Stopping the bad guys in their tracks – new security upgrades to the Cirrus network

It seems like everywhere you look these days, there’s a new cyber security threat affecting businesses (and even governments and massive corporations). No wonder security is on everyone’s radar!

Well, it’s on our radar too. At Cirrus, we understand just how crucial your data is – we’re web hosts after all! Your online presence is the lifeblood of your business – you need to be sure it’s safe and secure.

Which is why we have decided to deploy ThreatSTOP, a leading online security solution protecting countless businesses from malware attacks, across the entire Cirrus network. Whether you’re using our shared web hosting services, or you’ve got VPS or cloud running for your business – whatever Cirrus plan you have, you are covered by our new security upgrades.

Online security concerns
Arguably the most serious and widespread online security problems faced by organizations today are botnet, worm and other malware attacks. The threats affect everyone on the Internet – which is most people and definitely all businesses! Organized criminal organizations use malware to steal highly sensitive and valuable data. Cyber-criminals are often more sophisticated than their victims and they certainly capitalize on this advantage.

How Cirrus is protecting your online data
The newest piece of arsenal in our security infrastructure is ThreatSTOP, an IP reputation based service that
protects networks from criminal malware attacks. What it does is enables firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic, preventing the theft of valuable data. ThreatSTOP lets firewalls know about threats in real-time and allows networks to automatically stop any incoming or outgoing traffic from known malware sites. It’s a cloud based system that prevents theft by making sure there are no firewall or network holes where malicious malware can slip through undetected.

In layman’s terms – we’re stopping the (internet) bad guys in their tracks .

At Cirrus Canada Web Hosting , we’re proactive about keeping our network safe and sound. When it comes to security, we believe a dose of prevention goes a long way!

If you want to learn more about ThreatSTOP, please visit their website: