single-page website hosting helps boost your online presence

The Benefits of a One-Page Website

Websites are a great way for you to help your company grow its online presence and attract new customers and clients. But not all websites have to be incredibly complex. Single-page website hosting has a multitude of benefits for your business or personal brand. Even a one-page website can help boost your online presence and bring new opportunities to your door. If you thought you needed a complex, multi-page website to help your business, here’s some proof that you don’t.

Lower Costs for Single-Page Website Hosting

The biggest benefit of a one-page website is the lower costs of hosting it. Single-page website hosting doesn’t require as many resources as multi-page website hosting. And with many hosting sites, you don’t have to pay extra for resources you’re not using. There are different levels of flexible hosting plans to choose from. By choosing a one-page hosting plan, you’re saving money on hardware and software that your website will never use. You get to save money, and those leftover resources can be reallocated to multi-page websites that share server space with you. It’s a win for everyone.

Minimalistic Design

Many customers and clients enjoy a clean, minimalistic design for websites. In fact, too much clutter or mess can cause some users to instantly leave the website without even taking a full look. Most single-page websites are designed with this minimalistic style in mind. If you’re using a website builder, such as WordPress, you’ll find that many of the themes or templates are all about simple and clean designs.

This same feeling of clutter can also manifest on a website with too many pages. Having a separate page for every little thing can be incredibly frustrating for users, especially if there’s no search option. Most businesses and brands (that aren’t eCommerce sites) can typically get away with having all their information on one page. This reduces the number of additional clicks and links users have to follow, further enhancing their experience.

Room for Everything

Despite what you might think, you can probably fit everything you need on one page. Your single-page website can host your introduction, ‘About Us’ section, and even a blog. Although this may stretch your page, you can easily put the most important information right at the front and center. You can even include a sidebar with links that take users directly to certain parts of the content rather than a separate page. Just be wary of putting too much content on one page, as it can cause your website to load more slowly.

Single-Page Website Hosting SEO and Online Presence Boost

Having a website is the best way to help your company grow its online presence. With single-page website hosting, you’re giving your SEO (search engine optimization) score a boost without too much additional attention. By using one page, you can utilize multiple keywords and help new users find your website. More pages can help you grow that reach, but even just one page is enough for your business to see immediate improvement.

With single-page website hosting, your company will see improved growth.
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Single-Page Website Hosting Plans

There are a few different types of hosting plans you can choose for your one-page website, each with its own unique features.

Basic Single-Page Website Hosting

The basic web hosting plan is probably the most cost-effective option available. It provides you with:

  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Mailboxes
  • Free Spam Filter
  • Free Website Domain
  • Free SSL Security

It’s perfect for truly minimalist one-page websites. You can either design the site yourself, hire a coder to do it for you, or utilize a free website builder to help get you to the perfect single-page website.

WordPress Hosting

With WordPress hosting, you get the best of both web design and web hosting. By merging your WordPress account with your hosting service, you can utilize the strong website builder of WordPress with powerful and safe hosting options. When you choose a WordPress hosting plan, you get access to:

  • Thousands of Free Themes and Plugins
  • Advanced Security
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Domain
  • Free Email and Spam Filter
  • Automatic WordPress and Security Updates
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free Migration

A WordPress hosting plan is perfect for companies that want to take advantage of the single-page themes and templates WordPress provides. You can use their powerful website builder to create a beautiful website while gaining the security and hosting power your provider offers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has continued to grow in popularity since it was first used. These hosting plans offer the best customization options to your company, allowing you full flexibility in your hosting needs. The simplest cloud hosting option offers you:

  • 30 GB SSD Disk Storage
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2 TB Monthly Traffic

Cloud hosting is a great option for companies that see regular trends in traffic and user interaction. By hosting through the cloud, you can quickly and easily reallocate resources to cover additional traffic or save money on slower days. It’s truly the best way to pay only for what your business uses.

Single-Page Website Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, our goal has always been to provide your business or brand with the best hosting experience available. Our single-page website hosting options can help you save money while continuing to get the best customer support and data security for your website. If you’re looking to boost your online presence and create a one-page website that will help your company grow, you can browse our available hosting options online. If you have any questions or need help with your account, you can give us a call at 1-647-478-9984.