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Feeling Good In Going The Cloud Federation Way

Health Care and Cloud ComputingCloud computing, which is powering many of our electronic devices today, has been said to have been a concept prior to President J. F Kennedy even taking office. However, many industries today have now grasped cloud computing and are looking at switching over to it unabashedly.

One such industry that is looking to and somewhat even begun transforming its business practice is the Health Care industry. This industry has had to re-evaluate itself due to the pressing and evolving clinical and business realities and more so, due to Governmental reforms. Health care heavily relies on data and so it will have to now make technology alterations to look far beyond the traditional electronic health record (EHR). The EHR needs to be transformed into a more dynamic informational system and one that can easily be connected to the global landscape.

The simpler EHR is fast becoming a tool of the past and must become part of a larger more integrated recording system.  The Electronic Health Record (EHR) performing better would lead to better quality care, safety, privacy, precise prognosis and of course efficiency while engaging with patients. Each patient’s integrated data leads to efficient interactions with the patient which in turn also benefits the healthcare organisations in lowering costs.

HealthLeaders Media Survey indicated that 81% of healthcare institutions reply on an EHR, while 95% expect to in the next 3 years. Today’s EHRs only contain 50% or less of available patient data or have incomplete patient record. Today’s patient’s data lies across multiple systems or even on paper records. To collect and then to collaborate all this data efficiently will only be satisfactory or reliable if all the data collected from all forms of mediums is formatted in a clinically acceptable way.

The fundamental migration of data requires health care professional and IT professionals to think and design a structure that is easily integrated, more collaborative and definitely more analytical. We cannot afford to continue to employ the traditional operating systems that disseminate information intermittently or keeps information in uncollaborated pockets.

Today’s model of patient records can be easily integrated with cloud technology – keeping the patients data and care at the forefront of it all. All medical records should now start to be synced and easily shareable so one can access the patient’s full medical history immediately. This is however most demanded when the patient has a number of specialists they need to see.

Connected health care is crucial and so sharing, integration and mobility across this enterprise is what will really drive this industry to alter making health care more people centric, precise and personalized.

Looking at Cloud Technology for the Health Industry

One of the superstitions floating around regarding the Cloud environment is that once it is deployed, it becomes dependent of the providers on-premise data center. The Cloud has gone through many reiterations from its initial birth, and so the modern cloud infrastructure can be easily an extension of a consumer’s already existing infrastructure if he so choses.

However, with the help of Advanced Application Programming (API) and other connection methodologies, partnerships like OnApp and Cirrus Tech give reach to global infrastructure to their customer’s. Cirrus Tech employs 3 Data Centers in the Toronto area for its web hosting and hosted exchange operations which means that the customer’s data can remain on Canadian soil as well. Cirrus Tech (Toronto) with the help of OnApp can make people’s health related data be easily connected through their global infrastructure. This type of flexibility around connectively in cloud is a relatively new phenomenon. And so Cloud is a perfect solution for the health industry as this platform provides agility and is geo redundant.

The OnApp Federation is the perfect platform for different health agencies that are looking to easily correlate their data. One of the best features of this Federation is that the ownership of data will never be limited to one company and there are choices of different managed SLA’s to choose from. Different types of data can be chosen to be distributed in different geographical locations. That data is an easy access through Cloud and CDN instances from around the world from a single dashboard-in actual time.

Benefits of Cloud Federation for health care focused cloud service providers:

  • Dealing with a single company
  • Unlimited capacity expansion
  • No Downtime

This junction that the health care industry is at right now is quite exciting for patients around the world. Patients will no longer be passive receivers of a diagnosis but will become more active and global consumers of their own health care. They will be able to access their entire health record more actively and securely and also be able to share this information from any mobile device. The lines between cloud providers, payer coverage and the patient are all blurring. What should remain is our vigilant attention on making sure the health care industry communicates more efficiently and effectively.

Processes and systems that go along with data collection need to manage data in a way that optimizes its value. Having these fundamental structures in place before hand only makes sense. Getting started on this data collecting venture in this industry where costs are expected to double in 2019 creates an uneasy urgency to it all.

Cirrus Tech partners with OnApp Federation to give businesses convenience and global access

Toronto, Ontario, May 7th 2015-Cirrus Tech Ltd, an award winning Toronto based cloud hosting company is thrilled to announce the latest partnership with OnApp.  This collaboration allows Cirrus Tech, known as a Canadian Cloud provider to be able to deploy global infrastructure. Especially enhancing operations in North America with the expansion of OnApp’s key feature: OnApp Federation. If customers deploy services with Cirrus Tech, they will be able to access 170+ locations while only having to deal with one company, one support and one agreement. With this Cloud Federation feature, Cirrus can even provide different SLAs specified to individual customer needs.

Cirrus Tech while wanting to keep up with its growing global customer demands has chosen OnApp Federation to be their source for their global reach. And so to compete with the world’s largest clouds, Cirrus Tech has now the ability to host applications and content wherever their customer requires.This allows for an easy way to control exactly where the data is hosted while complying with varied regional data protection laws. OnApp Federation helps the customers reach globally without having to invest in infrastructure, giving them access to large amounts of compute and content delivery capacity. This incredible feature called OnApp Federation, gives the customers the ability to mix and match many different kinds of cloud capacity.

Cloud Federation is a dynamic Cloud infrastructure under one umbrella: Mix cloud, dedicated servers, CDN, storage and disaster recovery. The Federation supports private locations too, and grants the power to restrict access to specific service providers if customers choose to, giving them a simpler way to resell their cloud services globally. Furthermore, customers can create private federations across multiple clouds.

The Federation helps customers choose locations with renewable energy and helps them launch green cloud hosting services. This infrastructure is simple to manage. Ratings are based on storage performance, hardware specs, bandwidth and uptime.

Highly scalable, the platform has an intelligent provisioning system that optimizes the way hardware resources are used. An efficient network design that enables the cloud to scale easily as customers’ business grows.

Cirrus cloud service, is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service which enables its customers to offer cloud services with virtually no downtime and with unlimited capacity and that is geo-redundant.


About OnApp

OnApp was founded in 2010. They have now more than 140 staff across offices in the US, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The HQ is in London, UK. OnApp provides Infrastructure-as-a-service software for hosts, telcos and MSPs. Their software is used by more than 3,000 service providers in 93 countries. An estimated 1 in 3 public clouds now run on OnApp, operating in 170+ locations in 113 cities across 43 countries now.


About Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable and reliable, cloud infrastructure and website hosting since 1999.  Cirrus has hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Hosting is a top-notch Canadian cloud hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily scalable cloud solutions that grow right alongside customer needs.


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Global cloud infrastructure at your finger tips

Photograph courtesy OnApp

Photograph courtesy OnApp

Cloud Computing, a term being widely used and recently being adopted in our daily business communications, is no more than the practice of using a series of network of remote servers across the internet. These servers are specially hosted to store, manage and process data rather than using your local server or a personal computer. Cloud provides the customer’s data with features such as scalability, security, elasticity and redundancy. The term “Cloud computing” evolved in the late 2000’s based on its functionality and adaptation in computing resources.

Cloud computing can be broadly divided into three main categories:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Many IT leaders are looking at the Cloud to provide them with the much needed agility for their business practices. Businesses should not have to have their attention on managing and continuously securing their data but rather having their attention on business innovation. Slowly run applications will tend to lower user productivity which of course would have an impact on revenue.

How applications run while on local premises is entirely different than how it may run in the Cloud. Keeping abreast with daily growing demands of any business – only one that is able to adapt easily and adjust will have long term success be it in the local or global market.

Firstly businesses should understand how the infrastructure is performing before they migrate to the Cloud and then test how they perform after this move. This is critical to understanding how to optimize and evaluate the impact on the end user. Another crucial component is to understand what parts of the infrastructure are causing the system to perform badly. In today’s world, IT departments are far more transparent and business users, more educated about IT. Companies now can easily source their IT from external providers in the Cloud, if they are not satisfied with the company’s internal IT department. This in turn creates a more service-driven culture that creates higher level of customer satisfaction due to competition and niche specific features.

Furthermore, today’s businesses are seldom localized and so global reach is critical for most service providers. Content and applications no longer remain native and need to be easily and readily available globally wherever the demand may come from.

The OnApp Federation is one such feature which allows a large amount of infrastructure to be used to extend your Cloud and CDN services, without having to build your very own global network. Cloud Federation, is going to be the next generation of CDN. This primarily means that customers can run dynamic websites on multiple locations/servers vs. only caching static pages and content. Customers would enjoy unlimited capacity in running their websites-whether that capacity is required seasonally or permanently. One of the best features is that the ownership of data will never be limited to one company and there are choices of different managed SLA’s to choose from. Data becomes an easy access to Cloud and CDN instances from around the world from a single dashboard-in actual time.

With 170+ locations in 113 cities across 43 countries, available on demand, you can create services that are as global and diverse, or as local and specified to individual want. Cloud Federation is a dynamic Cloud infrastructure under one umbrella: Mix cloud, dedicated servers, CDN, storage, disaster recovery and geared towards individual requirements.

The crux of this is really an online market that permits 900 of OnApp’s service provider customers to rent infrastructure from each other. This allows OnApp to offer a global reach to customers who need it without having to surrender control of their customers to providers in other geographical locations. The customer only gets a single view or face end of the service. For them, it appears that their service provider is global, leaving them just dealing with one point of contact and one bill to pay at the end of the day.

Cloud Federation helps customers engage and enter new global markets after mastering their own local market expertise. It helps in generating new revenue streams helping you to flexibly expand the business.


Benefits of Cloud Federation

  • Dealing with a single company
  • Unlimited capacity expansion
  • No downtime

This is a very exciting time for Cloud hosting and it’s meticulous reconstructions are worth keeping an eye out for. Before you know it- your business model might get too old, too soon!