Single-Page Web Hosting can help boost your online presence

Can One Page Help Your Business?

Having an online presence is almost a requirement these days if you want your business to succeed. But not every company needs a large, complicated website to help them get more clients or customers. Single-page web hosting has become a popular option for many smaller businesses and brands that don’t want to spend too much time keeping up with their website. A single-page site can greatly help to boost your business and doesn’t require too much extra time or money to operate.

What is Single-Page Web Hosting?

Most websites have multiple pages, but this isn’t a requirement. With single-page web hosting, your website only has one page–a landing page and nothing else. By reducing the content on your website, you’re not always reducing its benefits. In fact, hosting a single-page website can actually help your cause by putting all the important information a user needs front and center. While a single-page site won’t work for every business, it can be extremely helpful to many.

Who Can Benefit from Single-Page Web Hosting?

A website is often a complex series of interlinking pages. But it’s easy for users to get lost in those links, reducing the odds of them finding what you want them to see. A single-page website can benefit companies of any size, depending on what they’re trying to accomplish.


Having an online portfolio is a great way to show off your work to potential clients. Artists can create a single-page website that has a gallery of their artwork and their contact information. This one-page site can be easily put on a business card or web banner, helping them expand their reach without needing to painstakingly create a complex website.

Authors and Publishers

Many authors have their own personal websites with many pages that link to their work and bio. But single-page websites for each book are an extremely effective marketing tool. By sending readers directly to a one-page landing site for the book they’re interested in, authors and publishers can ensure that user finds exactly what they need, which often includes a sign-up for that book’s email list.

Single Products

You may not think online shops are a good candidate for one-page websites, but they can also benefit from having one. Whenever a new or special product comes out, they can create a single page for it, just like publishers can for their books. This separate page is an ideal way to help show off the product while also increasing that product’s SEO score. By linking the main shop and the single-page website together, businesses boost their online presence and help secure more sales.


Having a blog on your website is generally a great way to increase your web traffic and find new users. But if your website is nothing but your blog, you don’t need to complicate matters with multiple pages. A single page that displays your latest blog posts in a simple way is a good option for many bloggers. By not having to worry about connecting to multiple sites, they can focus their time and energy on their content.

With single-page web hosting you can boost your business
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How Do You Make a Single Page Website Work?

Although they aren’t incredibly complex, you still need to spend time making sure your website is designed well. You can hire a website designer to make it for you or create it yourself using website-building software such as WordPress. No matter how you create it, make sure you pay proper attention to the details that make a single page work.

Single-Page Web Hosting Length

A single-page website is meant to be brief. It’s an easy-to-navigate website that shows off the important information to users. If your web page ends up getting too long, you may want to consider either paring down the information or switching to a multi-page website.


Many users who create single-page websites do so to boost the SEO score of another website. When one website links to another, they help create more value for that page in the eyes of a search engine’s algorithm. It’s important to make sure that your links are functional on your single-page website; otherwise, it can cause search engines to actually flag it as spam, which can harm your SEO score instead of boosting it.


The content of your single-page website is just as important as the content of a more complex site. You want to get your information across without overwhelming your users. It’s important to try and have a good mix of pictures in a text-heavy website to help break up the paragraphs and make it easier for viewers to digest the information. Separating information into distinct sections is a great way to help users navigate the page and take action to support your business.

Single-Page Web Hosting Options

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to providing the best hosting options to our customers. Whether you’re looking to host a single-page website or a complex multi-page website, we’re here to help. With third-party integration and management services, we can get your website online and help keep it running efficiently. Our single-page web hosting options are affordable and easy to use. You can start your hosting journey by browsing our available hosting packages online or give us a call at 1-647-478-9984 if you have any questions about our services.