Hosted IP PBX is a perfect example how Cloud Hosting can help customers lower their costs!


A Hosted IP PBX Will Give Your Business A Professional Face

8292958010_d91cd1ea13_bBack in the dark and dim days before the cloud, one of the biggest headaches for new small business owners was setting up their office phones. If a business needed to provide phones for more than a few employees, they would have to invest in a PBX. PBXs were chunky bits of hardware — frequently unreliable and expensive to maintain — that squatted in a basement or closet and handled call routing for the office.

PBXs were a necessary evil, but they were of limited functionality and don’t meet the expectations of modern employees. Today, most people are used to using mobile phones, and if they use desktop phones at all it will be at work and with reluctance, because they lack many of the features that people have come to expect from a phone — the most obvious ones being comprehensive contact management and portability. Read more