You don't have to break the bank with affordable website hosting options

How to Build and Host a Website Affordably

Having a website is practically a requirement these days if you want your business to succeed. But small businesses and personal brands don’t always have the money available to dish out on expensive server options and website developers. Thankfully, new technologies have created affordable website hosting options that anyone can take advantage of. Whether you’re a small business looking to get started, a personal brand struggling to find an audience, or a large business looking for ways to save some money, you can find an affordable way to host your website.

Affordable Website Design

Finding an affordable hosting option for your website is only half the battle. If you want your website to truly succeed, you’ll need to ensure that it has a professional and user-friendly design. A poorly built website can do just as much harm, if not more, than having no website at all. If you want to impress users and find new potential clients or customers, you need to put the time, effort, and sometimes money into building a professional website.

Do It Yourself

If you already have some coding knowledge, you can save a lot of money by building the website yourself. If you don’t have the knowledge, there are plenty of free courses and classes available online where you can learn. Although it can take a lot of time away from other aspects of your business, it saves you a great deal of money from having to hire a professional website builder.

Hire New Builders

Hiring a professional website builder who has 30 years of experience will likely get you an amazing website. But it’s also likely to get you a costly website. Website developers who are new to the business are going to be cheaper to hire. While they may not have the years of experience you might want, they will still have the skills required to make a professional and working website at a more affordable cost. Plus, you get the satisfaction of helping someone build their career as well.

Use Third-Party Website Builders

Third-party website builders have grown in popularity recently. Applications such as WordPress are options that use templates and visual editors to help non-coders design beautiful websites. When you choose to work with a third-party website builder, you can still host through an affordable website hosting provider. This way, you get the best of both the website design and the website hosting worlds. 

building your own website gets you closer to affordable website hosting
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Affordable Website Hosting

Once you’ve figured out how to build your website, it’s time to find an affordable website hosting solution. There are many different options for hosting your website. The one you choose will depend on your budget and your hosting needs. While some may be more expensive than others, if you need the additional power, then you’ll need to pay for additional resources. However, there are still affordable options, even within the more expensive hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting plan. It’s perfect for small businesses and personal brands that don’t need a lot of resources to help run their websites. Single-page sites and sites that don’t have many user interaction options run perfectly well on shared hosting plans without causing any issues. By sharing server space with many other websites, you lose out on some of the customization options available but save on expenses.

Cloud Hosting

If your website needs additional resources but you can’t quite afford a fully dedicated server, cloud hosting is an excellent and affordable middle option. With cloud hosting, you create a virtual server using connections to many physical servers at once. By using a cloud-based hosting option, you don’t have to pay for a full server. Not only does cloud hosting save you money, but it also provides additional security benefits that protect your data and information.

Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive option for hosting your website is getting a physical server all to yourself. While this can be costly, it provides the most customization and power. Having a dedicated server allows you to handle more web traffic and user interaction, letting you build a more robust website for your business. Although it’s more costly, you can still find affordable options.

While you can buy a server right from your hosting provider, you can also find cheaper, discounted servers online. These clearance servers aren’t going to have the latest technology, but they’ll still be able to provide more resources for your website to use. Once you have the server, you can use your hosting provider’s colocation services to help keep it safe and secure while you use it. By renting out a space in your provider’s data center, you save on the cost of housing and maintaining your server yourself.

Affordable Hosting Options with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, our goal has always been to provide businesses and personal brands with affordable website hosting options. We offer a great selection of hosting plans, from shared hosting to cloud hosting and colocation services. When you host with us, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you need. So, if you start out with a plan that’s too costly, you can easily find a more affordable solution through us. We provide trained and knowledgeable support to our customers 24/7, so you’ll never be left to deal with a problem on your own. If you’re ready to experience the best affordable hosting available, browse our available packages online or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 for more information about how we can help your hosting experience.