Microsoft FrontPage no longer available on any Linux hosting plans

It was brought to our attention from one of our long-standing clients that FrontPage was no longer functioning properly on his Linux shared hosting plan. After investigating the issue, we discovered that Microsoft had discontinued Linux support for FrontPage. While FrontPage functionality was not removed from the last version of Plesk, it is no longer distributed with it. Therefore, although Microsoft had discontinued Linux support, it was still functional to our clients that had been using FrontPage before Microsoft had discontinued Linux support. The problems arose when updates to Plesk were recently performed on our servers.

While our technicians have migrated most of the clients on a Linux hosting plan utilizing FrontPage to a Windows hosting plan, there may be some clients that are not aware of this issue. If you are a client that is on a Linux shared hosting plan and utilize FrontPage, please contact our support team immediately.

While our support team keeps track of any new information from any of our partners, in this case, important information was overlooked. We’ve taken some proactive steps so that we do not encounter such a problem again.

We apologize to all of our clients that may have experienced any hardships as a result of FrontPage no longer being supported on our Linux web hosting plans.

It is important to note that FrontPage is being phased out entirely by Microsoft, and will not be available on new Windows web hosting plans in the future.

Public Relations, Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto, ON – July 14, 2008