What’s New at Cirrus Tech!

It’s been a busy past couple of months here at the offices of Cirrus Tech Ltd. To summarize, we’ve introduced a new Remote Backup Solution and Server Management packages for our dedicated servers, and created brand new VPS Hosting plans.

New Dedicated Server Services

Our new dedicated server solutions were designed to provide our clients with more value added services to complement their existing or new dedicated server.

We understand that data protection is a critical aspect for any web hosting client. With our new Remote Backup Plans , we’re offering a solution that employs industry leading data protection software. R1Soft’s CDP software allows for a near continuous data protection solution which allows you to schedule the frequency of backups as little as 5 – 10 minutes apart. You can select a backup plan that best fits your data protection needs. Choose from a range of backup plans available with up to 500 GB of backup space and 50 restore points (backups).

Our Server Management plans provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that a Cirrus Tech Technician is on hand to assist you with server management activities that are normally beyond the scope of a standalone dedicated server plan. From simple tasks such as setting up an email account, to critical activities such as performing OS security updates, our Technicians will be able to assist you. Each of our plans has a specific number of support minutes per month and additional support hours can be purchased if needed.

Updated VPS Plans

We’ve noticed an increasing interest in our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans , and as a result we’ve created brand new VPS hosting plans that offer a broad range of VPS hosting options. We’ve created VPS Plans that would appeal to clients looking for a VPS with minimal resources to use as a sandbox, or development environment. On the opposite end, we’ve designed two large VPS plans that offer dedicated-server-like resources in a VPS container. In addition, we still offer packages that fit the mold of a traditional VPS plan for reseller clients looking to host multiple domains and websites.

All these changes are a direct reflection of where we feel the web hosting industry is heading . With clients looking for more value added services, resources and control, we’re
continuously looking for ways to offer additional services or modify our existing products to meet our their needs.

Look out for new and exciting product announcements in the upcoming months!

Public Relations, Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto, ON – Aug 21, 2008