What’s going on in Cirrus? August Edition

August edition

  • Cirrus Strengthens Its Partnership With OnApp Federation

Cirrus Tech announces its plans to enhance and expand the network and join OnApp Global network of clouds. It gives customers great instant access to network resources in cities all over the world. We will be able to offer cloud services and host customers’ VPS or/and data content close to their preferred location.

OnApp is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for cloud providers, CDN providers, carriers and enterprises and Federation enables Cirrus can help customers grow into new markets and reduce latency by hosting apps and content close to end users.

Find out more about OnApp Federation: http://onapp.com/federation/

  • Cirrus’ Acquisition News

Cirrus Tech Ltd. shared this exciting news with its valued customers this month that we have completed the acquisition of hosting business of HostMDS. We are so excited to offer our services to HostMDS loyal customers at the same competitive rates with the exact same functionalities. We are still at transition process and HostMDS customers are not expected to face any service interruption and/or experience any impact on their support services.

We are inspired with the thousands of opportunities ahead of us. We and HostMDS share the same mission in Hosting Industry: Providing secure, reliable and manageable hosting solutions with high level of customer service for individuals and any company at any size, and Cirrus Tech Ltd. is doing its best to maintain the quality of its services for both Cirrus Hosting and HostMDS valued customers.

  • SpamExperts Offering is Coming Soon!

We have expanded our security solutions for emails by joining SpamExperts Partner Program. SpamExperts needs no introduction: It’s the leading email security provider for Web hosts, ISPs/Telcos and IT Resellers all over the world. SpamExperts is a highly technical and technology focused company, making continuous investments and concentrating on R&D to stay competitive in the industry. We prefer SpamExperts due to its ease of deployment and ease of maintain. Once the deployment finishes, we will start offering it to our Shared Hosting, Cloud VMs, and Dedicated Servers Customers.

Here you can find more information about SpamExperts solutions.

  • Exclusive Offer on Cloud VM Business Plans

Until September 5, get 30% off for life when you order your cloud VM business server. The most cost-effective solution if you’re getting started with server management. Check out the plans and use the promo code “30OFF” when you’re ordering.

  • Capacity increases on HostMDS

We have recently changed all customers at HostMDS to 1gbps ports. This gives them much more bandwidth to take advantage of during peak hours and minimizes the DDoS impacts on the customers.

Find out more on Cirrus Hosting Network Here

  • Power Redundancy at HostMDS

We have just completed changing power configuration at HostMDS Datacenter in Vaughan which gives our customer better protection during power failures.

  • Backup Is Now Running for Shared Hosting Customers at HostMDS

Through R1Soft Backup platform, we now have weekly backups taken from all Shared Hosting servers at HostMDS. This means better protection during Hardware failures and/or Data Losses (both due to hardware failures or human errors).