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How a Personal Website Can Support Your Goals

Having a website can benefit anyone. Even if you aren’t running a small business or company, a personal website can help support your goals. And with personal website hosting being more affordable than ever, there’s no reason not to get online. You don’t even have to be a designer or coder with integration for website builders such as WordPress. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, a personal website can help get you closer to where you want to be.

Personal Blog

Blogs are extremely beneficial for most people and for a variety of reasons. Blogs can help boost your SEO score, show off your talents, process your life’s events, and even earn you some extra money on the side.

SEO Boost

The main attraction of a blog is raising your SEO score. Your website’s Search Engine Optimization score helps determine how often it’s seen in search results and how close to the top of the list it’s shown. A higher score means more chances of new users finding you when searching for related keywords. Even if you don’t own a business, you’ll want to attract new readers to your website for other reasons. Having a blog can help you be discovered.

Personal Story Telling

Some blogs are treated like diaries or journals. But why write about your personal life on the internet instead of in a well-hidden book? There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are likely going through similar events in their lives. Sharing and connecting with others is an innate human desire. Having a blog on your personal website allows you to share your experiences with others, letting them learn from you and vice-versa.

Extra Money

Depending on the type of blog you run and how many viewers you get, a blog can be an excellent source of revenue. Selling advertising space on your blog is a great way to passively earn a little extra income whenever you make a new post. You can also form partnerships with sponsors by mentioning their products or linking to their websites from your blog post. If you enjoy writing your blog already, you’ll love being able to earn some extra money while doing it.


Personal websites make great spaces for professional portfolios. You could use a portfolio-building website that’s already around, such as Carrd or the like, but having your own personal website adds extra professionalism to your appearance.

Because of the powerful design tools of web builders such as WordPress, you don’t even have to be particularly tech-savvy to create a gorgeous and well-designed portfolio. You can have an about page that tells future clients about you, a product page detailing the services you provide, and links and files with examples of your work. Personal website hosting is the perfect option for freelancers and job-seekers looking to get a leg up on the competition.

With personal website hosting, you can earn money and show off your talents
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Art Showcase and Shop

Artists in particular can benefit from having a personal website. There are hundreds of widgets and plug-ins that can help you create a beautiful gallery space that shows off your talent and hard work. There are just as many e-commerce applications that can help you set up and establish your own art shop. Being able to showcase your work and possibly make some extra cash is a great way to boost your brand and continue your artwork.

Personal Website Hosting Plans

A personal website has a host of benefits for any user. And with today’s advances in technology, personal website hosting has never been more affordable. Any plan is guaranteed to help you reach your goals.

Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting plan available. Starting at around CA$3.5/month, you get access to part of a server shared with other personal website owners such as yourself. Although you don’t have as much control over the specs of your server, shared hosting plans are still flexible. You can upgrade or downgrade as needed to help ensure your website has the power it needs at a price you can afford.

The maximum shared hosting plan features:

  • 50GB of Scalable SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • Free Spam Filter
  • Free Domain
  • Free Rapid SSL Security
  • Dedicated IP
  • Server Management

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress is a powerful website-building tool that users all over the world use for their personal and professional websites. With hundreds of themes, apps, and widgets available to use, it’s the perfect tool to help your website look and act the way you want. When you combine that with the resources and experience of an established personal website hosting platform, you get one well-run website.

No matter which level of WordPress hosting plan you choose, you get access to:

  • Thousands of free themes and plug-ins
  • Advanced security and WordPress-tailored speed
  • 24/7 support
  • Free domain with yearly subscriptions
  • Free email and spam filter
  • Automatic updates for WordPress and security
  • Automatic website backups
  • Free website migration

Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud hosting plans offer all the amazing benefits of shared hosting, with additional security and flexibility upgrades. Because your ‘server’ is made from connections to dozens of physical servers, your website will have fewer downtimes and outages. If a physical server suffers an issue, your cloud server can sever that connection and make a new one. Cloud servers also offer more customization in resources and power use, allowing you to change your plan on an as-needed basis.

Personal Website Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we offer a variety of personal website hosting options. Whether you’re looking to start up your own blog, showcase your art, or put together a professional portfolio, we’re here to help. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help you with your website and account no matter which hosting plan you choose. Our seamless integration with WordPress allows you to build the website of your dreams with the hosting power you need to run it. To get started with your personal website, choose one of our hosting plans online or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 if you have any questions.

The Importance of a Website’s Blog

Blogs are a vital part of any website. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run or what kind of website you have; you can still benefit from having a blog. Blogs aren’t just online personal journals. They are an excellent way to get information and news out to your customers, inform them about your business, and boost your online presence. With well-thought-out and functional blog hosting, your website can see immense growth, and your online presence will improve.

Blog Hosting Functionality

The purpose of a blog on your website can be just about anything you want it to be. What you decide to post is determined by what kind of business you run and how you want your company to come across to users. There are a few different ways you can use your blog on your website.


A personal blog is one that details your life events and experiences. These blogs are typically best for someone building a personal brand or for smaller businesses that have a personal touch to their message or services. A personal blog is a great way to get connected with your users, as it often invites conversation and creates a warm tone for your website.


Informative blogs are ones that provide knowledge to users based on the company that runs them. For example, a company that sells plumbing services might have how-to articles on water pipe maintenance or guides on how to detect a problem with a home’s water supply. These blogs are a great way to build trust with your users and show them that you have the knowledge and skillset required to provide the goods and services you offer.


A news blog is all about showcasing the various developments and events surrounding your business. These kinds of blogs are great for larger businesses that have a lot going on. They can also work well for smaller businesses that are constantly growing. A news blog is the best way to get the information about your website and business events out to as many users as possible.

There are many other ways you can use a blog for your website as well, but these are the most common. And the truth is, you don’t always have to pick just one or the other. Sometimes you may have a news blog that also serves as a personal blog, especially if you put the story behind each event in the blog post. By mixing and matching the different types of blogs, you can build a great online presence and a vibrant blog that users will enjoy visiting.

With blog hosting your website can improve it's performance
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Blog Hosting and Online Presence

Your blog is great for helping you reach users and provide information, personal anecdotes, and news about your business or brand. But it’s also the best way to help boost your SEO scores and online performance. Having a blog on your website is almost necessary these days to get your business listed at the top of search results. However, it’s important to note that a poorly-thought-out or badly-designed blog can harm your online presence just as much as a well-run one can improve it.


One thing that a blog helps with is boosting your online presence and SEO score by increasing the activity level of your website. Websites that are static will seem like less likely candidates to search engines and are less likely to invite users back to the site. When you have a blog, however, the constant updating shows that your business is active and your website is worth looking at. Posting a new blog at least once a week is guaranteed to help your website perform better.

SEO Potential

Blogs are also a great way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) score. Your website’s SEO score is how a search engine determines where in the list of results your website will show. Having a good SEO score is imperative for getting new users to see your site. SEO is determined by the frequency and use of active keywords on your website. When you have a blog, you can increase those numbers in an organic way. If you try to force too many keywords on your website’s main pages, search engines may flag your website as spam and not even show it at all.

Blogs are a great way for you to increase your online presence and boost your SEO score without having to change your website or put extra effort into updating it regularly. With a well-run and thought-out blog, you can help your business grow and improve as you continue focusing on other aspects of it.

Blog Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we make blog hosting easy and efficient. Whether you’re building your website from scratch or looking for a powerful WordPress hosting partner, we have the package for you. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses, both large and small, host their websites and blogs. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help with any issue you may have, including WordPress integration and understanding website performance. You can browse our blog hosting options online or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 to get started with your web hosting journey today.

A Newbie’s Guide to Web Hosting

Out of all the popular and lucrative IT investments you can try, web hosting is one of the most promising. You don’t have to have a background in IT or systems to become a successful web host. In fact, web hosting can become one of the leading side gigs for individuals and businesses alike. Every year, the number of people investing in web hosting platforms increases. 

However, starting your web hosting plan can seem daunting without the proper guidance, resources, and systems. That’s why web hosting providers are in high demand for reliable service, support, and software systems. Finding the right web hosting provider is just the beginning of your journey into the world of web hosting, but it’s an important place to begin. 

Cirrus Hosting is here for all of your hosting needs. We want to help you succeed with our industry-leading tech tools, resources, and IT systems. Learn how to get started and increase your profits by visiting our website.  

Web Hosting Basics 

The best place to start web hosting is with the basics. You can always upgrade your plan or add on features for more advanced web hosting in the future. Research on where to begin for a solid web hosting basis is critical before you dive too deeply into operating your hosting platform. Beginning with this useful guide to web hosting is already a strong start for gaining basic knowledge to successfully host your web platform. 

Choose The Right IT Provider

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right IT provider is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your success. Cirrus Hosting offers you more with our web hosting plans. We have affordable options as low as $5.99/month, which make it simple to start web hosting and add on to your plan in the future if needed. Even our most basic web hosting plan comes standard with high uptime guarantees, the best security systems, and standard software systems you can rely on. 

Best Marketing Practices To Learn 

Of course, starting with web hosting also means you will need to learn some practices. These basic marketing strategies will pay off long-term and are the main aspect of what makes your business stand out from other web hosting companies. Cirrus Hosting can help you craft a unique strategy that highlights everything you have to offer. Our 24/7 support helps you streamline your marketing strategy for optimal success.  

One helpful tip to remember for marketing is to use your resources, That means your business website should not be the only marketing tool in your arsenal. These days, social media is a significant aspect of successful web hosting. Familiarize yourself with the various social media platforms that might work best for your business. Using multiple social media platforms to market your web hosting systems is a great way to increase outreach, target new clients, and find creative ways to showcase what you have to offer.

Web hosting for beginners.
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

Focus on Factors That Matter

Next, you want to focus on factors that matter when choosing your IT web hosting plan. Guaranteed uptime and fast connection speeds are two of the most important things to consider when integrating a new system. Being productive and optimizing your uptime ensure you can get your tasks done when you need to. Cirrus Hosting gives you the highest rate of guaranteed uptime with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry about lags, slow connection speeds, or sudden crashes messing up your productivity. With fast connection speeds and some good time management, Cirrus Hosting has you covered as you begin web hosting!

Invest in Reliable Software and Servers

Finally, you will need Cirrus Hosting’s reliable software systems and server options. Whether you choose a managed dedicated server system or a cloud-based VPS, you get the best on the market from Cirrus Hosting. Our servers are some of the most robust, with fast connection speeds and strict backup protocols to ensure your data is protected at all times. 

Furthermore, at Cirrus Hosting, we provide you with security protocols that protect your assets. These systems include anti-spam services, firewall protection, anti-virus scanning technology, and regular security check-ins to alert you to suspicious activity. With developer-friendly interfaces and more options to integrate add-ons securely within your existing web hosting portal, our reliable software can’t be beaten.   

Contact Cirrus Hosting for Web Hosting Plans Now!

If you are a newcomer to web hosting, this helpful guide is a great place to begin your journey. Remember these tips and you are already on the right track! With Cirrus Hosting’s low-cost options, we have a plan that fits everyone’s needs. You can also add to your plan in the future with easy scalability and features for more advanced hosting services. Get started today by visiting our website or calling us at 1-877-624-7787.

How Security and Web Hosting Go Hand in Hand

Web hosting has significantly grown in popularity within the last decade. It is a lucrative way for individuals and business owners to expand profit margins through greater outreach. In fact, people from all walks of life can get started with web hosting.

However, many factors go into making a web hosting adventure successful. Without the right systems in place, it’s nearly impossible to properly begin hosting and avoid major issues down the road. That is why everything – from the right servers to the best security software – is important for web hosts to consider.

If you are interested in beginning web hosting this year, you want to consider your IT partner. You should examine what they have to offer you. With comprehensive and affordable services, Cirrus Hosting brings you everything you need in the world of hosting in one convenient package. We specialize in plans to fit your needs and never leave you hanging when questions arise.

While we have everything you need for success, today we want to focus on the importance of security software to get you started on the right track. Protect your data, avoid unnecessary cyber threats, and set yourself on the path to success today by choosing Cirrus Hosting. We have set ourselves apart as one of the nation’s leading web hosting providers with the best security protocols. Learn more about us by visiting our website today. 

Web Hosting Basics

Web hosting can be boiled down to the basics. Users who need certain IT systems can obtain these systems from a host company, such as Cirrus Hosting. In return, the host company gets a small profit for allotting certain services and systems to users. Anyone can get started with the right web hosting plan configuration. All it takes is asking the right questions, doing a little research, and making a wise investment. However, there are many aspects that should be considered when choosing your hosting plan. 

First, the overall reliability of the company you are working with is crucial. Second, you will want to look at the software systems, scalability, uptime percentage, and data backup procedures. You also want security software that keeps you protected 24/7. In fact, web hosting and security systems are very closely related. If you want to be successful in web hosting, you need to understand how integral these aspects are. They truly go together for safe operations every day.

What is Web Hosting Security Software? 

The first step to understanding the relationship between successful web hosting and security software is to get down to the basics of the software systems. 

Web hosting security software scans for cyber threats of all types and alerts users to potential hazards. With a good software system in place, regular security scans can usually detect suspicious activity before it causes serious issues. However, other measures are good protection against cyber attacks of all types. 

Types of Cyber Attacks And Threats

There are many types of cyber attacks that could happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; nobody is entirely immune to malicious attempts at stealing, altering, destroying, or otherwise ruining data. Scammers and hackers also become craftier every year, finding new ways to access user information without being detected. Luckily, security software and protocols have also become more adept at detecting potentially hazardous activity. As a result, a game of cat and mouse has ensued in the cybersphere to protect user information. 

Some common types of cyber threats include password attacks, viral injection attacks, brute force attacks, phishing scams, and email scams. However, the list is truly endless when it comes to the crafty ways of scammers. That’s why hosting without security software in place is a bad idea – because it leaves users even more vulnerable to these threats. While good security practices all around will help, they are not enough on their own to avoid a major data breach or malicious activity. 

Learn more about web hosting security software.
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Web Hosting Security Software In Depth  

There are many layers to web hosting security at Cirrus Hosting. First, we use firewall protection and regular security scans to alert you to issues that might be cyber threats. We also help train you and your employees on basic security protocols. Learning the ropes of a good security process can work wonders.

For example, creating strong passwords automatically makes it more difficult for hackers to access your computer systems through a password attack. Strong passwords contain multiple types of characters, upper and lowercase letters, and numbers. A strong passphrase can also be a wise choice. Remember to never use the same password for multiple accounts, and each user should have their unique password. 

Working in the background are web hosting security software systems that help back up information if a potential attack occurs. This helps users secure their information so it’s not lost in case of a data breach. Viral scanning technology also can pinpoint potential virus attacks and report them to your web hosting provider right away. All of these systems help keep you and your information safe. 

Contact Cirrus for Secure Web Hosting Services

Now that you understand how security and web hosting go hand in hand at Cirrus Hosting, you can start today with one of our affordable and flexible plans. With our years of experience to back up our services, we always put our clients’ needs first. Just read some of our customer testimonials to see for yourself! Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787.

3 Ways to Up Your Web Hosting Game This Year

Web hosting can sometimes seem like an uphill battle if you want to be truly successful. However, successful web hosting comes down to having the right resources and making the right choices. There are so many ways anyone can take their web hosting game from level 1 to level 10 if they just know where to begin. New insights in the world of web hosting can help them shift their focus, find new ways to succeed, and have fun at the same time. In fact, anyone with any familiarity with web hosting has the potential to break through this lucrative market if they up their game in the right ways. Now, it’s easier than ever to do just that with the most reliable web hosting providers on the market. 

At Cirrus Hosting, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve maximum success with their hosting platforms. Our convenient and easy-to-navigate systems make getting all your needs in one place simple. We are your one-stop shop for all your web hosting news from infrastructure to software and affordable web hosting plans tailored to both advanced and beginner users. Plus, we share resources, information, and tools that can help you up your web hosting game anytime. 

With the help of Cirrus Hosting, you can get started today with success. Visit our website today to learn more and get started. In the meantime, here are three ways you can up your web hosting game this year. 

Invest in the Latest and Most Reliable Software 

Web hosting relies on robust software systems. Therefore, it should go without saying that one of the best ways to up your game this year is through investing in the latest software. Investing in the latest and most reliable software can help ensure your success even if you are still learning the ropes. It doesn’t matter what other features your plan provides; without reliable software systems, you won’t get very far. Your software is what enables you to perform daily tasks, use fundamental applications, and support your web hosting platform securely. 

Cirrus Hosting can help with software plans tailored to your needs using state-of-the-art technology. You can even add to your software configuration as needed in the future. Our web hosting software functions and plans come at an affordable price that fits everyone’s personal or business needs. The right software can help with fast connection speeds, little downtime, and overall success. Up your game today by getting started with our software plans right now.  

Choose The Best In Security Systems and Protocols 

Of course, having good software isn’t going to help you if your systems are constantly under attack from malicious activity. Overlooking the best security systems and protocols can be a major mistake that puts you behind your web hosting game big time. Having strategic security protocols is the best way to avoid sensitive information being stolen, leaked, altered, ruined, or destroyed. 

A robust security plan and system configuration will include multiple facets to cover different types of attacks. Firewall protection, regular security scans, antivirus technology, and weekly reports are all features that can protect your web hosting platform. Plus, it’s a good idea to start integrating these systems into your daily operations, from employee training to security threat meetings. 

Choose a Plan and Provider with Simple Scalability 

The best way you can up your web hosting game this year is by choosing a plan and provider with simple scalability. After all, how can you expect to up your game if your web hosting configuration won’t support any upgrades, changes, or expanded features as needed? That’s where scalability comes in. It is always a good idea to choose a web hosting company that offers scalability in its plans. 

Scalability comes down to two factors: scaling up or down your plan. Either might occur if you become successful because you might have more targeted or specific needs in the future. However, chances are you will want to add new features and upgrade your plans as your operations become more successful. Luckily, Cirrus Hosting makes scalability easy with every plan we offer. No matter where you start you can grow your platform, invest in new systems, and truly make a name for yourself with web hosting success. 

Web hosting services you can trust.
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A Few More Web Hosting Insights

At Cirrus Hosting, we care about our clients’ success and want to help you up your game this year. Here are a few helpful bonus reminders to get you on the right path to success in no time. Remember the above tips in tandem with these and you will be good to go. 

Choosing a web hosting provider with easy-to-download and install applications means you always have the features you need at your fingertips. Second, remember that data backup and recovery systems can be lifesavers. However, not all company providers give you these features with your plan. That means things can get pricey quickly. At Cirrus Hosting, our software, security systems, data backup and recovery, and application hosting features are all bundled together in a single package for your convenience. We call that more value for your money the right way. 

Contact Cirrus Hosting Today

Understanding where to begin to up your web hosting game doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these three helpful insights, you can get started right now. Plus, bonus insights and continued support from your hosting provider make it simple to succeed. Put all of that together with a convenient and affordable web hosting package from Cirrus Hosting. With our years of experience, expert representatives, and affordable prices, you can count on us to give you the best hosting experience on the market. Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787.

How to Choose a Hosting Provider

When you’re looking for a hosting provider, there are some specific standards to consider to ensure you’re going to find the best option. The most important elements really have to do with the support you receive from your provider. 

Of course, things like security and speed are also important. Cirrus Hosting can help with all of your needs. We bring many great qualities to the table, and we’re here to make your decision easy. 

But before you choose, go ahead and take a look at these tips for choosing a hosting provider to see just how we measure up! 

The Support

Customer support is probably one of the most important aspects of choosing a hosting provider. You need backup in case you run into snags, have questions, or simply have no clue what you are doing. 

Cirrus Hosting has a dedicated support team, complete with a trouble ticket system, a knowledgebase full of answers to some of the most common questions, phone support, blog articles much like this one, and direct contacts you can reach out to as well. 

Clients need different levels of support, and we totally get that. Some clients just need to know that their hosting provider will have customer service available if they need it. Others might need more hand-holding from their hosting provider. 

It’s important that you look for a support level that will adequately fulfill your needs. Find out about your hosting provider’s availability, their support resources, and even what kind of response time you can expect when you need assistance. 

Be aware that the level of support you receive may also depend on your package or plan with the hosting provider, so keep that in mind when you choose your services. 

Your Hosting Plan

Every provider is going to offer different types of plans for you to choose from. For example, we offer the following:

  • Web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud/VPS hosting
  • Private cloud server hosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Dedicated SharePoint hosting
  • Colocation

The options can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure what you need. 

Before you settle on a hosting provider, you may want to figure out what type of hosting plan you will need. You can typically start small and then upgrade or advance your hosting plan as your business requires. Always check for that possibility to be sure. 

The plan that you need really depends on the speed, security, and performance that you require to be functional. This will certainly look different for large corporations with a ton of employees, as opposed to a single person running a small online website business. 

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Know Your Storage Needs

Some websites and companies require a lot of storage space, while others need very little. The storage will most likely make a difference in the plan that you choose, as well as the hosting provider that you end up with. 

You’re going to be adding files, documents, and details to your service, and if you don’t have enough space, there will only be bigger issues that you have to deal with. 

On the other hand, maybe you don’t need a ton of space. In this case, you can use a smaller plan and save yourself some dollars by not paying for something that is above and beyond what you really need. 

A good hosting provider is going to try to make sure you are in the appropriate plan for your needs – not theirs. 

Give It Some Speed

Speed is absolutely essential from your hosting provider. The speed that you receive and pay for will directly affect the traffic of your customers, as well as employees on the backend. 

When it comes to your website loading for traffic, you could be punished by sites like Google that look for fast-loading sites. 

Even if you are on a low-level plan for a smaller business, you still need and want speed. If you have to spend a little more to get better speed, it might very well be worth the cost, so keep that in mind. 

Think about it this way. When you visit a website and it seems like every page or click takes forever to load, do you sit there patiently while you wait? Or do you get annoyed and maybe even just close down the site and go elsewhere? 

Your customers will probably respond much the same way. 


When choosing your hosting provider, security is important as well. Here at Cirrus Hosting, every hosting plan includes security as part of the plan. We also have add-ons that you can take advantage of, such as SSL certificates and spam filters. 

Regardless of the add-ons, you should be able to rely on basic security. You’re trusting that hosting provider to keep your data and information safe. You’re trusting them to protect your customers as well. 

Security includes things like firewalls, data protection, redundancy, and even system backups. Take the time to check out these details so that you can rest assured your security is a priority. 

What Sets Them Apart? 

Hosting providers are all over the place. They are a dime a dozen and there are more of us every single day. 

So before you settle on a hosting provider, take some time to consider what it is that makes one provider better than another. Compare their plans, compare their support, and compare their security. 

Look for that special little something that just might make a difference to you and your hosting needs in the end. 

Count on Cirrus Hosting

Take these simple tips and use them to understand which hosting provider will work best for your needs. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Cirrus Hosting offers years of experience in hosting services. We take pride in the customer service and prices that we can offer our customers as a hosting provider. 

What Type of Hosting Does My Business Need?

There are a lot of different web hosting options out there. Any provider can have a multitude of options. If you have not worked with web hosting, you might feel totally lost when it comes to figuring out just what you need. Cirrus Hosting provides an array of services, and we’re here to help you sort through the details to figure out just what type of hosting you need for your business.

Understand the Types of Hosting

Before you can figure out just what you need, you need to be familiar with the different types of hosting options out there. These are the most common:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (virtual private server) hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting

You will find that different hosting companies will potentially have different services available for their customers. Here’s a brief overview.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is pretty much exactly as it sounds. You are sharing your server space with other users. This is generally the most affordable hosting option out there. For some users, it’s sufficient. If you’re just getting started or don’t need to worry about heavy volume and traffic, this could be a good option for you. With shared hosting, there could be thousands of users on the same server. The server is managed by the host, so it’s up to them to control the users.

The downside of shared hosting is that you never know what resources you will have available. You can be affected by the action of others with things like malware or viruses. Your speed could suffer based on other traffic. Some providers that offer shared hosting will also allow you to upgrade. They help you transition to a different type of hosting when you are ready or your site grows.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server. This is very similar to shared hosting, but there are some safeguards in place. This helps you not have to worry as much about security from what others are doing. On a VPS, you are on a shared server, but you are offered your own spot on that server. That spot is yours and no one else can tap into it or subject you to their risks from it, either.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting takes it all to the cloud for you. You have resources, speed, and storage on demand and you can adjust your cloud based on your needs. With cloud hosting, you rely on your provider. It is up to them to have the appropriate measures in place, and you just work within your cloud. You can manage it, add software and applications, and customize everything however you need it.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is the top level. This is the ultimate form of hosting service and the more expensive option. You get an entire server dedicated solely to your needs. Within that server, you can do whatever you want to the space. You can customize it, manage it, add security, add tools, and work within your server. You don’t have to worry about anyone else on the server. It’s dedicated to you so the resources are ALL YOURS! The best part is you also do not have to maintain the server. That’s what we’re for!

Tips to Make Your Type of Hosting Decision

Now, let’s take a look at a few simple tips to help you know just what to look for before you choose a type of hosting.

Available Features

Think about the different hosting service options and the features of each one. What type of features do you specifically want or need? How can you be successful with your hosting plan? If you have any idea what type of storage you need or the traffic that you can expect, this could be very helpful. Determine what you NEED and then work from there.

Think about the security you will need and whether you will have high traffic or even need to be able to handle e-commerce on the site. Now, what type of hosting feels most suitable to those needs?


Some sites don’t require a lot of security, while other sites demand high security protocols. The type of hosting that you choose will probably have something to do with the security that you need. You also will want to be familiar with how much support your provider offers in terms of security. What do they have in place for security, and how will that benefit your site? What type of added security do you need, and can you implement additional security measures?

Keep in mind that shared hosting offers very little security and you can’t really do much to add it. VPS has a similar setup to shared hosting, but offers you a layer of security between you and the next person there.


It’s quite possible that if you are just starting out, you might not have much of a budget. It’s safe to say that your budget will affect the type of hosting that you end up choosing in the end. Remember that shared hosting is the most affordable. Dedicated server hosting is the most expensive. You might need one of these or you might need somewhere in between.

We can help you choose the right fit for you based on your needs.

Let Cirrus Hosting Serve Your Needs

When you find yourself faced with choosing the type of hosting for your site, let Cirrus Hosting help you out! Not only do we offer multiple types of hosting plans and services, but we also offer you a company with experience in the field. We are a secure and reliable hosting provider that has been operating since 1999. We would love the opportunity to work with you for your hosting needs. Contact us today to get started.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

When you are trying to determine what type of server hosting service you need, there is much to know to make an informed decision. In this guide, we’re going to focus on dedicated server hosting. We will cover just what it is and how it works. We can even give you some tidbits to compare it to other types of hosting to give you some reference. Cirrus Hosting does have several options available for dedicated hosting. Give us a call for your needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting Explained

Dedicated hosting is designed to give you all of the server access to yourself. It’s like the penthouse of server options. It’s not for everyone, as it is more expensive to utilize and may provide way more power and functionality than you actually need. However, this is a good option for you if you need high levels of performance and security.

When you use dedicated server hosting, one single physical server is dedicated solely to you – or to an individual business customer that pays for the service. The customer doesn’t just get access to the server, either. You get total control of the server for their needs. Customers make changes and customize it so that it works for them.

A customer with a dedicated server can use it however they want to. They have the performance and it’s like a clean slate for them to create. They don’t have to worry about sharing data, performance, or space. We will talk about the benefits in more detail later, but a dedicated server gives a client control, flexibility, security, and performance all in one place.

In our explanation of a dedicated server, we also want to mention that the customer isn’t responsible for maintaining or managing the server. That duty is performed by their provider. Basically, they get all of the access without any of the background work to keep the server running and operational.

The Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

There are several benefits to using dedicated hosting. Again, we want to mention that it isn’t for everyone. However, there are substantial benefits to those who use it.

  • You get control of the space
  • You have optimized performance
  • It’s fully flexible to your needs
  • Dedicated hosting is secure
  • Maintenance and tech support

Now, let’s look at these in a bit more detail!

You’re in Control!

Perhaps one of the best things about this type of hosting plan is that you still get to be in control. Where some hosting platforms will have major limitations on what you can change or if you can even make changes, that isn’t the case with dedicated servers. This means you are the only tenant and this is your penthouse, so you get to decorate it and organize however will work best for you.

As long as your changes are within the capabilities of the server, your options are endless. You can add and remove apps and operating systems. It means you establish the rules and security detail and you can grant people access or take access away whenever is necessary.

Ultimately, you will feel like you’re the boss of your domain and space. Your landlord will have nothing to say about you hanging that photo on the wall or painting the room bright green.

Optimal Performance

Since you have an entire server dedicated just to you, you get all the performance you could possibly need. Here’s the thing: when you use a shared server, a cloud server, or other shared platform, you don’t get the space all to yourself. While some of these can be great options for certain uses, they are not dedicated solely to you. This can sometimes affect your performance because the system can get weighed down or busy.

When you use dedicated server hosting, the performance is at your fingertips and your stuff will perform much better. You get speed, you get storage space, and you get the support you may need in the background as well.

dedicated server hosting
Photo by Mediensturmer on Unsplash

Total Flexibility

This benefit again relates directly back to this being your own space. You aren’t sharing with others so you have a little bit more flexibility. Rather than having to work in the confines of the same lease that many other businesses are, you get to do it your own way.

Under the flexibility of a dedicated server, you can change things when and if you need to. You don’t have to get approval to change any of your configurations or setup. Simply make changes to software and applications and even add them when you want to. You can also take control of your resources so you can allocate how the server resources are split between applications and processes.

This allows you to make changes and create a space where your business can benefit from the dedicated space. There is so much more than just having your own space at play here.

Reliable Security

Thanks to dedicated hosting, you also get the benefit of a secure space. You can add security protocols as you need to. A business can also amend or make changes in order to be compliant when you need to be.

Your hosting provider will have some responsibility for offering security on their end, particularly with the physical server but you can add your own internal security controls.

Maintenance and Tech Support

Finally, when you have a dedicated server, you are paying a provider to take care of that server. You are not managing the physical server; you are simply taking advantage of having access to the entire server for yourself.

The hosting provider is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the physical server. It’s one less thing for you to have to worry about. Your hosting provider should also be available to you for tech support should you run into issues.

Cirrus Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are interested in using a dedicated server, let us help you. Cirrus Hosting offers a variety of packages for dedicated servers so that you can choose what is right for you! How can we help you?

7 Tips for the Best Cloud Hosting Experience

Web hosting is a lucrative outlet for your free time using modern technology for the best outcomes. However, learning to advance your cloud hosting experience most productively can take some getting used to for beginners. The best way to ensure your cloud hosting experience is to learn everything you can about smart hosting. Using your resources wisely and reading up on the latest insights is a great way to begin hosting more productively this year. 

Cirrus Hosting can help. We are the IT experts who can provide you with all the right software, hardware, and IT systems for excellence. If you are ready to jump into 2022 with a comprehensive web hosting platform, then you need us by your side. Visit our website today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Here is a helpful guide with seven tips for your best cloud hosting experience. 

Know Your Game

One of the biggest insights into successful cloud hosting anyone can give you is to know your game. Understanding the landscape of your cloud hosting platform allows you to make adjustments as needed for optimal income. An easy way to figure out where you are is to step back and view your hosting offering from an outside perspective. Are your prices good compared to other hosting providers? Are you doing your best to reach your target audience? Better yet, do you know how to market your web hosting systems to the right people? At Cirrus Hosting, our specialized IT representatives can help you make the right game plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Implement Regular Security Protocols

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the practice of strategic security protocols. Having a security plan in place is the best protection you can have to keep your sensitive data safe. Firewall protection, regular security scans, employee training systems, and anti-viral software are all critical aspects of best security practices. 

However, it’s also a good idea to read up on the latest security threats and cyberattacks. Being aware of the dangers around you can help you better prepare for cyberthreats. You should also make sure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to good security protocol. It is a wise idea to use strong passwords, learn about the dangers of phishing scams, and have a plan in place for reporting suspicious activity. 

Invest in the Right Software

Cirrus Hosting has you covered when it comes to the right cloud hosting software for success. Without reliable and robust software systems, you can’t count on getting anything done productively. That’s why it’s a good idea to find targeted software with functions to expedite your daily tasks and keep you on track. At Cirrus, we offer affordable software plans that can be customized to your needs, so you only pay for the functions you truly need. Plus, you can add on other features in the future as your web hosting platform expands. 

Cirrus Hosting can help with useful tips for success.
Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Ask Questions & Ask For Help with Web Hosting

The best tip is to ask for help when you need it. Learning to ask your web hosting provider questions is one of the best ways you can learn from mistakes, expand your knowledge, and ensure success. However, many people fall behind in this respect because they are afraid to ask others for help when they need it most. Cirrus Hosting understands that you won’t always know the best course of action, especially when you are just beginning to learn the ropes of hosting. 

That’s why we provide you with a trusted support team that knows the hosting game like nobody else. They can help you troubleshoot, direct you to other helpful resources, share new insights with you, and answer your questions fast. Connect with them whenever you need an extra boost, and you‘ll be on the right track towards a better cloud hosting experience in no time. 

Choose a Provider with Data Remote Backups

Of course, having reliable systems with little downtime is great only if you know your data is secure in the worst-case scenario. With Cirrus Hosting, your data is in the best hands. We offer cloud hosting customers a remote data backup system. With our enterprise-level backup solutions, you have continuous data protection day and night. We manage your data systems so you can focus on more important tasks. Sudden data crashes or even attempted data breaches are no match for our web hosting system. 

Find a Provider with Easy Scalability 

It is also a good idea to find a web hosting company that can offer you easy scalability. If you are successful with your web hosting business, then you probably will want to scale up your systems in the future. We can help you with that because of the extreme scalability in every plan we offer. Every VPS hosting solution we provide comes with on-demand scalability so you can upgrade or downgrade our dedicated resources as needed. It even comes with the convenience of doing so right from your control panel, with no unnecessary hassle involved. 

Contact Cirrus Hosting Today

With these first six tips, you have learned how you can seek out the best resources and functions for successful cloud hosting. Tip seven is to put it all together in a concise web hosting package from Cirrus Hosting. With our years of experience, expert representatives, and affordable prices, you can count on us to give you the best hosting experience on the market. Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787.

Cirrus Hosting Unveils New Enterprise-Class WordPress Hosting Solutions With Expanded Offering

managed wordpress hosting toronto


Cirrus Tech Ltd., a Toronto based company specialized in providing premium web and VPS hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is thrilled to announce the lunch of its managed WordPress offerings. Optimized for WordPress hosting, new plans give customers more resources for less cost. These new plans are adhering Cirrus Tech’s commitment to lower the cost of shared hosting and to employ the latest technologies to improve customers’ experience.


Cirrus Hosting optimized WordPress plans include easy setup, 100% network uptime with no bandwidth limitations and 24/7 support. Additionally, with automated WordPress updates, enhanced security and automatic backups, Cirrus’s WordPress Hosting keeps sites secure and always updated with the latest version of WordPress. Cirrus Hosting’s servers are optimized to give customers more secure and super-fast page loads. With Email Filtering powered by SpamExperts (included in the plans), new WordPress Hosting plans will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Cirrus Hosting is also offering SSL on these plans at no additional cost so that customers can improve the security of their website and visitors. The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt. In addition, Cirrus Hosting is offering free migration and free domain name on these plans (when subscribed for 1+ Year of service).


“WordPress powers 28% of the internet. This is what you see when you go to In fact, our own websites run on WordPress. It only makes sense for Cirrus now to offer SSD-based, Managed WordPress hosting to our new and existing clients,” Said Ali Mirdamadi, Cirrus Tech CEO.


With the new WordPress Hosting plans, it’s easier than ever to move to Cirrus Hosting now. Cirrus Hosting offers 24/7 support, adheres to the highest industry-standard security practices and Canada’s privacy regulations on its Canada-based servers.


New WordPress Hosting plans start from 5.95$ for 1 site and 25K visits.  To learn more about Cirrus Hosting WordPress plans and features please Click HERE. Call Cirrus at 1.877.624.7787 (1.905.881.3485 if you’re in the Toronto area) or email at for more information about these new plans or if there are any questions in getting a new server. Cirrus Hosting support team will be happy to assist.