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It’s Not Easy Being Green, But The Cloud Helps

Information technology is essential to the economy. We used to say the online economy, but that forms such a large part of the economy as a whole, and almost all activity within the wider economy depends in some way on computing infrastructure and information technology that the distinction is losing its usefulness. Computing infrastructure forms […]

Linux Vs Windows VPS: Which Is Right For You?

You’ve chosen to host your site on a Virtual Private Server. Congratulations, it’s an excellent choice: a complete server environment with way more power than shared hosting o. VPS’s offer many of the benefits of a dedicated server with additional cloudy goodness and lower price tag. But you have another decision to make, and it’s […]

How Does High Availability Cloud Hosting Minimize Downtime?

Traditionally, when a server suffered a catastrophic failure, the sites it hosted went down and stayed down until it could be repaired or replaced. On a long enough timeframe, servers will fail — components don’t last forever, particularly those with moving parts like hard drives, but also electronic components. It was once an accepted feature […]

How You Can Use The Cloud To Improve Your Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is frequently held up as the most powerful option available to hosting clients. Even though it tends to be more expensive than the alternatives; it offers the best performance, the most control, and the greatest stability of any plan – bar none. If you’re running resource-intensive, high-demand services or applications, a dedicated […]

An Introduction To Hugo, A Go-Based Static Site Generator

Over the last couple of years, static site generators have been garnering a lot of attention, particularly among the geek community who have a degree of web development expertise. There are dozens of static site generators, written in almost every programming language you can think of, with the standouts from the crowd being Jekyll, which […]

Is The Internet Running Out Of IPv4 Addresses?

Earlier this year, we entered a new phase of the IPv4 countdown plan. Phase 4 is the last stage, and as things stand, we have less than 17 million IPv4 addresses remaining unused. That’s not going to last long, especially given the explosion of mobile devices and ever expanding Internet of Things. Some services are […]

What Is A Private Cloud?

Among all the various pieces of cloud terminology, the one that many people, even tech experts, have trouble with is the concept of a private cloud. I’ve heard people describe Gmail as a private cloud service, because users have private accounts. I’ve heard people insist that the only platforms correctly described as private clouds are […]