Cirrus Tech Expands to a Second Toronto Data Center

After years of operating within a single data center, we’ve expanded our operations to employ two data centers in Canada. While our primary data center is still in 151 Front St located in downtown Toronto, we’ve moved into a second state-of-the-art data center also located in Toronto.

The decision to move into a second data center was made after careful consideration by top level management and our senior technicians. While the ability to grow was one of the key reasons of this decision, it came down to the following three criteria:

  • Flexibility: Employing 2 data centers allows us to be creative in our service offerings. Opportunities and limitations that may exist in one data center may not apply to another one.
  • Scalability: We plan to continue to grow while offering the same level of service and technologies that our clients have come to expect. Since we collocate, barriers may be presented that will hinder our ability to expand. We want to ensure that any growth opportunities for our clients are not limited by our facilities.
  • Geographic redundancy: The ability to provide geographic redundant services is something that we are keen on offering. While immediate geographic redundancy will be available to our dedicated server clients, we are working on ways to incorporate this benefit in our other services.

Some of the highlights of our secondary data center are:

  • Secured by Keycards, Biometric Scanning and Constant Surveillance
  • All HVAC Systems N+1 Redundant
  • Fully redundant network, battery, and diesel generator power back-up
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) offers a smooth transition to back-up power in case of commercial power failure

Should you have any questions about our data centers please contact our sales staff at +1.877.624.7787

Public Relations, Cirrus Tech Ltd.
Toronto, ON – March 27, 2009