Why Should You Go With Windows Web Hosting?

Usually, you will get two operating system options in web hosting either go with Windows or Linux. It may confuse you as to which one is better and which platform you should finalize for your site. Although both have their pros and cons, most business owners opt for Windows operating system. Windows web hosting Canada contains more options in terms of website technologies; it is easy to configure and is highly secured. All such reasons are enough for you to look at the windows plans and check which one is suitable for your business.

Windows support almost all the technology which are supported by Linux plus the additional one. Many large companies which are looking for secured hosting go with Windows. Apart from supporting all the windows programs, windows hosting also supports open-source platforms. This makes it the most versatile hosting as it supports various programming languages.

In this article, we will talk more about the benefits of WordPress hosting Canada, which will give an assurance of working on one of the best-operating systems.

Benefits of windows web hosting Canada

Microsoft friendly operating system

Microsoft tools and products are widely used in many businesses, and if your web hosting supports Microsoft, it will be better for you to operate such tools efficiently. Microsoft tools like FrontPage, ASP work well on Windows. In addition, many companies use Microsoft Exchange for their email management and SharePoint for efficient team collaboration. Your windows reseller hosting Canada supports all such tools and provides dynamic and interactive websites.

Moreover, many professionals keep on maintaining and updating the windows programs. The familiar nature of this operating system makes it easy for them to work with a server interface.

Simplicity with power

Windows Application Server Hosting Canada is the most secured one. Also, the windows web hosting packages offer a Plesk control panel through which professionals can easily make any changes to the website. Furthermore, the supportive Plesk interface is ideal for commercial websites, as it allows companies to manage multiple websites without any trouble. Also, this operating system shows the greatest compatibility with many content management systems like WordPress and Joomla.

Also, Microsoft has the quality of supporting other applications. This has allowed developers to come up with multiple applications compatible with Windows. Also, open-source tools like PhP and MySQL can work smoothly on Windows, which is not present in Linux.

An affordable solution

In the current era, you can find affordable web hosting services Canada as low as $10/month. Although Windows hosting is costlier than Linux, when you consider the features and benefits of windows over Linux, you will be assured that your money is spent well.

Compatibility with other Windows tools

The reason why professionals go with windows hosting is the availability of various familiar tools. For instance, if your website is built on ASP.NET, then Windows hosting will greatly support your website. Also, windows hosting is compatible with Microsoft SQL. Finally, you can even use Microsoft Exchange with windows hosting.

Enjoy Plesk Control Panel

As discussed earlier, windows hosting comes with Plesk Control Panel. You can directly control your website through this user-friendly control panel. Hence it will become easy for you to update your website. Also, through this control panel, you can manage multiple websites simultaneously.

Secured web hosting

When it comes to security, no one compromises on that. Windows hosting is backed by one of the reputed United States corporations. Therefore, many free security patches are available for Windows hosting. Also, it is easy to update your windows server. You need to check for the updates and download them. All such frequent updates ensure that your data remain secure.

Easy to configure

For beginners windows configuration process is easy. For instance, a DNS server is difficult to configure with Linux. With windows, DNS server creation can be done with a few easy clicks. Also, editing and installing Apache configuration files in Linux are difficult, which is not the case with Windows Canadian dedicated hosting. Windows come up with a graphical interface for web server management. Hence it is highly recommended to go with Windows hosting to make the administration process a cakewalk.

Final Takeaway

Windows offer a good hosting environment for all the websites. It supports many technologies like .NET, SQL, IIS, etc. Also, windows cater graphical interfaces to administration options. Hence no need to do editing of long configuration files. Finally, as the window is supported by one of the finest organizations in the US, you can remain assured about the security updates provided timely. There is no surprise that all the benefits mentioned above have made windows hosting a highly demandable one. Even it is costlier than Linux; its benefits overshadow the cost.

So, go with windows hosting this time to avail all the benefits of this versatile platform.

Get Web Hosting Services From A Leading Web Hosting Company

Excellent hosting service provider emphasizes on 3S’s namely support, speed and security. Your website should always be prepared to handle the sudden rise in traffic. There is a wide array of hosting service providers available in the market which can offer you hosting right from few dollars to thousands of dollars. But choosing the best website hosting services from them is a tedious task. Here in this article, we will discuss what you should know before contacting any service provider and what factors you should consider while choosing any hosting provider.

Consider how much hand-holding you require.

Basic computer service providers may take care of your emails, phone support, and tickets. But their turnaround time may vary; some of them can also provide 24 hours phone support. But the restricting factor of non-managed service is that the vendor may address your questions about the basic configuration, but he is not your system manager.

Managed web hosting company will ensure that your system is configured properly, keeping in mind the load time, security issues, and will patch your software as required. 

Estimate the traffic you expect per day (be honest in this decision)

The charges of the hosting provider are usually decided based on the bandwidth and storage you need. Bandwidth is usually decided by the number of bytes the website consumes in a given period. If you expect only a few visitors at a specific time, the bandwidth will be less. But suddenly, if your website achieved top ranking on the Google page or if your webpage became viral on social media, your bandwidth requirement will increase because of website traffic.

Know the server types

Shared servers are considered the cheapest among all hosting types. This one box can handle hundreds of websites. Here the performance of your website will depend on the amount of load other business owners are putting on the hosting. Shared hosting comes with many limitations; you are only supposed to upload files via SFTP or FTP, restrict shell access, and limit the programs you can run on the service.

The second is VPS, i.e., Virtual Private Server, a virtual machine running on a box. Generally, many VPS instances are run on one box, but still, their performance is far better than that of shared servers.

Even if you don’t want any sharing, you can go with a dedicated server. This will comprise a physical box rented only to you, and it will give you a feeling of a server installed behind your desk.

You can also go with cloud servers. These servers run on public clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. The biggest benefit of cloud servers is that they can handle traffic surges, pay them an extra amount for traffic, and you are good to go!

Now let’s talk about some of the qualities which should be present in your web hosting provider.


Whenever your website goes slow, it impacts the number of visitors, and ultimately it will be a loss of revenue. You can’t afford such things even for a short interval. To ensure the work of your Windows web hosting Canada look for their customer base and check their reputation on social media. You can also ask in your friend circle about their services if they have availed that in the past.


No one wants to wait for the website to open; visitors need everything fast. Ensure that your server is not overburdened; otherwise, your visitors will visit the competitors’ website. You should do testing of your Canadian Dedicated Hosting site and other competitors’ site before finalizing the provider.


Ensure that your WordPress hosting Canada provides ample space to your website. Once created, it is challenging to shift your website; hence make sure that in the first deal, you get enough web space.


How will you feel if you visit a café and no one is there to entertain you? The same thing can happen with your web hosting provider, and hence you should inquire about their customer service, support hours, and how easy it is for you to reach them.

Advanced features and technology

Your best web hosting services provider should provide all the options you want. You should look for the number of permitted sub-domains, databases, scripting language support, and whether the hosting is in Windows or UNIX platform.

Secure Location

Local web hosts are much faster and reliable as compared to those who are not nearby your location. It’s always better to choose the service provider in your country, and it doesn’t make sense to get the hosting from the company in the US or UK when your visitors are from Canada. Also, ensure that the information you mention on the website is safe on their networks.

Hope you will consider all the above-mentioned factors before finalizing your reseller hosting Canada!