Want to set up your Blogging website? Read this complete guide

Most people are familiar with the concept of a blog, but not all realize what makes a good blog. If you want to start a blogging website but are worried about the technical requirements, you need not worry. In reality, it’s a lot easier than you may imagine if you have the correct tools.

If you plan to use your blog primarily for private purposes, such as a diary, you will undoubtedly get pleasure from engaging in self-expression via blogging. In contrast, if making money is an ultimate goal, a blog will significantly improve your chances of succeeding in the marketplace.

Start a WordPress hosting : A Step-by-Step Guide

Every company, group, and individual endeavour now needs its website. WordPress has quickly risen to prominence among the many options for creating a website. But not everyone can figure out how to get a WordPress hosting site up and running. Have no fear; this guide will get you through the procedure without a hitch. So, how exactly does one set up a WordPress hosting site? It’s easier than you may assume. And anyway, WordPress is a CMS created to help beginners get their first website up and running.

  • Explain the main points and the concept.
  • Pick a Domain Name that Suits Your Needs.
  • Create a Web Hosting Account.
  • Set up the core of WordPress.
  • Select a Theme and Turn It On.
  • Modify your website with the help of plugins.

How do you go about Arranging the framework of your website? 

Your Blogging website’s size or website hosting services and complexity will determine this. Essentials to keep in mind when making preparations:

  • Your site should remain rather basic. There is no need to create dozens of categories and entries for your blog or website. Having several categories is unnecessary, making it more difficult for search engines and human visitors to explore your site.
  • Make sure each category has about the same number of posts. Using a content planner is a fantastic method of maintaining control over this. Make a point to schedule material in each of your target niches regularly to boost your rankings across the board. It’s common for me to come across sites that offer a ton of content in one genre but almost nothing in another. Is there a category in your main menu with just one post, and it was made years ago? Please get rid of it and invest in growing your other profitable areas.
  • Be as straightforward as possible. From now on, your efforts should adhere to this framework. Moreover, rearranging your blog’s material will be more challenging as its volume increases.

How do secure socket layer (SSL) certificates function?

To put it simply, buy SSL certificate makes it so that no one can see your personal information as it travels from your computer to a website or vice versa. The information transferred over the network is encrypted using various methods before transmission. Names, addresses, credit card numbers, and other financial information are examples of the types of potentially sensitive data included in these files. Here’s how it goes down:

  • Connection attempts are made to an SSL-protected web server from a browser or server.
  • A web server must provide its identity to a client browser or server.
  • The server will provide the client browser or server with its SSL certificate.
  • The browser or server does this to verify the validity of the SSL certificate. If that’s the case, it’ll let the server know.
  • The web server responds with a digitally signed acknowledgement to initiate an SSL-encrypted connection.
  • Data that has been encrypted is sent back and forth between the web browser.

Methods for Monetizing a Blog

You may make money from your blog in several ways. Learn about online income models and standard methods used to monetize a blog. There is no wrong time to begin monetizing a blog or website you already have or want to launch. It’s possible to make money off of a blog in several ways. This article discusses the many methods used to monetize digital material online.

Let’s go down to fundamental principles. So, what exactly is moneymaking? The term monetization refers to earning money via your website. Monetization is the process through which an online publication, such as a blog, generates financial gain. There are several viable options for monetizing a blog, including:

  • Advertisements.
  • Possibilities for acquiring products in either digital or physical form.
  • Internet advertising is based on affiliating with other sites.
  • Consulting and Memberships.


In most cases, a website’s pages will have the same information throughout time, and the site’s content will not change regularly. A blog, however, is constantly evolving and updated. Blogs are often included within a more extensive website. Frequently, companies will have a blog area where they may routinely publish articles meant to educate and enlighten their clientele.

Because of its versatility, many entrepreneurs use website hosting services for their small business websites and blogs. Simply put, a blog may be anything from a standalone site to an integral element of an existing one. However, only some online platforms qualify as a blog.

Should You Use WordPress?

Having a website allows you to gather more interest and interactivity for your business or personal brand. But building a website isn’t always easy or cost-effective. If you’re working from scratch, you’ll either need extensive knowledge in a website-building script, such as HTML and JavaScript, or you’ll need to pay someone with the knowledge to work for you. Many visual website builders have recently cropped up to allow users with little to no computer programming knowledge the ability to create their own websites. Should you use WordPress? What do you think about WordPress Hosting ? Hosting with WordPress isn’t for everyone, but it can help you build a professional website.

What is Hosting with WordPress?

WordPress is a website-building tool. Many other website-building programs and applications have cropped up with the increasing popularity of the internet, but WordPress is one of the most popular. Its popularity is mostly linked to its easy-to-use platform and website designs. With a WordPress account, you can choose pre-built website templates and simply change the content, making it easier than ever to create a website. You can also start from scratch and build a website using a visual editor, meaning you don’t have to know any coding skills to make a well-designed site.

Hosting a website with WordPress integration allows you to get powerful hosting resources while making a professionally designed website. However, not all websites and businesses or brands will benefit from hosting with WordPress. Before making the decision, consider the following aspects of your website.

  • Complexity

WordPress was originally designed to be a blogging platform. In fact, it’s still the number-one choice bloggers use to make new websites. While it has certainly branched far beyond that, it still has its roots in a simple design. You can make some websites that are slightly more complex, especially with hundreds of applications and widgets you can utilize. However, truly large and complicated websites won’t be able to work as well within the WordPress system. For example, while you can make an online store with WordPress, it requires some finagling and extra work that you wouldn’t need with a website builder that was originally designed for online shopping. If you have a blog or a fairly simple website, however, WordPress is an excellent builder.

  • Fine-Tuning

Not having to know anything about coding or computer programming makes WordPress an appealing option. However, that does limit your ability to fine-tune the specifics of your website. In the WordPress visual editor, you can enter special CSS commands that will adjust the visuals of your website. But there aren’t any places where you can enter customized HTML codes or other scripting sections. Because of this, you are limited only to the pre-coded blocks that WordPress provides. Yes, you can include additional website features with applications and widgets, but you still don’t have the full customization that building a website from scratch or other site builders allow. If you’re looking for a quick and easy website and don’t have any specific design ideas in mind, however, WordPress is a great option for your website.

should you use wordpress
  • Hosting Integration

In order to host with WordPress, you need a powerful and efficient hosting provider. Your provider gives you all the resources and tools you need to make sure your website is running efficiently at all times. However, not every hosting provider allows you to integrate your WordPress design. There’s no point in designing the perfect website if you can’t host it for others to see. Finding the right hosting provider is necessary if you want your website to perform well.

Along with WordPress integration, other things to look for in a hosting provider include:

  • Variety of hosting plan options
  • Other application integration
  • Management services
  • 24/7 customer support options
  • Security measures

As long as you have the right hosting provider as your partner, your WordPress site will be easy to build and easy to host.

  • Staff Access

When you have more than one person working on your website, it can get a little muddled when you’re trying to work together. With WordPress, you can allow other users access to your site, each with varying levels of access. For example, say you have an employee whose job is writing a new blog post for your website every week. While you trust them to do this, you don’t want them able to mess with your pages or post something without approval. You can give their user account access to only the blog and require them to only draft it so you can view it before it’s posted. WordPress is a great website builder that can help you manage your team members and who does what with your site.

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Hosting with WordPress and Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to providing the best hosting experience to our customers. But hosting a website isn’t just about the server you’re on and your hosting plan; it’s also about building and maintaining your website’s design and content. That’s why we have optimized our hosting plans for WordPress integration. Hosting with WordPress allows you to create a professional and well-designed website backed by our powerful hosting resources. Whether you’re building a personal blog, creating a landing page for your newest product, or getting the information out there about your business, we’re here to support you. With 24/7 customer support, we’ll be there with you every step of the way as you build and host the perfect website for your company or brand. To get started, browse our WordPress hosting plans or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 for more information.

How to Start with Managed WordPress Plans Today

WordPress is a powerful website-building tool that many people use. With hundreds of themes and plugins, WordPress helps the design process of any website run smoothly. Managed WordPress plans help with everything else. Designing a website and managing one are two completely different beasts, and you need different skill sets to wrangle them. By having a web hosting service manage your WordPress site, you can focus on the design and running of your business. Here’s how to get started with a managed WordPress plan.

Create a WordPress Account

You’ll need to have a WordPress account and site ready to go before your hosting service can provide management for it. If you already have an account, you’re ready to move to the next step. If you don’t, you can create a free account through WordPress. WordPress also offers premium and business accounts if you want additional themes and plugins to help with the design of your site. Managed plans can work with any level of WordPress plan, so choose which one you’ll need for your design purposes. 

Choosing From Managed WordPress Plans

There are different levels of managed plans you can choose from. Which one you pick will mainly depend on how much traffic you anticipate and what kind of upload speeds you need. All WordPress managed plans come with:

–      Thousands of additional free themes and plugins to aid in the design

–      Advanced security and speed features tailored for WordPress platforms

–      High-quality 24/7 support

–      A free domain (.ca, .com, .net) available with yearly subscriptions

–      SpamExpert powered email and spam filters

–      Automatic backups

–      Automatic updates for WordPress and security features

–      Free and easy migration

No matter what plan you choose, you’ll have access to all these amazing features. Here’s how the plans differ from each other, offering more resources and services at higher plan levels.

  • Personal Plan

With the personal plan, you get access to all the great managed plan features for one website at 25,000 visits.

  • Business Plan

With the business plan, you can host two websites at 200,000 visits, and you get additional spam filtering and advanced caching.

  • Corporate Plan

With the corporate plan, you get the same bonuses as the business plan and can host five websites at 300,000 visits. 

  • Dedicated Plan

The dedicated plan gives you the most power and resources needed to run a large website business. You can host five websites at 500,000 visits using SSD drives. The dedicated plan also includes double restoration points for your weekly backups, an additional accelerator for greater speed, scalable options for your dedicated resources, and the ability to add additional websites as you continue to grow. 

Choosing a managed WordPress plan can be intimidating at first. But all of the plans are fully customizable, and you can move up or down at any point if you find yourself needing more or fewer resources. With a managed plan, you can grow your business and enhance your website designs without needing to worry about updates, backups, and other management tools.

Dedicated Managed WordPress Plans

If you choose the dedicated hosting plan, you’re opening yourself and your company to a host of new and advanced hosting services. If you want to have ultimate control over your websites and environment without having to worry about the actual management process, a dedicated managed hosting plan is perfect for you. With a dedicated WordPress management plan, you get access to the latest in hosting technology:

–      Dedicated Cloud Virtual Machine resources

–      Cutting-edge secure network and hardware

–      Redundant power, connectivity and storage provided by the built-in redundancy

–      An environment you can fully manage

–      Quick and easy restoration and recovery process

With these hosting features, you can power up your WordPress sites and keep them fully managed, safe, and operable. 

Managed WordPress plans

Migrating Your Site

Now that you have a WordPress account and have chosen a managed plan, you can link the accounts together to migrate your site to your hosting service. This process is quick and easy, and the estimated downtimes are minimal. With 24/7 quality customer support, if anything does go wrong during the process, technicians will be readily available to solve the problems. However, most migrations transfer smoothly without any trouble, and you’ll see your site improving soon.

Designing Your WordPress Site

With everything set up, you can focus on designing the perfect WordPress site for you and your business. Whether you’re blogging, running an eCommerce store, or letting potential clients know about the services you offer, WordPress is a great website-building tool you can use. And with a managed WordPress plan, you can get access to additional themes and plugins that make the design of your website pop. A managed plan offers additional security and backup features that will make running your website a breeze so you can focus on the other aspects of your site and company.

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If at any point you find that your current plan doesn’t work for your WordPress site’s needs, you can easily upgrade. All plans can be customized and scaled to fit your growing needs. As your business expands, your website will see more traffic and will need additional resources to support it. You may even wish to add additional websites. With a managed WordPress site, you can easily adjust your hosting plan to fit your website’s needs.

WordPress with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we offer the next generation of managed WordPress plans. Whether you need an affordable personal plan or a larger dedicated plan, we can help you enhance and manage your WordPress site. You can browse our managed plans on our website or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 for further information on our WordPress hosting plans. 

Cirrus Hosting Unveils New Enterprise-Class WordPress Hosting Solutions With Expanded Offering

managed wordpress hosting toronto


Cirrus Tech Ltd., a Toronto based company specialized in providing premium web and VPS hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is thrilled to announce the lunch of its managed WordPress offerings. Optimized for WordPress hosting, new plans give customers more resources for less cost. These new plans are adhering Cirrus Tech’s commitment to lower the cost of shared hosting and to employ the latest technologies to improve customers’ experience.


Cirrus Hosting optimized WordPress plans include easy setup, 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations and 24/7 support. Additionally, with automated WordPress updates, enhanced security and automatic backups, Cirrus’s WordPress Hosting keeps sites secure and always updated with the latest version of WordPress. Cirrus Hosting’s servers are optimized to give customers more secure and super-fast page loads. With Email Filtering powered by SpamExperts (included in the plans), new WordPress Hosting plans will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Cirrus Hosting is also offering SSL on these plans at no additional cost so that customers can improve the security of their website and visitors. The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt. In addition, Cirrus Hosting is offering free migration and free domain name on these plans (when subscribed for 1+ Year of service).


“WordPress powers 28% of the internet. This is what you see when you go to In fact, our own websites run on WordPress. It only makes sense for Cirrus now to offer SSD-based, Managed WordPress hosting to our new and existing clients,” Said Ali Mirdamadi, Cirrus Tech CEO.


With the new WordPress Hosting plans, it’s easier than ever to move to Cirrus Hosting now. Cirrus Hosting offers 24/7 support, adheres to the highest industry-standard security practices and Canada’s privacy regulations on its Canada-based servers.


New WordPress Hosting plans start from 5.95$ for 1 site and 25K visits.  To learn more about Cirrus Hosting WordPress plans and features please Click HERE. Call Cirrus at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area) or email at for more information about these new plans or if there are any questions in getting a new server. Cirrus Hosting support team will be happy to assist.