Boost Your Business with a Dedicated Local or Toll Free Phone Number from MightyCall Receptionist

In today’s day and age, business seems to revolve around an online presence – getting the right domain name, buying an appropriate web hosting plan, setting up emails, designing a website. But the buck doesn’t stop online. It’s still very important to give your telephone communications careful consideration when it comes to creating a professional presence for your company.

For businesses that operate in a wide geographic location, there are various options. Toll-free numbers are a common, popular tool for improving communications across wide geographic locations. There is also the possibility of setting up local phone numbers for use in local search listings, business profiles and on social media pages to add a local flair to communications. But the question remains – how to manage this business phone infrastructure?

Well, Cirrus customers in Canada and the US now have this in the bag with our newest offering – MightyCall Receptionist, the easiest way to run your business while on the go. With MightyCall, you can have a variety of toll-free and local phone numbers for North America – boost your business image, your search marketing efforts and get a leg up on the competition. MightyCall Receptionist connects your business to your entire team by forwarding calls to mobile, home or VoiP phone lines in either the Canada or the US. Elevate customer service by making sure every call is answered and routed to the right person or department.
Set up yourself up for success – get a professional telecommunications presence the easy way, continuing to enjoy the convenience of running your business with mobile phones.
The Business Phone (IPPBX) from MightyCall Receptionist offers your business…

  • An auto-attendant professionally answering calls 24hr a day with your customized greeting.
  • The ability to create individual extensions.
  • Callers being directed to individuals, groups or voice mail.
  • The ability to run your business from your mobile devices, keeping you connected while on the go.
  • Simple set-up. No need for new equipment, additional phone lines or software installations.
  • An easy to install widget for your website with click-to-call capabilities.

Ongoing monthly subscriptions for MightyCall Receptionist start at just $9.99 per month for 100 minutes, $29.99 for 500 minutes and $99.99 for 2,000 minutes metered by inbound call connection time. All plans include a local or toll-free number, web based voice mail, smart call routing, 24hr auto-attendant, website ClickConnect and more.
Elevate your company’s image and compete at a higher level by getting a dedicated toll-free or local business phone number. Make it easy with MightyCall.
Want more details? Ready to get up and running?

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