Professional website hosting is often a team effort

Hosting a Professional Website

Having a website can significantly improve the reach of your business or personal brand. With an online presence, new clients, customers, and business partners can easily find you and learn about your products or services. But having an unprofessional website is worse than having no website at all. If you don’t take the time to invest in professional website hosting, you can turn future business away rather than welcome it in. With the right design and a good hosting plan, you can have a professional website that will boost your business.

Professional Website Design

The design of your website is essential for maintaining your professionalism in the online world. Website design goes further than just picking out the right colors or having a good font; it’s about making sure the website functions and operates as a user would expect. If a viewer can’t move around your website or perform the actions they need, they aren’t going to stick around long enough to support your company. When designing your website, make sure you pay attention to the user experience so that everything runs efficiently.


To host a professional website, you’ll need to make sure your users can navigate it. Having a menu with links to specific pages is the best way to ensure this. Your menu should be located either at the top of your website or on the side. If you have too many pages for the menu to comfortably fit where it is, consider using drop-down sub-menus to organize your pages. Your users will appreciate the clean appearance and lack of clutter. You can also help users find what they’re looking for by including a search bar option near your menu.

Professional Website Hosting Links

Broken links are one of the most unprofessional aspects a website can have. Not only do they frustrate users who click and find themselves on a blank screen, but they also severely harm your search engine optimization (SEO). Web browsers and search engines use SEO to help new users find your website. If you have broken links, they’re more likely to flag your site as spam and not show it. If you have a smaller website, you can manually check your links to ensure they all work. For larger websites, there are plenty of applications and widgets that can automate the process.

Visual Appeal

Even if the technical aspects of your website design function perfectly, you can still create an air of unprofessionalism with a bad visual design. Cluttered pages, contrasting colors, and illegible fonts will turn users away and make your website ineffective. The key to good website design is in keeping things simple. Use only a few colors, don’t change font often, and make sure there’s a good balance between text and image. Too many images can make a space seem cluttered, while too much text will cause immediate wariness in new users. With the right visual design, you can create a professional website that helps your business grow.

Taking the time to dedicate to professional website hosting will help your business grow
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Professional Website Hosting Options

Once your website has an effective design, you’ll need a professional website hosting plan to support it. Hosting a website online requires you to connect to a server, upload your website’s data, and perform maintenance as required. Owning and monitoring your own server is costly and takes time away from other important business needs. Partnering with a professional website hosting provider, however, allows you to get your website online without needing to host it yourself. Hosting providers offer a variety of benefits that keep your website professional.

Additional Security

Keeping your website safe from digital threats is key to protecting your professionalism. A website hosting provider will ensure that all security features on your server are up-to-date and functioning. By preventing hacking attempts, you keep your data safe while protecting the information of your users. When a company’s website gets hacked, users tend to naturally lose trust in that company, thus decreasing the company’s professional status. The added security of a hosting platform helps your business avoid these situations.

Cost Sharing

Servers and server maintenance are expensive. However, most websites don’t need the entire server to support them. Many can get by just fine with only a small section of a server devoted to their needs. Joining a hosting provider allows you to share server space with many other website owners. And by sharing server space, you’re also splitting server costs. There are several hosting plans you can choose from that help you balance your budget and your hosting needs.

Data Loss Prevention

Outside of protecting your data from hackers, working with a professional website hosting provider also helps you prevent data loss from malfunctions or other issues. Through your hosting plan, you can set up automatic backups that will store a current version of your website on a separate hard drive. This way, if anything goes wrong with your server or data, you can easily restore your website without needing to redo everything. Additionally, automatic backups allow you to reroll back to a previous version of your website if any new updates are problematic.

Professional Website Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to helping businesses and personal brands get their websites online. With our professional website hosting plans, you can increase your online presence and boost your business with new web traffic. Whether you have a large or small website to host, we’re here to help with 24/7 customer supper and free migration services. If you’re ready to add more professionalism to your website, you can start by choosing one of our hosting plans online or give us a call at 1-647-478-9984 if you have any questions.