NGINX Caching Makes Your Website Load Faster – officially supported by cPanel

The most common question we get from our clients is “how to make my website load faster?”  Unfortunately, there is no magic fix but Caching typically helps your website load faster. In simple terms, Caching is a process of storing the static website data on your visitor’s computer, or on a server closer to your end-user, or on the web host server itself (server-side caching) so that future requests can be served faster.

cPanel has recently announced that they are officially supporting NGINX caching. cPanel has done a great job integrating the NGINX caching so you can install / enable / manage  NGINX caching just by push of a button.

Here the emphasis is on server-side caching. In a nutshell, when the webserver responds to a user request NGINX caches the response and when it receives the same request again I will provide the cached response instead of forwarding the request to the webserver. This technique not only improves your web page load time but also frees up valuable server resources.

To learn more about NGINX with Reverse Proxy setup and configuration you can refer to cPanel documentation here.  You also can reach out to our support team if you need any assistance or require more information about NGINX Caching on cPanel VM / VPS / Dedicated server.