What’s going on in Cirrus? October Edition


October Edition


Cirrus Tech is now peering with TorIX

Cirrus Tech has announced that it has completed a connection between its data centers in Toronto and the Toronto Internet Exchange Community (TorIX), a key North American Internet Point (IXP) to ultimately provide customers network with the lowest latency.

TorIX is located at the 151 Front Street West carrier hotel which provides peering with 211 members and peak traffic rates of 330 Gbit/s. Based on numbers of peers, TorIX is the largest Internet Exchange in Canada and the 17th largest in the world, and if multi-city IXP’s are eliminated, TorIX ranks 3rd in the world. Click Here to read more about TorIX

“This was an essential network upgrade that puts our customers “closer” to their audience” Cirrus Tech CEO Ali Mirdamadi Said.

For Cirrus Tech customers, our partnership with TorIX means that customers can experience lower latency and higher speed when there are running important workloads. Also, traffic on their website is more to be kept local and not crossing borders into different jurisdictions.


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