Cirrus snapshot – a look at how we started… and where we are going

Our CEO Ehsan had the privilege of being interviewed recently by HostSearch. Are you familiar with them? They are a very well known web hosting directory helping visitors find the right web host for their needs. A big part of the information they share revolves around customer experience and the feedback they get from users.

HostSearch asked Ehsan lots of thought provoking questions about our web hosting offerings including our set up for cloud hosting Canada wide and the history of the company – you’ll probably learn lots you didn’t know about us. Things like…

  • Cirrus is a family run business started by Ehsan and his brother Ali from their apartment in the Toronto suburbs. That was back in 1999. Imagine how different the web hosting market was back then. Most people didn’t even really know what web hosting was!
  • When they were children, there was nothing that Ehsan and Ali loved more than playing with computers. Starting their own hosting company was a perfect fit for them wouldn’t you say?
  • Cirrus growth was really fast. Within a few short years, we had moved to a proper office setup in Markham (where we still run things from, today) and had our servers in the enterprise class data centers you have come to know us for today.
  • We started cloud hosting in 2004… again before anyone really knew what that was. Hard to imagine that today with cloud on the tip of everyone’s tongue when discussing IT and technology services.
  • We host over 100,000 domains today and counting.

HostSearch of course also wanted to know more about our hosting services and what set us apart from the bazillion other hosts out there. Ehsan shared how we love helping small to mid sized businesses and how we have focused our offerings around these types of users. Why we partnered up with Data Centers Canada for our public and private cloud infrastructure. The steps we take to reduce our carbon footprint. How we focus on getting feedback and R&D. And more….

All in all, it was a great chance to share a little more about what team Cirrus is all about. See the full interview here . Make sure to have a read… there is a special little gift waiting for you!