VPS Hosting Plans Powered up with Parallels Plesk Panel 11

Cirrus Tech is participating as an official Parallels launch partner for the release of the newest version of their award-winning web hosting control panel. Parallels Plesk Panel 11 will be available on all of our VPS hosting plans from June 26th, 2012. All part of our commitment to offering you, our valued customers, the best technology available.

As a Cirrus customer, you are already familiar with the easy to use and intuitive Plesk control panel. So what can you expect from the latest version? Here are some of the new and improved features that your business can take advantage of…

Updated Look

Plesk Panel 11 brings with it a new, modern look and feel to the user interface. It’s organized and functions in the same way as the previous version, with a spiffed up design and appearance.

Better Web Server Performance

With Plesk 11, you have access to an additional web server, nginx, based on high-performance architecture. By running nginx on your virtual private servers, you will enjoy enhanced performance and a reduction in load times. Cut down your resource consumption while offering a better user experience to your site visitors. Win-win .

Stronger Security Features

At Cirrus, we’re all about helping you enhance your website security. Plesk Panel 11 offers improved security features to help you do just that. Take advantage of better password encryption at all levels, including FTP database and email. You also have the option to enforce strong password use for all users. And if you run credit card transactions on your website, Plesk 11 can be configured for PCI compliance.

Microsoft WebMatrix Configuration

With version 11 now synched with Windows WebMatrix automation, you can easily use its built-in applications and templates, such as popular website building options WordPress and Joomla.

Manage Windows Panel Components
If you run a Windows VPS , as an administrator you have the option to either uninstall individual components or the whole deployment of the Plesk Panel via the Microsoft Windows Server Control Panel.

Access to More APS Applications
Plesk Panel 11 also expands its support of Application Packaging Standard (APS) 1.2. Get access to an ever expanding range of commercial and open source applications. With automated license provisioning for APS applications, the installation of apps with version 11 is an easier, more user-friendly experience.

New Software Development Kit

The new Parallels Plesk Panel Software Development Kit (SDK) makes adding and customizing your extensions simpler than ever. Whatever unique needs your business has, Plesk 11 can help!

All in all, provisioning Plesk Panel 11 is about our dedication to offering the best virtual private serverswe can. Parallels Plesk Panel is an important part of our recipe for success .

Cirrus Windows and Linux VPS hosting plans startfrom just $15.99/month and include the ability to control and customize your environment, in addition to a fully redundant infrastructure and guaranteed dedicated resources. Have questions or need clarification? Contact us today – we’ll be happy to help!