What is the difference between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting? What are the common features of website hosting?

Choosing the right solution to host your website might seem like a daunting task; as you might be bombarded by jargons, different features, add-on options, and different pricing model. One of the first decisions you have to make is to choose between Windows or Linux web hosting, I have been asked this questions so many times “so….. since I have MS Windows installed on my personal computer should I subscribe to a Windows web hosting plan?” my short answer is NO. Your decision should be based on how you are going to build your site and what applications are you going to use for instance if you are planning to build your site using Microsoft products like MS SQL or ASP.Net then you should definitely subscribe to a windows web hosting solutions. On the other hand, if you are intending to PHP, MySQL, Python or use WordPress to post your blogs then you should perhaps consider Linux Web hosting option.

Generally due to licensing costs Windows web hosting is more expensive than Linux web hosting – Linux is free and open source OS, if your budget is tight, then you should consider Linux web hosting and avoid using any MS Windows specific application.

Aside from the MS Windows specific applications and pricing there is not whole lot of difference between Windows and Linux web hosting, below are some the features available in either of them:

Lunching website / e-commerce: if you are new to website design and hosting not too worry, Sitebuilder provides you with all the tools you need to create your website it is easy and intuitive. For information about how to use the site builder please visit here. If you have already designed your website you can simply transfer your website content to the server via FTP.    

Installing applications: though Application vaults you have access to most of popular apps like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and etc…. the cool features of application vault is that you can add, update and remove apps by a push of button.

Creating email accounts:  after you lunched your website it is time to create your email accounts, as part of your Linux/Windows web hosting plan you will have the option to create multiple email accounts. It is a simple and straight forward task, look for mail section in your control panel and click on “create email addresses” and follow the instructions, if you need step by step assistance on how to setup your email accounts in Plesk please click here. There are two ways to access your mailbox; you can either login via webmail trough your browser or by setting up email client like outlook or email app on your PC, Laptop or smart phone. You can read more about creating POP3/IMAP in outlook with cirrus hosting settings here.   

Managing Spam Filter: Cirrus hosting is one of the first Canadian web hosting providers who has integrated the SpamExperts on our web Hosting plans, FREE of charge. Using advance spam-pattern detection and machine learning algorithms, SpamExperts state of the art incoming email filtering separates valid email from dangerous & unsolicited email before it even reaches your mailbox. You can access to SpamExpert management console through your control Panel to whitelist or release emails from quarantine.

Installing SSL certificate: In a nutshell SSL certificate enables secure communication over internet by encrypting the data such as your password or credit card information which is being transmitted between your computers and the server. You can either install the Free SSL certificate issed by Let’s Encrypt – click here for instruction on how to enable in on your hosting plan – or you can order a commercial SSL certificate. You can read more about the SSL certificate here.

Setting up FTP accounts: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) if a networking protocol that enables users to transfer files between a client and server. It is the most common and convenient way of transferring your website / data to the server. You have the option to create, edit and remove FTP accounts from you control panel. You can set different permissions such as specified path, hard disk quota, read and write permissions. For step by step instruction on how to setup FTP account on cirrus web hosting account please click here.

Creating website backup and restore: Although storage technology has improved significantly but we strongly suggest that you take a regular backup of your website. If you delete your data accidentally or your website is hacked or files are corrupted you can restore your original files from a backup. You can initiate the back up your website content and databases through the backup manager. We strongly suggest that you keep a copy of your data on your local computer.

Reviewing website stat: once your site is up and running you would be able to evaluate your site efficiency by reviewing the visit statistics, you can find your website statistics in your control panel

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