Introducing Hotbrick’s Load balancing, firewall, and VPN all-in-one solution

At Cirrus Tech, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance our products. Whether it is by revising our plans or by offering new hardware add-on options, Cirrus is always on the lookout for anything our current or potential clients can benefit from. After researching various hardware products to enhance our dedicated servers, we’ve decided to offer our current and potential dedicated server clients with a hardware load balancing, firewall, and VPN all-in-one solution from Hotbrick.

This device, which can be purchased as an add-on to any of our dedicated server plans for an introductory price of $209, allows clients to have a hardware firewall and VPN that they can manage. And if a client’s top priority was redundancy, this device can provide load balancing between 2 or more dedicated servers .

For more information about this product, contact our sales team here.

Public Relations, Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto, ON – July 9, 2008