Cirrus Hosting Partnership With SpamExperts


Spam is a constant annoyance. No one likes it, and just like the mailbox at your house, you spend most of your time going through the junk to find the few pieces of mail to find the ones you actually wanted. Not only inbox, now imagine if your outbox also became part of the email spam problem, and start sending messages out from your email from some unknown person; or even worse,  your email sending virus?

We like everyone else have been battling spam for our users by utilizing tools like the open-source SpamAssassin and a variety of other Email security solutions, but they just didn’t cut it like SpamExperts does. We are excited to announce that we’ve expanded our security solutions for emails by joining SpamExperts Partner Program. We have fully integrated SpamExperts filtering services for our customers. We are aware that individuals and businesses need to be equipped with powerful security layers to protect their data from harmful spam malware threats, and we are aiming to keep our customer’ sensitive information safe and secure.  It’s so good, we are actually planning to add SpamExperts to all of our web hosting plans as a complimentary service.

SpamExperts is a solution that is easy to get, easy to support and easy to maintain for Hosting Providers. In the past two months, we have been deploying our own SpamExperts filtering cluster. And now we are ready to launch it for our clients’ user accounts. We’re confident that our partnership with SpamExperts is going to benefit all of our current and future customers greatly.  Email is a big part of the internet and every spam Email that you have to delete yourself hurts your productivity.  The question of whether an email arrived in users’ inbox is something you should never have to worry about.  With all that being said we continue to work with SpamExperts on improvements and welcome any customer feedback.

SpamExperts needs no introduction: It’s the leading email security provider for Web hosts, ISPs/Telcos and IT Resellers all over the world. SpamExperts is a highly technical and technology focused company, making continuous investments and concentrating on R&D to stay competitive in the industry. We prefer SpamExperts due to its ease of deployment and ease of maintenance.

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