A Look At Our Cloud Hosting Platform

CirrusHosting Cloud Hosting PlatformWe’ve been in the hosting business for a long time. In that time we’ve seen huge upheavals in web hosting brought on by the headlong pace of technological innovation. Virtualization technology has created a hosting landscape undreamed of when we first embarked on our journey as a company. Virtualization and the cloud platforms it enables are the way of the future for web hosting, but not all clouds are equal.

The combination of our years of experience managing and supporting hosting clients, our advanced networking infrastructure and server hardware, and the cutting-edge OnApp cloud technology, have enabled CirrusHosting to build an unbeatable cloud hosting platform that offers high availability, supreme reliability and redundancy, and support levels well beyond those offered by competing cloud products.

Why You Should Choose Cloud Hosting From CirrusHosting

Powered by OnApp

OnApp is a powerful cloud hosting solution that provides the foundation for the CirrusHosting cloud hosting experience. OnApp integrates core technologies like multiple hypervisor support, anycast DNS, a content distribution network, and a storage area network that we use to build our cloud hosting platform.

The choice of OnApp as the foundation for our cloud hosting platform brings unbeatable flexibility, power, availability, and performance to our clients.

High Availability

If your site is hosted on a dedicated server and that server goes down because of a hardware failure, then your site is wiped off the face of the Internet. Downtime is the bane of businesses that depend on their site for revenue. That’s not a problem for users of our high availability cloud hosting platform. If the underlying server hosting your virtual machines becomes unresponsive, we’ll simply move it to another node in our redundant network.


Businesses need to be responsive to the peaks and troughs of demand, both over the short- and long-term. Traditionally, growth meant migration to new servers and low demand meant wasted capacity, but with our cloud hosting platform, it’s a cinch to scale your cloud servers as the circumstances demand. Our cloud platform is both cost effective and responsive to your needs.

OnApp’s innovative auto-scaling technology allows users to create rules that specify the conditions under which virtual machines are automatically scaled up and down, adding and removing resources to match real-time demand. Auto-scaling ensures that servers are always able to cope with demand and that they are neither underpowered nor incurring unnecessary expense with wasted capacity.

Load Balancing

When combined with auto-scaling, OnApp’s automatic load balancing helps to ensure that resources are used with maximum efficiency. Load balancing is very easy to configure: using the intuitive interface, users can choose which of their virtual machines they would like to participate in the load balancing cluster and the cloud platform automatically distributes load across the selected nodes.


Content Distribution Network

Our cloud platform provides a built-in content distribution network to ensure that round-trip times are minimized, reducing conversion-killing lag and ensuring the best possible experience for users.

OnApp’s CDN is closely integrated with our cloud hosting platform and allows users to distribute assets across more than 140 global locations. OnApp provides fine grained control to manage and configure your content distribution network, making it easier than ever before to achieve the load times that users expect.


OnApp provides a secure RESTful API that responds to both XML and JSON requests. The API enables third-party integration and programmatic control of most aspects of the CirrusHosting cloud. You’re not limited to the control panel, the API allows businesses to tie their existing software into their cloud platform, facilitating the automation of system administration tasks and business processes like billing.

Huge Choice Of Guest Operating Systems

Our cloud templates are pre-configured operating system environments that can be up-and-running within minutes. We provide multiple versions of all of the most popular open source and proprietary server operating systems, including CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudLinux, Debian, Ubuntu, and various flavors of Microsoft Windows including Windows Server 2012.

With JumpBox, you can deploy more than just the operating system. The JumpBox open source web application library provides one-click deployment of virtual appliances that contain everything your clients need to get going with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Ruby on Rails, and dozens of other web platforms and applications.

The CirrusHosting cloud hosting platform is the ideal all-round hosting solution, providing power, reliability, high availability, and unlimited flexibility and choice for any.