Cirrus Tech Plans to Enter the Hosted Exchange and SharePoint Market

Cirrus Tech is moving into the Hosted Exchange and SharePoint Market. We’ve spent the past year developing our Hosted Exchange and SharePoint services, and we are just about ready to launch our new services to both new and existing clients.

We’ve taken certain steps to ensure that our Hosted Exchange and SharePoint services will be one of the top offerings in this highly competitive industry. We will be utilizing our new Dell Blade Servers for this new service and offering an easy-to-use control panel from our long-time partner, Parallels . To protect your Exchange email and other data, we will be employing R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software.

What are Hosted Exchange and SharePoint Services?

Hosted Exchange is an emailing service that offers a lot more functionality than traditional POP email. It basically allows you to access both your email and Outlook data, such as your calendar, contacts, tasks, and shared folder, from anywhere you have an Internet connection including supported mobile devices. Some of the ways you can benefit from our Hosted Exchange services are:

  • Sync your Outlook between your office desktop and your laptop allowing you to maintain data consistency between 2 or more computers.
  • Access your Outlook data through a web browser when you don’t have access to your Outlook client through Outlook Web Access (OWA) .OWA provides you with the look and feel of your Outlook through a web browser.
  • Access your Exchange data through a supported mobile device.

Hosted SharePoint is a service that allows you to build a company or team portal quickly and easily. It enables you to have a customizable remote environment where you can collaborate with your co-workers and have access to project documents, task lists, calendars, and workflows from any computer.

Why the move to Hosted Exchange and SharePoint?

We felt that Hosted Exchange and SharePoint was the natural direction for us to take, and it complimented our existing service offerings nicely. Also, our clients were requesting a more robust emailing system, and Hosted Exchange provided the additional functionality they were looking for.

A new Hosted Exchange and SharePoint section of our website is under construction, and we will be announcing plan details and pricing soon!

Public Relations , Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto, ON – Oct 17, 2008