Management for ALL VPS Hosting Plans

At Cirrus Tech, we’re always looking for ways to make our Canadian web hosting services as awesome and helpful as possible. We want all of our customers to feel right at home with us and to be able to use our award winning support team as much as possible to make their hosting experience a breeze.

Which leads us to the latest improvement from team Cirrus… managed support for all VPS hosting plans! That’s right… whether you’re already a VPS user or a new customer, you get the full benefits of our upgraded management.

So in a nutshell, we offer full management and support for all plans 24/7/365. Let’s look at a little more closely at what the new and improved Cirrus VPS environment offers you.
Managed VPS in Canada – The Cirrus Difference
It seems likes VPS hosts are a dime a dozen these days. With our managed VPS, we’re definitely a cut above the rest:

  • At Cirrus, we use ONLY commercial virtualization applications – namely, Parallels Virtuozzo for Linux plans and Parallels Cloud Server for Windows offerings. We never use free or unsupported virtualization cores such as OpenVZ or XEN. You could say we’re sticklers for quality.
  • Of all the VPS hosting options out there, we have one of the few offerings with two separate redundant RAID 10 storages . This gives you the best in availability and reliability.
  • With an SLA of 100% uptime, hardware concerns are a thing of the past . We take full responsibility for your data protection and the integrity of our physical infrastructure, but no matter how redundant our set-up is, things happen. Hardware fails. And if it does, we’ll set up replacements and have you up and running again, sometimes as quickly as in a few minutes.

How Cirrus Managed VPS Support can Help You

Let’s look at some of the areas you can leverage our experts for…

  • Plesk/Cpanel Support: Experiencin g technical difficulties with any control panel functionalities? Our team is at the ready with to help remedy the errors or perform tasks that are beyond your skill set.
  • E-mail, FTP, SFTP, Remote Desktop and SSH client configuration: Wondering how to configure these services on your VPS and access them through client applications on your computer? Let us show you how!
  • Server Applications Setup and Configuration: Need to know how to install and configure apps like, MySQL, PHP, Perl, .NET, Apache, and IIS? Our support experts know these applications like the back of their hand and are happy to provide instructions. Just contact them.
  • Security and Hardening: Any little security quirks come up? Even with painstaking care, the latest patches may not be installed. We’re always monitoring your set-up, so if we notice anything that needs attention, our proactive support team will let you know right away.
  • Data Protection and Hardware: Worried about data protection? We have two separate redundant storages, each with RAID 10, protecting your data. But even with such a redundant architecture, hardware failure can still happen and we will have you back on track within minutes, or, in a worst case scenario, hours.

New VPS Hosting Customers Get FREE Migration Thinking about making the switch to Cirrus’ managed VPS in Canada? We’re ready and waiting to bring you on board. Now included in all VPS plans is free migration support. We will help you move your virtual servers from any other service provider. Have a physical server? No problem. We’ve got you covered there too.

Just our way of saying welcome to the Cirrus family. And once you’re here, you’re fully supported.

We’d Love to Do it All But…
We are running a business after all and we do want to keep prices reasonable for users that don’t need full-on everything.
So there are a few things that are beyond the scope of our managed support abilities.

  • Data Staging and Backup: While we take your data protection very seriously and have redundant storages in place to keep you well covered, it’s still highly recommended for you to take snapshot backups of your data. This extra step further protects you in the event of accidental data deletions or other losses. With all VM and VPS packages you do have a FREE manual backup option at your disposal. But if you’re looking for other more streamlined solutions to make things easier on you, our sales team is at the ready to help consult with you on the backup options you can select from.
  • Third Party Scripts & Applications: Another task that is beyond our managed support is the debugging of source codes and any actual development work for websites or applications. If you’re dealing with an already compromised code that contains security flaws, we can take a look but are limited in the amount of assistance we can extend.

At Cirrus Tech, we’re really excited about these latest improvements to our managed VPS in Canada ! Now all VPS users have access to all the support they need, no matter which plan they are running on. Have any questions? Want to learn more? Contact us today.