to decorate it and organize however will work best for you.

As long as your changes are within the capabilities of the server, your options are endless. You can add and remove apps and operating systems. It means you establish the rules and security detail and you can grant people access or take access away whenever is necessary.

Ultimately, you will feel like you’re the boss of your domain and space. Your landlord will have nothing to say about you hanging that photo on the wall or painting the room bright green.

Optimal Performance

Since you have an entire server dedicated just to you, you get all the performance you could possibly need. Here’s the thing: when you use a shared server, a cloud server, or other shared platform, you don’t get the space all to yourself. While some of these can be great options for certain uses, they are not dedicated solely to you. This can sometimes affect your performance because the system can get weighed down or busy.

When you use dedicated server hosting, the performance is at your fingertips and your stuff will perform much better. You get speed, you get storage space, and you get the support you may need in the background as well.

dedicated server hosting
Photo by Mediensturmer on Unsplash

Total Flexibility

This benefit again relates directly back to this being your own space. You aren’t sharing with others so you have a little bit more flexibility. Rather than having to work in the confines of the same lease that many other businesses are, you get to do it your own way.

Under the flexibility of a dedicated server, you can change things when and if you need to. You don’t have to get approval to change any of your configurations or setup. Simply make changes to software and applications and even add them when you want to. You can also take control of your resources so you can allocate how the server resources are split between applications and processes.

This allows you to make changes and create a space where your business can benefit from the dedicated space. There is so much more than just having your own space at play here.

Reliable Security

Thanks to dedicated hosting, you also get the benefit of a secure space. You can add security protocols as you need to. A business can also amend or make changes in order to be compliant when you need to be.

Your hosting provider will have some responsibility for offering security on their end, particularly with the physical server but you can add your own internal security controls.

Maintenance and Tech Support

Finally, when you have a dedicated server, you are paying a provider to take care of that server. You are not managing the physical server; you are simply taking advantage of having access to the entire server for yourself.

The hosting provider is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the physical server. It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about. Your hosting provider should also be available to you for tech support should you run into issues.

Cirrus Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are interested in using a dedicated server, let us help you. Cirrus Hosting offers a variety of packages for dedicated servers so that you can choose what is right for you! How can we help you?

Linux Web Hosting – Highly Rewarding and Cost-Effective

When we talk about hosting, choosing a web server is an important task. The two major choices from which most companies choose are Windows and Linux. Although both the web servers are good and have their pros and cons, most companies are now giving preference to Linux web hosting Canada, as Linux is cheaper and secure than Windows. Read further to know some of the remarkable benefits of Linux hosting. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Linux Web Hosting Canada


It is one of the attractive benefits of Linux. It provides better compatibility with other operating systems and software. For instance, if you have a website in windows and host it on a Linux web server, you will never face any trouble. This reflects the great compatibility of Linux, and that’s why companies prefer Linux to host their website, which is one of the top hosting providers in the market in the current era.


Being an open-source operating system, you don’t have to spend any single penny on Linux. Many web hosting companies prefer to use Linux over Windows because it is cost-effective. Individuals, who start their business and have fewer budgets, go with Linux as there is no need to pay any licensing fee to get started. It allows them to save some bucks in hosting. As Linux supports many applications like Joomla, WordPress etc., anyone can cost-effectively start their own company.

Stability and Performance

Performance and stability are the two main concerns of companies while choosing any web hosting. If you have opted for Linux hosting, you will find its performance better than Windows servers. Linux servers can handle multiple applications without compromising on uptime. Linux supports all the scripting languages like Pearl Script, MySQL, PHP. These scripting languages increase the accessibility and speed of the websites. With Linux servers, the user never faces troubles like up-times and memory leaks.


Flexibility or you can say versatility is one more important feature of Linux and such feature is liked by all the small and large scale businesses. Whether yours is a blogging website or an e-commerce business, with Linux, it becomes easy for users to manage it. Linux is also scalable, making it easy for users to save disk space by installing and retaining programs they need.

Features to look in a Canadian Dedicated Hosting

By reading the above benefit of Linux, you might have several reasons to choose Linux as a web host. But while going with Application Server Hosting Canada, you must know what else you should expect from the hosting package. For instance, you should know about the bandwidth, disk space, email features, control panels, and ecommerce functionality. Let’s pen down some more aspects which you can expect from the hosting provider:

User-friendly control panel

Most of the time, shared hosting plans are used by individuals who don’t have much experience in this field. Hence your Linux control panel must be user-friendly. Often Linux hosting provides an option of a customized version of cPanel. Such customization helps users manage websites, pick tools, perform other multiple tasks and view statistics. Many Linux hosting providers give unlimited email accounts to their users. So, you need to check all such things.

Domain Registration

Before making your websites live, companies must have a domain name. Many WordPress hosting Canada provide that in some way. You can choose a package that offers a free domain; if not, you can purchase it separately from the hosting provider. 

Linux package which meets your project needs

There are numerous things that you can do online with Linux hosting:


For e-commerce websites, Linux hosting is a smart choice because of the security it offers. People making websites for the first time can also enjoy the Linux cheap hosting plans. Linux hosting is good for both startup companies and hobbyist websites. 


If you are starting your new blog, you may need a web host which supports MySQL. Hence in such scenarios, Linux is a great option. 

Final Takeaway

From the information mentioned above, you might have got information about Linux hosting and why to go with it. Because of its open-source nature, many companies prefer Linux for their websites. But it doesn’t mean that you should pick any Linux hosting without checking the hosting provider reputation in the market. Before choosing any reseller hosting Canada for Linux, you must check their customer support. A company always remains in the good book of users when they have excellent support services for their customers. Apart from customer service hosting provider should make it easy for users to add domain, manage account and create websites without any trouble.

So look for excellent web hosting services Canada to run your business flawlessly.

Best WordPress Hosting: Top Tips for Selecting the Best Web Host

Coming up with a creative and eye-candy website doesn’t need much expense. By choosing the best web hosting services, any business, whether small or large, can get a public presence that is professional and polished.

But picking the right web hosting company is somewhat similar to choosing the right business partner. If anything goes wrong, you may end up with a stressful separation after investing a lot of time and money to make things work.

So, what factors should you look at in reseller hosting Canada to make it suitable for your business? Let’s pen them down.

WordPress Hosting Canada factors:


A good web hosting service Canada should understand that the companies who invest their time and money in creating the website want to see their business grow, and they expect good space from hosting companies to achieve the same.

When we talk about flexibility, companies should pick up the host which offers flexible plans to accommodate all types of websites. 

Moreover, you may also need a skilled sales and marketing team who can suggest some better plans as per your business. Also, they should inform you when you should upgrade the hosting to accommodate the growing website.


Slow-loading websites can kill visitors’ patience and can compel them to visit competitors’ websites. Hence performance capability is one of the decision-making factors while finalizing any web host company. While checking the performance of various web host companies, look for the hardware they use. Being a business owner, you should also decide the server type for your website, whether it is shared, cloud-based or dedicated. Such things can let you know the speed you can expect from the hosting provider. 

Customer Support

Ideally, all the companies expect supportive customer service support, who may listen to their concerns and address them adequately. Sadly, most of the time, the scenario is different. 

To avoid long night troubleshooting frustration, you should look for a host with staff who have excellent knowledge of WordPress. Such a team can easily find out the errors present in WordPress, like compatibility issues and server errors, and resolve them correctly.

To know the proficiency of hosting providers in WordPress, look for a hosting provider whose marketing strategy specifically revolves around WordPress users. Such providers are more likely to offer related support services.


Along with the website’s loading speed, a business owner should also know the data volume they may need from their web hosting company. A small business website that gets visitors only on the contact page to fetch the details will have a much different requirement than the business which deals with thousands of media files daily.

Most WordPress hosting Canada can handle the desired traffic on the website, but the pricing will depend on the bandwidth.


Any Linux website hosting Canada Company which is serving clients for a long time may have made its reputation in the market either- bad or good. This is a good idea for companies looking for hosting, as they can check the company’s reviews before even contacting them. You can indeed get all the information about the company and its services from the website. Still, nothing can be better than checking the views of their customers and their satisfaction level before joining hands with them. Best reviews will let you know the quality of different services, their offers, and their doing. Also, some customers share their views on the company’s improvement areas in the review section.


Once your website is up, you may want it to remain available 24*7*365. But no hosting company can give assurance about it, and hence they always commit 99.9% uptime. If you want to pay extra for uptime, you can do that to get 99.99% uptime. Ensure that you make a note of it in SLA to avoid future troubles.


Anyone who regularly uses a computer for their work can explain the importance of web security. You may have heard many times about data leaking from prominent sites. Hence, it is essential to understand the security measures taken by the web host company to secure their customers’ data. 

Fortunately, many web host providers understand such things and provide their server-level protection to secure clients’ sites.


Compliance has become a significant concern in choosing a web hosting company because of GDPR implementation and other data privacy laws. Your hosting partner should let you know why they will protect your website data. You should ask them about SSL certificate support, firewall deployment, internal security protocols like solid password and authentication. Keep everything documented in the SLA. 

Final Takeaway

Going with a bad web host provider can be a nightmare for you. Hence to ensure the integrity of Canadian Dedicated Hosting, you should do more research work online to make the thing right for you. Consider the points mentioned above before finalizing your decision.

Benefits of Choosing the Cheap and Best Reseller Hosting

Buying hosting of multiple websites for business purpose is called as reseller hosting. There are people who purchase hosting from web hosting companies and resell them to different customers. There is no need of separate mail server, DNS server or web server for reseller hosting. Even if you are reselling the hosting you can have you name on the templates.

Whether reselling hosting business is an add-on to your main business, a side hustle or a start of dedicated hosting business, you can earn much profit through this space. Through white labeling it is possible to sell services under the name of your own branding.

Web designers and developers can make use of this reseller hosting to make recurring revenue. Instead of getting money once through hosting, they can take care of hosting for their clients to get a fix amount every month.

Reseller hosting is also preferred by companies who use multiple Cpanels. This is the smart way to manage everything, instead of buying various hosting accounts.

Classification of Reselling Hosting

Classification of reselling hosting can be done in three types namely shared hosting, collection hosting and reseller hosting. Through reseller hosting end-users can obtain domain registration and transfer database support, eCommerce and other services at additional charges. There is a wide array of reselling platform available in the market, pick the one which provides simplicity and multiple features. You can search on internet about web hosting services, to choose the best vendor. To make your work easy, below are few things which you should look in your vendor:

  • 24*7 technical support
  • Latest hardware
  • Knowledgeable customer representative
  • High-performance servers.

Benefits of reseller hosting Canada

  • In case of many websites with tremendous traffic, reseller hosting services can help clients to develop and grow. Through such hosting you can enjoy ample space and multiple features without need of different URLs or servers. The reseller hosting Canada will cater extra space to you without any additional plans.
  • Along with standard hosting packages, application server hosting services can give you additional features. User-friendly control panel    can allow you to manage site easily.
  • VPS hosting Canada will cater you dedicated servers to address server issues properly. When you go with the best web hosting services Canada you can avail full technical support for resolving your problems which makes your hosting maintenance free.
  • Reseller hosting will be a pocket-friendly option for you as you will get dedicated server features without giving an extra cost for that. Also, running multiple sites with a reseller plan is cheaper instead of buying separate hosting for every website.
  • You get more control in reseller hosting, thus it becomes easy to manage website in a way you want to be. You can avail multiple features, thus making it possible for you to control bandwidth limit along with disk space of other running websites.
  • You can make reseller hosting package as a source of extra income. You can resell your free space which you don’t use. Thus your hosting can increase revenue of your main business and simultaneously it will provide you the desired space you need to run your business.

In a nutshell, resell hosting services are beneficial, if you take it from a reputable web hosting service provider. Think about all the options before taking a final decision.

Another benefit of reseller hosting, is the hosting provider always look for better options for their clients. If their clients are facing crisis while updating hardware, they may get a superior plan and hosting solutions for them from other vendor, instead of buying a new hardware. Such things allow them to address clients’ concern properly which ultimately results in customer satisfaction.

Reseller hosting plan can be a money-making business for you. Along with the business in which you are engaged, it is an opportunity for you to save some extra costs. Reseller hosting Canada is a perfect match for small and medium size companies having limited budget. Such hosting is beneficial for your business forwarding and web marketing strategies. These hosting services are quite economical as compared to primary web hosting services. Through such hosting services you can cut down the maintenance cost and can enjoy excellent service. Also, if you are a reseller you can earn more profit and can grow your small business.

Wrapping Up

The market is flooded with many web hosting services and packages. You need to choose the best web hosting service provider from the crowd. Reseller hosting is a new business in web hosting services which make you avail essential tools and platforms to play a pivotal role in the success of business enterprises. You can understand this business as third party vendor making you avail the hosting packages through major hosting company that resells to clients.

Get Web Hosting Services From A Leading Web Hosting Company

Excellent hosting service provider emphasizes on 3S’s namely support, speed and security. Your website should always be prepared to handle the sudden rise in traffic. There is a wide array of hosting service providers available in the market which can offer you hosting right from few dollars to thousands of dollars. But choosing the best website hosting services from them is a tedious task. Here in this article, we will discuss what you should know before contacting any service provider and what factors you should consider while choosing any hosting provider.

Consider how much hand-holding you require.

Basic computer service providers may take care of your emails, phone support, and tickets. But their turnaround time may vary; some of them can also provide 24 hours phone support. But the restricting factor of non-managed service is that the vendor may address your questions about the basic configuration, but he is not your system manager.

Managed web hosting company will ensure that your system is configured properly, keeping in mind the load time, security issues, and will patch your software as required. 

Estimate the traffic you expect per day (be honest in this decision)

The charges of the hosting provider are usually decided based on the bandwidth and storage you need. Bandwidth is usually decided by the number of bytes the website consumes in a given period. If you expect only a few visitors at a specific time, the bandwidth will be less. But suddenly, if your website achieved top ranking on the Google page or if your webpage became viral on social media, your bandwidth requirement will increase because of website traffic.

Know the server types

Shared servers are considered the cheapest among all hosting types. This one box can handle hundreds of websites. Here the performance of your website will depend on the amount of load other business owners are putting on the hosting. Shared hosting comes with many limitations; you are only supposed to upload files via SFTP or FTP, restrict shell access, and limit the programs you can run on the service.

The second is VPS, i.e., Virtual Private Server, a virtual machine running on a box. Generally, many VPS instances are run on one box, but still, their performance is far better than that of shared servers.

Even if you don’t want any sharing, you can go with a dedicated server. This will comprise a physical box rented only to you, and it will give you a feeling of a server installed behind your desk.

You can also go with cloud servers. These servers run on public clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. The biggest benefit of cloud servers is that they can handle traffic surges, pay them an extra amount for traffic, and you are good to go!

Now let’s talk about some of the qualities which should be present in your web hosting provider.


Whenever your website goes slow, it impacts the number of visitors, and ultimately it will be a loss of revenue. You can’t afford such things even for a short interval. To ensure the work of your Windows web hosting Canada look for their customer base and check their reputation on social media. You can also ask in your friend circle about their services if they have availed that in the past.


No one wants to wait for the website to open; visitors need everything fast. Ensure that your server is not overburdened; otherwise, your visitors will visit the competitors’ website. You should do testing of your Canadian Dedicated Hosting site and other competitors’ site before finalizing the provider.


Ensure that your WordPress hosting Canada provides ample space to your website. Once created, it is challenging to shift your website; hence make sure that in the first deal, you get enough web space.


How will you feel if you visit a café and no one is there to entertain you? The same thing can happen with your web hosting provider, and hence you should inquire about their customer service, support hours, and how easy it is for you to reach them.

Advanced features and technology

Your best web hosting services provider should provide all the options you want. You should look for the number of permitted sub-domains, databases, scripting language support, and whether the hosting is in Windows or UNIX platform.

Secure Location

Local web hosts are much faster and reliable as compared to those who are not nearby your location. It’s always better to choose the service provider in your country, and it doesn’t make sense to get the hosting from the company in the US or UK when your visitors are from Canada. Also, ensure that the information you mention on the website is safe on their networks.

Hope you will consider all the above-mentioned factors before finalizing your reseller hosting Canada!

NGINX Caching Makes Your Website Load Faster – officially supported by cPanel

The most common question we get from our clients is “how to make my website load faster?”  Unfortunately, there is no magic fix but Caching typically helps your website load faster. In simple terms, Caching is a process of storing the static website data on your visitor’s computer, or on a server closer to your end-user, or on the web host server itself (server-side caching) so that future requests can be served faster.

cPanel has recently announced that they are officially supporting NGINX caching. cPanel has done a great job integrating the NGINX caching so you can install / enable / manage  NGINX caching just by push of a button.

Here the emphasis is on server-side caching. In a nutshell, when the webserver responds to a user request NGINX caches the response and when it receives the same request again I will provide the cached response instead of forwarding the request to the webserver. This technique not only improves your web page load time but also frees up valuable server resources.

To learn more about NGINX with Reverse Proxy setup and configuration you can refer to cPanel documentation here.  You also can reach out to our support team if you need any assistance or require more information about NGINX Caching on cPanel VM / VPS / Dedicated server.

Why Should I Pay For SSL Certificate? Paid SSL certificate vs Free SSL Certificate

In a nutshell, SSL certificate enables secure communication over the internet by encrypting data such as your password or credit card information which is being transmitted between your computers and the server. When visiting a website or blog that is secured by an SSL certificate you will see a padlock icon or green bar on the left side of your URL bar.

The organization that issues the SSL certificate is called Certificate Authority or CA in short. The main responsibility of the CA is to validate the identities on the internet such as websites and email addresses and generating a digital certificate. The CA authority landscape can be divided into two categories an Open Certificate Authority (free SSL providers) like Lets Encrypt and CAcert and Commercial Certificate Authority (paid SSL providers) like Sectigo, DigiCert, etc.

Let’s explore some of the challenges of going with Free SSL instead of a paid SSL certificate:

  • Certificate Lifespan:  Free SSL has a short lifespan for instance Let’S encrypt validity is 90 days and you should renew them every 3 months.  Although in many cases the renewal process is automated but you still need to double-check to make sure your website is secure and SSL is installed correctly. A paid SSL certificate however is valid for 1 year; install the SSL certificate once and you do not need to worry about it for a year.
  • SSL Validation:  Free SSL providers like Let’s Encrypt offers Domain Validation (DV) certificate. DV certificate is considered as the most basic level of validation as you only need to show you have control over the domain. The only advantage of a DV certificate is it can be issued very quickly and the issuance process is automated. If you are looking to project more confidence and security you should consider Organization Certificate (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) to qualify for the OV certificate you should go through a validation/verification process. The other type of validation is Extended Validation (EV) this represents the highest standard of trust as the organization has to go through a more careful validation process than OV.
  • Warranty: Free SSL certificate does not offer any warranty. Paid SSL certificate, however, covers the end-user against any financial damages in case of an unauthorized use, corruption, impersonation, and many more. The Warranty varies from $10K to $$1.5m depending on the type of SSL your order and installs on your server.
  • Customer Support: Free SSL certificate CA typically relies on community support. If you have any questions or run into any issues you are mostly relying on other users to share their experience with you. On the other hand, the commercials CA’s have a dedicated support team ready to answer your questions. 

You can find more information about the paid SSL certificate we offer here.

Windows Web Hosting – Plesk Obsidian on Windows Server 2019

Here at Cirrus Hosting, we are pleased to offer our latest Windows Web Hosting solution. Our new plan is running on the latest Windows Server version and the latest control panel (Plesk Obsidian). If you are looking for the most stable and up-to-date .net, MS SQL, PHP and MariaDB hosting then we got you covered.

Our new Windows web hosting plan supports the latest applications you need to lunch your website, like:  

ASP.NET 4.7.2


.NET Core 3.1

MSSQL 2019

PHP 7.4

MariaDB 10.3

The all-new and improved Plesk Obsidian not only offers the new look and feel but also offers enchased security and monitoring tools and optimized web stacks and improved user. Some other cool features of Plesk obsidian are:

– Composer v2: Composer is a dependency management tool in PHP. It is not only installed and updates the dependencies but also reviews and highlights the potential challenges with updating the particular PHP version.

– Advanced Monitoring: new Grafana charts give you visibility and insight into your server health. You also can configure email notification to be sent to the admin or push notification to Plesk mobile app.

– Mango DB Support: Wait no more with Plesk Obsidian you can install and manage Mongo DB databases and users.

At Cirrus Hosting we are always trying to improve our services and provide the most reliable hosting solution to our clients. When you subscribe to our Windows web hosting solution you can take advantages of the following features as well:

Managing Spam Filter: Cirrus hosting is one of the first Canadian web hosting providers who have integrated the SpamExperts on our web Hosting plans, FREE of charge. Using advanced spam-pattern detection and machine learning algorithms, SpamExperts state of the art incoming email filtering separates valid email from dangerous & unsolicited email before it even reaches your mailbox. You can access to SpamExpert management console through your control Panel to whitelist or release emails from quarantine.

Installing SSL certificate: In a nutshell, SSL certificate enables secure communication over the internet by encrypting the data such as your password or credit card information which is being transmitted between your computers and the server. You can either install the Free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt – click here for instruction on how to enable in on your hosting plan –you also have the option to order a commercial SSL certificate. You can read more about the SSL certificate here.

Lunching website / e-commerce: if you are new to website design and hosting not to worry, Sitebuilder provides you with all the tools you need to create your website it is easy and intuitive. For information about how to use the site builder please visit here. If you have already designed your website you can simply transfer your website content to the server via FTP.  

Installing applications: though Application vaults you have access to most popular apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc…. the cool features of application vault is that you can add, update, and remove apps by a push of a button.

Reviewing website stat: once your site is up and running you would be able to evaluate your site efficiency by reviewing the visit statistics, you can find your website statistics in your control panel

Are you looking to host your website on Windows Server 2019? What are you waiting for; subscribe to our windows web hosting plan and take advantage of the enhanced security, all new apps, and many other cool features.

Call us at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area) or email us at sales@cirrushosting.com for more information about these features in this list or if you have any questions in getting your new server. We will be happy to assist you.

  •  Click HERE to find out more about our Windows web hosting plans.