Advantages of Dedicated Website Hosting

As a small business owner you typically can choose between shared website hosting and virtual private server/ cloud virtual machine to host your website. Shared website hosting is the cheapest option, easy to manage and configure but it has its own limitations such as hard limits on server resource utilization and email delivery challenges. Hosting a website on VPS or VM is more expensive and also more complicated to manage and maintains; but on the other hand you will enjoy a faster load time and better overall performance compare to shared website hosting. Here at Cirrus Hosting we are pleased to introduce a new hosting solution – dedicated website hosting – which offers the best of the both worlds; ease of use of shared website hosting and reliability of VPS/VM without the complexity of managing the serve and at an affordable price. This article breaks down the advantages of dedicated website hosting solution:

Secure: you can take advantages of free SSL certificate or we can install a commercial SSL certificate so that sensitive information can be transmitted securely. You also have an access to the firewall at the hypervisor level so you can block IPs (accept or drop traffic from a specific IP address) and secure your server without adding extra load on your server.

Reliable email: all your emails will be sent out from your very own dedicated IP address. It will significantly reduce the chance of IP blacklisting. It also includes a professional email solution (SpamExperts) with almost 100% filtering accuracy. It filters out unwanted and harmful emails before it gets to your inbox.

Dedicated Resources: Dedicated website hosting performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server, you will get your own isolated virtual server and all the resources – memory, SSD and IP – are physically dedicated to you; which means other client’s activities are not going to affect your websites performance.

Supports more applications and offers more freedom: your hands are open to install different PHP versions, install multiple DBs and configure them as you like. You are no longer limited to the applications preconfigured on the website hosting platforms.  

High Performance: your server is running on enterprise Dell hardware and your data is stored on supper fast SSD drives. Fully redundant network design ensures high availability demands of today’s business. Cirrus Tech is also connected to Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) to improve performance and to keep local data traffic local.

Fully managed: No need to hire a server administrator; our qualified and highly trained technicians will manage you server and underlying infrastructure. They will apply the security patches and keep your control panel up-to-date so you can focus on your business.

Fully Scalable: Seamless resource upgrade eliminates the need to migrate your data to a more powerful server. You can simply order more memory, SSD and vCPU to fine tune your server and more websites and contents. You save time and money associated with migrating your website and eliminates the negative impact of taking your website.

Reliable Backup solutions: you can take a backup through your control panel and store it on the server itself or back it up to your local computer. You also have an option to take an image of your entire server and store it on your infrastructure and also you have an option to order an automatic remote backup solution.

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