We’ve been named a top 10 cloud hosting provider

HostReview, the popular online web hosting guide, included Cirrus’ recently launched cloud hosting services , known as CloudTO, in their top 10 list of cloud hosts for the month of May, 2012. We were recognized for our reputation for quality as well as our accomplishments in cloud technology. See all the award ecipients for May here .

A few more details on the award…

So what exactly are the awards about and how are they given?

HostReview’s monthly cloud computing award was set up to recognize companies that have made an outstanding contribution to the cloud hosting industry. Each month, their staff carefully evaluates a variety of factors when it comes to making their award picks.

The award is based on the following criteria:
– Overall product offering
– Customer service
– Value
– User reviews of the company under consideration

And of course HostReview’s editorial team also looks at cloud specifics such as:
– The technology infrastructure of the cloud
– Cloud server performance
– Reliability

To learn more about the awards in cloud and other hosting categories, visit HostReview’s website http://www.hostreview.com/.

The Cirrus cloud

For those of you who might not be familiar with CloudTO, our cloud hosting services that launched back in January, here are some of the basics.

Cloud plans include elastic cloud hosting, cloud VMs and private cloud environments. All of our cloud options are constructed with hardware independent architecture and offer complete availability thanks to auto-scaling and built-in load balancers. And of course access to redundant servers, storages, bandwidth and power and speedy deployment.

If at any time your need to pump up your plan with additional resources, get access to them on demand whenever you need an upgrade. All cloud plans are also fully scalable.

We’re thrilled that our commitment to quality, reliability and performance has been recognized by an industry resource as valuable as HostReview. We’ve received awards in the past for our shared and dedicated web hosting services, but this is the first (of hopefully many) for the Cirrus cloud.