How Windows Server 2012 Pumps up Our VM and VPS Hosting Plans

With a long history of Windows Server success, the Cirrus team is happy to share that we are now offering the latest version of Microsoft’s Window Server for all our Virtual Machine (VM) and Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans. Windows Server 2012 is a scalable, open, and flexible web and application platform.

What does this mean to you as a Cirrus VM or VPS hosting customer?

You can now upgrade to the new Windows server and reap all the rewards. Windows Server 2012 has hundreds of new features and updates, including enhancements to user experience, server administration, virtualization and automation. Get just what your business needs – faster and more efficiently than ever before!

Ensure your VM or VPS hosting environment is running at its best. Read on to learn about some of the new features you can enjoy with Windows Server 2012…

Full Flexibility Modern Day Business Style

In this day and age, nothing is more attractive to a business or IT department than flexibility and scalability. You get it all with Windows Server 2012. The flexibility to build up your infrastructure as you need it. A scalable framework for your apps and your website. Support for open-source applications and programming languages.

And that’s not all! You already know that cloud optimized IT is a mobile and flexible way to access information and data while keeping information secure. With Windows Server 2012 you can access your data and apps from anywhere – whether you’re using a mobile device or visiting a different branch location. Access a totally virtualized work environment paired with a fully personalized user experience and enhanced data security and compliance . Working remotely has never been easier or safer!

New User Interface = Easy Management
The Server Manager has been redesigned, with an emphasis on easy management of multiple servers. This new and improved Server Manager has 10x the number of commandlets than before (over 2300 compared to the approximate 200 in Windows Server 2008 R2). For additional ease of use and efficiency, there’s command auto-completion and batch deployment.

A More Intuitive Task Manager
Windows Server 2012 includes a new and improved version of Windows Task Manager that is more intuitive and user friendly. You can easily understand where things are at and see what’s going on at a glance!

The new Processes tab uses shades of yellow, with darker shades indicating heavier resource use, and lists application names, status and overall utilization data for CPU, memory, hard disk and network resources. (FYI: The process information found in the older Task Manager is now under the new Details tab).

There’s also the Performance tab showing CPU, memory (RAM), disk, Ethernet, and, if applicable, wireless network sections with graphs. A new Startup tab conveniently lists startup applications.

Full-on IP Address Management (IPAM)
There is now an IPAM role for discovering, monitoring, auditing and managing the IP address space for servers running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name Serve (DNS). Plus, both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are fully supported.

The Latest Version of Hyper-V
Windows Server 2012 comes with the latest version of Hyper-V and its array of new features are ready to be deployed on your Windows VPS. These include multi-tenancy, network virtualization, cross-premise connectivity, storage resource pools and cloud backup. Plus, former restrictions on resource consumption have been majorly reduced.

With the new Hyper-V, your virtual machine has access to up to 512 GB of random-access memory, up to 32 virtual processors and up to 16 TB of virtual disk space.

Create a virtual server environment that is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate what you need now… and what you might need in the future.

IIS 8.0
Windows Server 2012 now has the latest version 8.0 of IIS (Internet Information Services) with its array of new features including CPU throttling, server name indication (SNI) support, and improved SSL and configuration scalability, amongst many others. Check out all the new enhancements to IIS 8.0 here .
Enhanced Active Directory
There are a number of positive changes here from the old Window Server 2008 R2. The Active Directory Administrative Center has been enhanced and is on top of any changes due to virtualization. Task wizards make management a breeze. Plus, the Active Directory Recycle Bin now has a GUI and it’s easier to set up different password policies for the same domain.

(FYI: The old Active Directory Domain Services installation wizard has been replaced by a section of the Service Manager).

New ReFS Features
The new Resilient File System (ReFS) has two major new features: improved reliability for on-disk structures and built-in resilience.

On disk structures allow for major scalability and limitless file and directory size. Please note that hardware restrictions still do apply.

Built in resilience means that administration is easier and less involved, whether for maintenance, restoration or updates.

Now that is one long list of improvements! And that’s not even the half of it. If you’re hungry to learn more, check out all the specs provided by the folks at Microsoft here.

Looking for a virtualized environment that’s powerful and user friendly? We present Windows Server 2012: now at your disposal for any Cirrus Windows VPS or VM plan.

Have some questions or need support in getting this new server going for you? Contact us today, online or at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area). One of our tech experts will be happy to assist.