Our VPS Plans Get an Upgrade

At Cirrus, we’re always looking out for ways that we can make our Toronto web hosting plans more flexible and better in tune with what you, our customers, need. So for this reason, we have made some updates and improvements to our VPS offerings .

Here’s what we’ve done…

Better Plesk 11 integration

Back in June, we announced the roll out of Parallels Plesk Panel 11 on all of our VPS hosting plans .

Since then, we’ve made some adjustments to make the integration with the award winning web hosting control panel even better…

One bundle package

Any of our customers running private virtual servers can now take advantage of one streamlined package that contains ALL Plesk 11 components. There are plenty of different modular components to Plesk, such as plesk-base , plesk-php and plesk-mailman, to name a few. Now all of these options are included in one bundled package, so understanding, ordering and deploying the different Plesk features is an easy, intuitive process.

Improved Virtuozzo experience

If your VPS is running on Virtuozzo, we’ve streamlined things for you. Previously, it was a bit cumbersome to use the container-based virtualization solution with the Parallels Power Panel. There were some compatibility issues – nothing we couldn’t handle, but manual adjustments were needed. If you had ordered Plesk 10, to get everything working properly, we had to manually disable Power Panel. Well, no more!

We’ve enhanced the Plesk 11 integration so that configuring power panel settings happens automatically – nothing needs to be disabled. Now all VPS customers can use Power Panel along with Plesk Panel 11, no tinkering required.

Updates to Linux VPS Offerings

Along with the Plesk Panel 11 improvements, we’re also made some adjustments to our Linux VPS hosting .

First off, we’ve ditched Debian 5 and Ubuntu 8 OSes. Since these are older operating systems that Parallels no longer supports for Plesk installations , we figured it was time for them to go.

In their stead, we’ve added on some new operating systems for Linux users: openSUSE 11.4, openSUSE 12.1 and Ubuntu 12.04. Now the most recent components, such as MySQL and PHP, are readily available to you. Want a variety of Linux distributions? Want the latest tech running your sites? Need flexibility when it comes to setting up your virtual private server environment? You got it!

Our pumped up VPS plans also offer both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

And there you have it… the new and improved Cirrus Linux and Windows VPS plans. If you’ve been thinking about making the move to a virtual private server, now’s a great time to do it!