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How to update my VPS and how to upgrade my Control panel

The most important task of every server administrator or web admin is to keep OS (Windows or Linux), Applications and Control Panel up-to-date.  It does not only make your infrastructure more secure but also you can take advantage of new features. Microsoft and other software companies are constantly working to release patches to fix vulnerabilities, […]

DNA Data Storage is Going Mainstream!!

What is a big deal about DNA data storage? Some might say they have ample space in the cloud to store all their photos, music’s and data but thanks to the emergence of big data we are generating and storing loads of data every second. According to IDC’s 2018 white paper, the amount of data […]

website security, captcha vs. recaptcha

How to secure your contact form, CAPTCHA vs reCAPTCHA

Spammers are using every tool at their disposal to send unsolicited emails, in part thanks to advancements in AI and internet bots, these days spammers target contact forms more than ever. Almost every website uses the contact form to engage with customers and unfortunately, there are still many website owners out there that have not […]

What is the difference between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting? What are the common features of website hosting?

Choosing the right solution to host your website might seem like a daunting task; as you might be bombarded by jargons, different features, add-on options, and different pricing model. One of the first decisions you have to make is to choose between Windows or Linux web hosting, I have been asked this questions so many […]

Advantages of Dedicated Website Hosting

As a small business owner you typically can choose between shared website hosting and virtual private server/ cloud virtual machine to host your website. Shared website hosting is the cheapest option, easy to manage and configure but it has its own limitations such as hard limits on server resource utilization and email delivery challenges. Hosting […]

Cirrus Tech Continues to Upgrade Forward-Thinking Services While Pushing Ahead on User-Friendly Tools for Performance and Security.

In our 20th year of service, once again we have been featured on Hosting Advice. We wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you, Thanks for keeping us in business. “Celebrating two decades of Canadian web hosting, Cirrus Tech offers a balanced mix of high-value and high-performance infrastructure designed to help its global customer […]

What is Virtual Appliance?

Virtual Appliance (VA) is defined as a pre-configured image – combining operating system, application and configuration into a single image – designed and optimized to run on a specific hypervisor (KVM, XEN, or VMware). You can further optimize the operating system to only include the packages you need to create a secure and efficient image. […]