Dedicated Servers KVM over IP Price Reduced

We’ve reduced our pricing for KVMoIP for all new Intel Dedicated Servers. Now, you can get KVMoIP access for only $10 / month with an Intel Dedicated Server purchase. KVMoIP gives you more control over your dedicated server. Read on to learn more.

About KVM over IP

KVM over IP technology allows IT administrators to manage their dedicated server even when remote access software is no longer functioning. As long as the dedicated server is powered, administrators will be able to have BIOS-level access to it. They could even reboot their server and watch the booting process from a web browser if they wanted to.

It is as if the user’s keyboard, monitor (video), and mouse are all physically connected to the dedicated server. Without KVM over IP, a user will have to go through the hosting
company’s technical support if they cannot resolve their issue through a remote console. Also, web hosting companies will charge a significant fee to visit their data center if a client wants access to the physical hardware location. KVM over IP eliminates the need to be at the physical location of the dedicated server to configure or troubleshoot hardware.

Public Relations, Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto , ON – January 21, 2009