Linux web hosting is a better choice than windows

Why Linux web hosting is a better choice than windows

When it comes to the open-source operating system, the first name which comes to our mind is Linux. Linux hosting is done on a Linux-based server. Hosting is a crucial aspect without which none of the websites can go live on the internet. Business persons prefer open source because it can be edited, redistributed or altered in non-commercial and commercial environments.

Linux is the most preferred operating system among users because of its flexibility and customization. It is also more practical as compared to the windows platform. Also, Linux hosting is affordable as compared to the windows platform.

Advantages of Linux Hosting

  • It offers excellent flexibility and allows the usage of open-source technologies like PHP, Apache, and MySQL.
  • It is the most reasonable and cost-effective option for users.
  • With time, Linux has made its reputation in the market because of its stability and security.
  • It offers a high level of security as compared to windows.
  • In today’s technological world, users demand versatility to customize the platform as per their needs. Linux is highly versatile and is compatible with many databases.

Linux web hosting

When you want to choose a hosting package, your hosting provider should offer various features. Some features you should consider are bandwidth, cost-effectiveness, and domain. The domain is essential for website hosting, followed by bandwidth. As with the growth of your business, your bandwidth should be able to accommodate more information and functions. Companies usually prefer Linux web hosting in the market, as it is a more practical and affordable choice. You must ensure that your Linux hosting contains all the functionality you expect from them.

Linux vs. windows hosting

Whether you want hosting for your eCommerce website or any other business, deciding on your web hosting will be crucial. Let’s discuss everything about Windows and Linux.

  • Licensing and cost

This difference is straightforward. Microsoft sells Windows; hence you have to pay for it, while Linux is open-source. It implies hosting companies who opt for the windows platform need to pay for its license. The hosting companies will then further pass on that cost to you, making Windows more expensive than Linux.

Being free, you need to pay only for the hardware and services while buying Linux hosting. No need to pay for the license.

  • Technology

It is the significant difference between Linux and Windows. Linux uses custom software, and you can use many programming languages in it. Windows only use Microsoft software.

Linux employs MySQL, while windows employ MSSQL. Windows also use Microsoft ASP.NET as a primary programming language. These technologies are not commonly used. Hence programmers need to invest their time in learning it.

In most scenarios, a Linux server can fulfill your needs. MYSQL is a renowned data management system with much-supporting software. It supports Perl, PHP, and Python, and such a facility makes it easy for professionals of many backgrounds.

  • Customizability

It is a significant difference between Linux and Windows. Linux web design and hosting is leading in customization. If you are a beginner and owe a server, it is easy to install Linux for you. For windows, you should buy the licensed version of Windows Server Datacenter. If you know how to do Linux distros configuration, you can increase the effectiveness of the server.

Customization is easy in Linux hosting. Many websites like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are all made for Linux. These platforms also support Windows, but you may need to make some improvements. Some open-source applications don’t support ASP.NET, making Linux a better option.

Linux or Windows: Which one to choose?

So, what have you decided? Are you going with Linux or Windows? Although it may be a tough decision, here’s a quick guide to help you.

If you are not a developer, then go with Linux. Its CPanel will meet all the needs that most eCommerce websites, wikis, or blogs may have. You will get access to customized tools that don’t require much expertise. Even if you want someone to help you with this, you can easily find any contractor at cheaper rates than a Windows server.

If you are a developer with good development skills, you can go with Windows web hosting Canada, as many corporate use Windows for their internal servers, and you may be used to it.

If you have more PHP, Python, or Pearl expertise, then Linux hosting will be a better choice. The same is the thing with MYSQL, NGINX, and Apache. If you know such languages or want to command them, go with Linux.

You may need to learn Linux and how to configure distros, but such things are not necessary to enjoy a smooth experience of Linux web hosting. You can work with an ordinary build. So, start looking for Linux cheap web hosting services to grow your business.