Plesk 8.3 for linux with AWStats Improvements

We have just upgraded our linux web hosting servers to the Plesk 8.3, the latest control panel offed by SWSoft,

Below are the new features shipped with this new release:

Single Sign On (SSO) SAML

Enable SSO SAML support in Plesk and integrate Plesk with any other applications providing single sign-on ability for its users.

Application Packaging Standard (APS) Licensing & Upgrade

Upgrade and license applications installed via the Application Vault on a domain level directly via the Plesk interface

Autoinstaller 3.3

New Autoinstaller includes the following features:

  • Simultaneous installation of several products
  • Allow alternative components to be selected prior to installation
  • Grouping of optional components

mod_bw support

Configure allowed connection bandwidth per domain by using mod_bw management tools in Plesk. There is a special permission that allows the Client (or Domain Owner) account to manage these settings.

Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) statistics

View detailed server stats, including number of e-mails scanned and filtered, collected by Kaspersky Antivirus in Plesk

Firewall ports ranges

Manage a port range via the Plesk Firewall module

Improved Sitebuilder Integration

Integration of Sitebuilder with Plesk is improved rendering all Sitebuilder module data structures unnecessary.

AWStats domain report improvement

Create detailed AWstats domain reports for each month

Submission port support

Setup an additional port for incoming SMTP traffic that requires authorization for both incoming mail and for mail to local domains

Components update

Native IMAP quotas support

Receive quota management functionality for webmail software (Horde)

SRV records management

Manage SRV records with Plesk. An SRV record or Service record is a category of data in the Internet Domain Name System specifying information on available services. Newer internet protocols such as SIP and XMPP often require SRV support from clients. Client implementations of older protocols (e.g. LDAP, SMTP) may have SRV support added to it

API for managing subdomains

Manage subdomains via API RPC

API for managing protected URLs

Manage protected URLS and their users (including passwords) via API RPC

API for retrieving mailbox usage

Retrieve mailbox usage stats via API RPC.

Underscores in DNS

Use underscores in all DNS record types (including TXT and SRV). Underscores are not recommended for use in DNS records(e.g. IE might process it incorrectly), but are not forbidden