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3 Cloud Hosting Facts You Might Not Know

There is a variety of hosting options available for your company, each with its pros and cons. Small-scale personal hosting is great for single websites and smaller businesses, and dedicated servers are perfect for large-scale websites and bigger companies. No matter what level of hosting you’re looking for, cloud hosting is a cost-effective way to get the power and resources you need. Additionally , Cloud Hosting are great for Business Management. Hosting through the cloud has been around for years, but there still may be some confusion surrounding it. Here are three facts to help you learn more about how cloud hosting works.

  1. Cloud Hosting is Safe

Cloud hosting is one of the safest ways to host online these days. Your data is well protected when you host through the cloud.

Physical Protection

When you have a physical server, there are a lot of physical dangers you need to watch out for. Overheating and fires are some of the most common threats. Without proper cooling or fire-prevention protocols, your servers could be permanently destroyed. And if you don’t have any backups, all of your data can be destroyed with it.

You also have to worry about vandalism and theft with physical servers. Although data centers are watched around the clock and have their own security, there’s always the chance of a break-in and destruction of servers and data. With the cloud, however, you don’t have any physical servers to worry about, so your data is always safe.

Digital Protection

The cloud also provides a boost to your digital security as well. Data and information are safe from hardware failure because the cloud can distribute data across redundant servers. This helps prevent malfunctions from erasing or altering your website’s data. Hosting through the cloud also allows you to utilize multi-layer security levels and hypervisor-level firewalls that protect you and your information against malware and viruses. When you host via the cloud, you’re providing some of the best protection to your data.

2. Cloud Hosting Provides Ultimate Flexibility

When you host on the cloud, you get the most flexibility options available. Dedicated servers can be highly flexible as well, but only the cloud provides the most change on an as-needed basis. When you have a physical server, you’re paying for the entire server and all of the bits and pieces that go with it. This isn’t an issue for some companies, but others may find that this isn’t a cost-effective way to operate.

Some businesses see a natural ebb and flow in user interaction and web traffic throughout the year. For example, wedding planners often find their sites see more use during the summer months and less use during the winter months. If they have a physical server, they’re paying for the resources and power they need for the summer, even when it’s winter and they don’t need it. However, if they host on the cloud, they can quickly and easily adjust their levels to match their needs.

Easy Up- and Downscaling

Using the control panel, users can quickly and easily scale their resources through the cloud. Because there’s no physical server to replace the hardware on, the changes can be made in a matter of seconds. With this, you have ultimate control over how your server operates and can fine-tune the settings as you see fit. You won’t have to worry about paying extra for the power you don’t need, and you can easily scale up to match any traffic spikes you receive.

Cloud hosting facts

3. Cloud Hosting is Affordable

Cloud hosting is a cost-effective way to have control of your digital environment. For as little as $10 a month, you can have the flexibility, power, and security a cloud-hosted site provides. With options ranging from VPS to private servers, you can fine-tune and customize your cloud hosting plan to fit your budget and power needs.

VPS Cloud Plans

With a virtual private server cloud plan, you can share resources with other companies to help save even more money. You can fully customize each plan level to include the resources and tools you need. When you host with a cloud VPS, you can get:

–      30GB – 1TB SSD Disk Space

–      1GB – 128GB Memory

–      1 – 16 vCPU Core(s)

–      2TB – Unlimited Monthly Tracking

–      Compatibility with Linux or Windows

Private Server Cloud Plans

If you want even more flexibility and power, you can host on a private cloud server. This gives you the customization and resources of a dedicated server with all the benefits that cloud hosting has to offer. When you host with a private cloud server, you can get:

–      Dual E5-2609 (v4 1.7 or 2.4) Ghz – 8C/8T

–      32GB – 128GB Memory

–      2 500GB – 1TB SSD Disk

–      3 IPs

–      20 TB Monthly Traffic

–      1GB – 2GB Cache Hardware RAID

Cloud Hosting with Cirrus Hosting

At Cirrus Hosting, we’re dedicated to helping your company get online and maintain a strong web presence. We offer a variety of hosting options, from small personal plans to dedicated servers. Our cloud hosting options provide you and your business with ultimate flexibility and resources at an affordable cost. You can browse our cloud packages online or give us a call at 1-877-624-7787 to learn more about our hosting plans and how we can help your company thrive online.

3 Reasons Cloud Systems Are Great for Business Management

Businesses these days are seeing an increase in the use of cloud systems. A cloud system is a great way to help maintain your business and manage your servers and data. Especially when the world is tumultuous, having additional securities and bandwidth is essential in keeping your company up and running. Cloud systems have the added advantage of being cheaper and more efficient than physical servers. If you’re looking for a way to grow and improve the management of your business, you should consider moving to a cloud system.

Higher Traffic Processing

One of the main advantages of using a cloud system is being able to adjust your bandwidth as needed. When hosting with physical servers, you need to make sure you have enough physical servers and people to manage your highest-bandwidth days. These servers and employees need to be running all year round, however. This can cause a loss in profits in lower-traffic months just to ensure you’re running during the higher-traffic months. And the extra business gained during the on-season isn’t always enough to counter the losses on the off-season.

For example, if you were running a wedding planning service, you’re likely to see an increase in traffic to your site during the spring and summer months. If you had a physical server system, you would need to maintain the hardware and employee count to cover the spring and summer months during the fall and winter, too. But you wouldn’t be getting as much business in those months and would likely lose money by keeping those servers active. With a cloud system, however, it’s easy to simply turn your bandwidth up or down to adjust traffic needs. You can keep a high profile during the active wedding months and reduce the power needed in the off-season. You’ll save time, money, and stress by utilizing a cloud system for your business.

Easier Remote Access

Another great reason to switch to a cloud system is the ease of remote access. Cloud systems became a saving grace for many companies when the pandemic hit, and they will remain useful long after. Because you don’t have a physical piece of hardware holding your server, you can access your data from anywhere at any time.

Being able to remote access your server has several positive uses. You can easily fix and adjust errors even if you aren’t onsite, saving you travel time and gas money. You also don’t have to worry about locations when hiring coders and other employees. If there’s a candidate you think would be perfect for your job that lives too far away from your office, they can still remote into your systems and do their work. This gives you the freedom to hire who you want from where you want.

As an additional bonus to the cloud’s remote accessibility, you can more easily upgrade your servers. Instead of having to worry about updating the physical aspects of your system, you can simply download and install new updates from your own computer. A cloud system will naturally keep your servers up to date in the latest safety and security measures, so you can rest assured that your data is well protected.

Cloud Systems can help business management grow
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Recovery and Disaster Prevention

Maintaining and managing a business means keeping up to date on data backups and recoveries. Using a cloud system can help this process. Cloud backups are often safer and more effective than physical backups. They also allow you to store multiple versions at once. If you need to roll your servers back to an earlier version, you can easily do so with cloud backups. You won’t need to keep track of the many hard drives your backups are stored on, either, as the cloud will organize and store them for you.

Keeping your servers hosted in a cloud system will also help naturally prevent certain disasters. You won’t have to worry about any physical harm to your servers, so any disaster in the office space (such as a flood or fire) won’t destroy your systems. Also, cloud systems are designed to naturally recover faster from any issues. Cloud system servers are spread out and allocated to provide full coverage in the event of malware or hacking.

Switching to the Cloud

Switching your servers to the cloud isn’t difficult to do. Many cloud hosting companies offer migration services that are quick, easy, and effective. You’ll want to start by making a complete backup of your servers just in case anything goes wrong. A test move is usually the first step, ensuring that the data transfer between your system and the cloud system is secure and effective.

Depending on the size of your servers, migration can take as little as a few minutes. More complex businesses may see longer migration times. Once your servers have been uploaded and secured in the cloud, your hosting company will test them to ensure the website and systems you require are running as they should. It’s always recommended to keep your latest backup on file for a while to avoid any loss of data if there is a problem.

If you’re ready to take the next step in cloud hosting, contact Cirrus Hosting today. Our powerful and sleek cloud hosting systems are designed to keep your business up and running. Call us at 1-877-624-7787 to discuss your business’s hosting needs. We provide full migration services and 24/7 support to respond to any problem you may have at any time. You can trust our dedicated team to keep your system running efficiently no matter what needs arise.

A Newbie’s Guide to Web Hosting

Out of all the popular and lucrative IT investments you can try, web hosting is one of the most promising. You don’t have to have a background in IT or systems to become a successful web host. In fact, web hosting can become one of the leading side gigs for individuals and businesses alike. Every year, the number of people investing in web hosting platforms increases. 

However, starting your web hosting plan can seem daunting without the proper guidance, resources, and systems. That’s why web hosting providers are in high demand for reliable service, support, and software systems. Finding the right web hosting provider is just the beginning of your journey into the world of web hosting, but it’s an important place to begin. 

Cirrus Hosting is here for all of your hosting needs. We want to help you succeed with our industry-leading tech tools, resources, and IT systems. Here is a Newbie’s Guide to Web Hosting. Learn how to get started and increase your profits by visiting our website.  

Newbie’s Guide to Web Hosting

Web Hosting Basics 

The best place to start web hosting is with the basics. You can always upgrade your plan or add on features for more advanced web hosting in the future. Research on where to begin for a solid web hosting basis is critical before you dive too deeply into operating your hosting platform. Beginning with this useful guide to web hosting is already a strong start for gaining basic knowledge to successfully host your web platform. 

Choose The Right IT Provider

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right IT provider is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your success. Cirrus Hosting offers you more with our web hosting plans. We have affordable options as low as $5.99/month, which make it simple to start web hosting and add on to your plan in the future if needed. Even our most basic web hosting plan comes standard with high uptime guarantees, the best security systems, and standard software systems you can rely on. 

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Best Marketing Practices To Learn 

Of course, starting with web hosting also means you will need to learn some practices. These basic marketing strategies will pay off long-term and are the main aspect of what makes your business stand out from other web hosting companies. Cirrus Hosting can help you craft a unique strategy that highlights everything you have to offer. Our 24/7 support helps you streamline your marketing strategy for optimal success.  

One helpful tip to remember for marketing is to use your resources, That means your business website should not be the only marketing tool in your arsenal. These days, social media is a significant aspect of successful web hosting. Familiarize yourself with the various social media platforms that might work best for your business. Using multiple social media platforms to market your web hosting systems is a great way to increase outreach, target new clients, and find creative ways to showcase what you have to offer.

Newbie's Guide to Web Hosting

Focus on Factors That Matter

Next, you want to focus on factors that matter when choosing your IT web hosting plan. Guaranteed uptime and fast connection speeds are two of the most important things to consider when integrating a new system. Being productive and optimizing your uptime ensure you can get your tasks done when you need to. Cirrus Hosting gives you the highest rate of guaranteed uptime with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Now you don’t have to worry about lags, slow connection speeds, or sudden crashes messing up your productivity. With fast connection speeds and some good time management, Cirrus Hosting has you covered as you begin web hosting!

Invest in Reliable Software and Servers

Finally, you will need Cirrus Hosting’s reliable software systems and server options. Whether you choose a managed dedicated server system or a cloud-based VPS, you get the best on the market from Cirrus Hosting. Our servers are some of the most robust, with fast connection speeds and strict backup protocols to ensure your data is protected at all times. 

Furthermore, at Cirrus Hosting, we provide you with security protocols that protect your assets. These systems include anti-spam services, firewall protection, anti-virus scanning technology, and regular security check-ins to alert you to suspicious activity. With developer-friendly interfaces and more options to integrate add-ons securely within your existing web hosting portal, our reliable software can’t be beaten.   

Contact Cirrus Hosting for Web Hosting Plans Now!

If you are a newcomer to web hosting, this helpful guide is a great place to begin your journey. Remember these tips and you are already on the right track! With Cirrus Hosting’s low-cost options, we have a plan that fits everyone’s needs. You can also add to your plan in the future with easy scalability and features for more advanced hosting services. Get started today by visiting our website or calling us at 1-877-624-7787.

Is Cloud Hosting Really Secure?

Cloud hosting is a fun and financially wise choice for entrepreneurs from all walks of life to invest in. You can begin web hosting with a cloud-based system in your free time and eventually grow your platform into a lucrative program. However, it’s easy to make mistakes or worry about your choices when you start your cloud hosting endeavors. Smart hosting is the best way to ensure you increase your outreach, create a profit, and protect sensitive data. At the center of smart hosting are reliable software systems, supporting IT providers, and security protocols that you can trust.

As you begin hosting, you may be asking yourself whether cloud hosting is really secure. The truth is, cloud hosting is secure if you take the right measures within your platform. That’s where we come in at Cirrus Hosting. We have IT experts who not only provide you with reliable software, servers, and hardware, but who also share insights into cloud hosting security. Stop by our website today to learn more and take a deeper dive into what you need to know about cloud hosting and security. 

What is Cloud Hosting? 

Before we get too far ahead, let’s begin with the basics: what is cloud hosting? 

Cloud hosting essentially turns all of your computer-based system’s applications into cloud resources. In other words, they can now be accessed through the cloud versus solely on a desktop or laptop device. 

This is an intuitive way to make it easier for businesses to access important applications without the need for additional server space. Plus, you can pull together more resources in one location than would traditionally be stored on one dedicated server. 

The “hosting” aspect of cloud hosting comes into play when you offer your cloud systems to others. Cloud hosting allows you to host your website, applications, and cloud resources for others’ use. This is accomplished by spreading your data out through a virtual cloud system which can be accessed from anywhere with a sound connection. 

As a result, cloud hosting can open new opportunities and create interconnectivity among businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Plus, cloud hosting uses multiple machines in different locations, giving it the added benefit of being more reliable in case of one system experiencing issues. 

Variations on Cloud Systems

There are a few variations on the overall idea of a cloud-based system. Cloud systems can be public or privately operated. Businesses often employ private cloud systems instead of public ones, but they can also use both. Of course, whichever option you choose will depend on your unique needs. The difference mostly comes down to who can access the cloud system. If it is private, access is restricted; if it’s public, almost anyone can potentially access that system. With a cloud system, you will also not be sharing physical disk space with other users. 

Understanding Cloud Hosting Security 

Now that we know the basics, it’s easier to understand the ins and outs of cloud hosting security. Cyberthreats are real and can happen to anyone, even those who are prepared. However, having the right security systems in place is the best way to protect against cyberattacks or breaches. 

Cirrus Hosting’s web hosting plans all include standard security measures to protect your information. Cloud computing and security protocols encompass a broad range of technologies, systems, applications, and practices that can protect your virtual cloud infrastructures. Cloud security helps secure all aspects of your virtual cloud hosting systems including your virtualized IP, your installed applications, and all of your data.

In general, computer security systems can help protect against cyberattacks of all kinds, but when it comes to hosting, additional security systems should be enacted specific to cloud hosting. There are many aspects that compose cloud security systems. Firewall protection, strong encryption technology, compliance requirements, password protections, and dual-authentication procedures are all cloud security protocols. With these systems in place, you can have the peace of mind you deserve for all your IT systems.

A Closer Look At Cloud Hosting Security Features 

Of course, cloud hosting without standard data backup procedures in place isn’t the best choice. Cirrus Hosting has remote data backup plans for your VPS systems. This is just another aspect of reliability and security with our affordable hosting plans. In fact, we employ R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software to give you near-continuous protection.

We give you the option to add on different numbers of backups points. The more you have, the more comprehensive your managed backup plan will be.

Encryption technology is a bonus of trusted cloud hosting platforms. Within the cloud, things are usually encrypted and sometimes hidden behind multiple encryptions. Encryption sources vary, but are almost always a solid wall against cyberattacks. 

Cloud hosting with Cirrus is easy to start.

Contact Cirrus Hosting for Cloud Hosting Services 

Now that you have learned the basics of cloud hosting and security practices, you can get started with Cirrus Hosting. We have years of experience to back up our services and always put our clients’ needs first. Just read some of our customer testimonials to see for yourself! Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787.

Safety First! Tips to Keep Your Website Secure

Your business or personal website could be in danger of hacking attempts and other cyberthreats. That’s why safety should always be your top priority when it comes to establishing a web presence. Safety first can help protect your business data, customer information, financial information, and so much more. However, learning to secure your information takes time for those who are new to the world of website security. 

Cirrus Hosting is here to help you lock down your website from malicious attackers. We understand how important it is for your website to be truly secure, which is why we provide robust security systems to back you up. You can always learn more about our services by reaching out to one of our friendly customer service representatives or visiting our website. To help you get ahead of the game with your website security, here are some useful tips to remember. 

Control Login Information Access

One of the best ways to limit the chances of a malicious attack causing you to lose precious data is by controlling user access to your website account. This means only sharing login info with members of your business who need it – those who will be updating your website, adding content, interacting with customers. Keeping access limited also makes it easier to track where something goes wrong if needed. 

Furthermore, this means you should be wise about what password you choose. You can begin securing your website by choosing a strong password. Hackers can easily guess weak passwords and use hacking software to try multiple combinations at once. While it may be easier for you to remember your pet’s name or your date of birth, that can also make it simple for hackers to find out your login information and take over your website. 

As a rule of thumb, you can make your password strong by adding a variety of characters, including lower and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Long password phrases are even better because you can find something easy for you to remember but harder to decipher. Using unique usernames instead of just your email also adds a layer of complexity and protection. 

Website security is easy to handle with Cirrus Hosting.
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Update Your Website Security Systems

When you get a notification that it is time to update your web provider, do you ignore it? If so, you might want to make it a habit to click OK on updates when they pop up. Website updates make it harder for hackers to gain control of your information by adding the latest security software. This also means it’s a good idea to update systems on your browsers. Also, setting updates directly on your website can reduce the chances of cyberattacks. 

You can also prevent hackers from infiltrating your website by updating your HTTPS settings. It’s a good idea to add encryption to your business site for security for both yourself and your consumers. This is especially crucial for e-commerce sites. You can do this by adding on a Secure Sockets Layer certificate from Cirrus Hosting. SSL certificates show up as the added letter ‘s’ on your webpage or show a lock symbol. This indicates to potential buyers that your site is safe, and can help you increase profits.

Add Dual-Factor Authentication

You can also add a dual-factor authentication system to your website for extra security. When you go to log in, you will be required to confirm your identity using another device or system such as your phone. Your confirmation might require a phone call, text message, or entering a one-time passcode for extra security. Banks and government agencies often employ these techniques, so they are already familiar to most users. There are many plugins you can choose from, including Google Authenticator, Shield WordPress Security, Wordfence Security, and Duo Two-Factor Authentication. It’s as simple as making an account and setting up the login systems. 

Security Software and Data Backups for Website Security

Over time, your website will accumulate more important data. Blog content, images, and your users’ information can all be stored in the database. In the instance of a sudden data crash or breach, your data could be at risk. Automated data backups can help decrease the chances of losing critical data during crashes. Plus, data security policies can reduce the chances of these occurrences happening at all. Data restoration and backup procedures are integral aspects of a business operation.

Find a Trusted IT Systems Provider

Of course, one of the most important things you can do to ensure a secure website is to choose a trusted IT systems provider. Your provider should be able to give you the support you need to establish a strong business web presence. At Cirrus Hosting, we have the hardware, software, servers, and security systems you need for success. We have years of experience to back up our services and always put our clients’ needs first. Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787

7 Tips for the Best Cloud Hosting Experience

Web hosting is a lucrative outlet for your free time using modern technology for the best outcomes. However, learning to advance your cloud hosting experience most productively can take some getting used to for beginners. The best way to ensure your cloud hosting experience is to learn everything you can about smart hosting. Using your resources wisely and reading up on the latest insights is a great way to begin hosting more productively this year. 

Cirrus Hosting can help. We are the IT experts who can provide you with all the right software, hardware, and IT systems for excellence. If you are ready to jump into 2022 with a comprehensive web hosting platform, then you need us by your side. Visit our website today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Here is a helpful guide with seven tips for your best cloud hosting experience. 

Know Your Game

One of the biggest insights into successful cloud hosting anyone can give you is to know your game. Understanding the landscape of your cloud hosting platform allows you to make adjustments as needed for optimal income. An easy way to figure out where you are is to step back and view your hosting offering from an outside perspective. Are your prices good compared to other hosting providers? Are you doing your best to reach your target audience? Better yet, do you know how to market your web hosting systems to the right people? At Cirrus Hosting, our specialized IT representatives can help you make the right game plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Implement Regular Security Protocols

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the practice of strategic security protocols. Having a security plan in place is the best protection you can have to keep your sensitive data safe. Firewall protection, regular security scans, employee training systems, and anti-viral software are all critical aspects of best security practices. 

However, it’s also a good idea to read up on the latest security threats and cyberattacks. Being aware of the dangers around you can help you better prepare for cyberthreats. You should also make sure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to good security protocol. It is a wise idea to use strong passwords, learn about the dangers of phishing scams, and have a plan in place for reporting suspicious activity. 

Invest in the Right Software

Cirrus Hosting has you covered when it comes to the right cloud hosting software for success. Without reliable and robust software systems, you can’t count on getting anything done productively. That’s why it’s a good idea to find targeted software with functions to expedite your daily tasks and keep you on track. At Cirrus, we offer affordable software plans that can be customized to your needs, so you only pay for the functions you truly need. Plus, you can add on other features in the future as your web hosting platform expands. 

Cirrus Hosting can help with useful tips for success.
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Ask Questions & Ask For Help with Web Hosting

The best tip is to ask for help when you need it. Learning to ask your web hosting provider questions is one of the best ways you can learn from mistakes, expand your knowledge, and ensure success. However, many people fall behind in this respect because they are afraid to ask others for help when they need it most. Cirrus Hosting understands that you won’t always know the best course of action, especially when you are just beginning to learn the ropes of hosting. 

That’s why we provide you with a trusted support team that knows the hosting game like nobody else. They can help you troubleshoot, direct you to other helpful resources, share new insights with you, and answer your questions fast. Connect with them whenever you need an extra boost, and you‘ll be on the right track towards a better cloud hosting experience in no time. 

Choose a Provider with Data Remote Backups

Of course, having reliable systems with little downtime is great only if you know your data is secure in the worst-case scenario. With Cirrus Hosting, your data is in the best hands. We offer cloud hosting customers a remote data backup system. With our enterprise-level backup solutions, you have continuous data protection day and night. We manage your data systems so you can focus on more important tasks. Sudden data crashes or even attempted data breaches are no match for our web hosting system. 

Find a Provider with Easy Scalability 

It is also a good idea to find a web hosting company that can offer you easy scalability. If you are successful with your web hosting business, then you probably will want to scale up your systems in the future. We can help you with that because of the extreme scalability in every plan we offer. Every VPS hosting solution we provide comes with on-demand scalability so you can upgrade or downgrade our dedicated resources as needed. It even comes with the convenience of doing so right from your control panel, with no unnecessary hassle involved. 

Contact Cirrus Hosting Today

With these first six tips, you have learned how you can seek out the best resources and functions for successful cloud hosting. Tip seven is to put it all together in a concise web hosting package from Cirrus Hosting. With our years of experience, expert representatives, and affordable prices, you can count on us to give you the best hosting experience on the market. Learn more today by visiting our website or giving our friendly experts a call at 1-877-624-7787.

Cirrus Tech partners with OnApp Federation to give businesses convenience and global access

Toronto, Ontario, May 7th 2015-Cirrus Tech Ltd, an award winning Toronto based cloud hosting company is thrilled to announce the latest partnership with OnApp.  This collaboration allows Cirrus Tech, known as a Canadian Cloud provider to be able to deploy global infrastructure. Especially enhancing operations in North America with the expansion of OnApp’s key feature: OnApp Federation. If customers deploy services with Cirrus Tech, they will be able to access 170+ locations while only having to deal with one company, one support and one agreement. With this Cloud Federation feature, Cirrus can even provide different SLAs specified to individual customer needs.

Cirrus Tech while wanting to keep up with its growing global customer demands has chosen OnApp Federation to be their source for their global reach. And so to compete with the world’s largest clouds, Cirrus Tech has now the ability to host applications and content wherever their customer requires.This allows for an easy way to control exactly where the data is hosted while complying with varied regional data protection laws. OnApp Federation helps the customers reach globally without having to invest in infrastructure, giving them access to large amounts of compute and content delivery capacity. This incredible feature called OnApp Federation, gives the customers the ability to mix and match many different kinds of cloud capacity.

Cloud Federation is a dynamic Cloud infrastructure under one umbrella: Mix cloud, dedicated servers, CDN, storage and disaster recovery. The Federation supports private locations too, and grants the power to restrict access to specific service providers if customers choose to, giving them a simpler way to resell their cloud services globally. Furthermore, customers can create private federations across multiple clouds.

The Federation helps customers choose locations with renewable energy and helps them launch green cloud hosting services. This infrastructure is simple to manage. Ratings are based on storage performance, hardware specs, bandwidth and uptime.

Highly scalable, the platform has an intelligent provisioning system that optimizes the way hardware resources are used. An efficient network design that enables the cloud to scale easily as customers’ business grows.

Cirrus cloud service, is a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service which enables its customers to offer cloud services with virtually no downtime and with unlimited capacity and that is geo-redundant.


About OnApp

OnApp was founded in 2010. They have now more than 140 staff across offices in the US, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The HQ is in London, UK. OnApp provides Infrastructure-as-a-service software for hosts, telcos and MSPs. Their software is used by more than 3,000 service providers in 93 countries. An estimated 1 in 3 public clouds now run on OnApp, operating in 170+ locations in 113 cities across 43 countries now.


About Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been a leader in providing affordable and reliable, cloud infrastructure and website hosting since 1999.  Cirrus has hosted and supported hundreds of thousands of websites and applications for Canadian businesses and clients around the world. As a BBB member with an A+ rating, Cirrus Hosting is a top-notch Canadian cloud hosting company with professional support, rigorous reliability and easily scalable cloud solutions that grow right alongside customer needs.


All company names and products mentioned in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


Global cloud infrastructure at your finger tips

Photograph courtesy OnApp

Photograph courtesy OnApp

Cloud Computing, a term being widely used and recently being adopted in our daily business communications, is no more than the practice of using a series of network of remote servers across the internet. These servers are specially hosted to store, manage and process data rather than using your local server or a personal computer. Cloud provides the customer’s data with features such as scalability, security, elasticity and redundancy. The term “Cloud computing” evolved in the late 2000’s based on its functionality and adaptation in computing resources.

Cloud computing can be broadly divided into three main categories:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Many IT leaders are looking at the Cloud to provide them with the much needed agility for their business practices. Businesses should not have to have their attention on managing and continuously securing their data but rather having their attention on business innovation. Slowly run applications will tend to lower user productivity which of course would have an impact on revenue.

How applications run while on local premises is entirely different than how it may run in the Cloud. Keeping abreast with daily growing demands of any business – only one that is able to adapt easily and adjust will have long term success be it in the local or global market.

Firstly businesses should understand how the infrastructure is performing before they migrate to the Cloud and then test how they perform after this move. This is critical to understanding how to optimize and evaluate the impact on the end user. Another crucial component is to understand what parts of the infrastructure are causing the system to perform badly. In today’s world, IT departments are far more transparent and business users, more educated about IT. Companies now can easily source their IT from external providers in the Cloud, if they are not satisfied with the company’s internal IT department. This in turn creates a more service-driven culture that creates higher level of customer satisfaction due to competition and niche specific features.

Furthermore, today’s businesses are seldom localized and so global reach is critical for most service providers. Content and applications no longer remain native and need to be easily and readily available globally wherever the demand may come from.

The OnApp Federation is one such feature which allows a large amount of infrastructure to be used to extend your Cloud and CDN services, without having to build your very own global network. Cloud Federation, is going to be the next generation of CDN. This primarily means that customers can run dynamic websites on multiple locations/servers vs. only caching static pages and content. Customers would enjoy unlimited capacity in running their websites-whether that capacity is required seasonally or permanently. One of the best features is that the ownership of data will never be limited to one company and there are choices of different managed SLA’s to choose from. Data becomes an easy access to Cloud and CDN instances from around the world from a single dashboard-in actual time.

With 170+ locations in 113 cities across 43 countries, available on demand, you can create services that are as global and diverse, or as local and specified to individual want. Cloud Federation is a dynamic Cloud infrastructure under one umbrella: Mix cloud, dedicated servers, CDN, storage, disaster recovery and geared towards individual requirements.

The crux of this is really an online market that permits 900 of OnApp’s service provider customers to rent infrastructure from each other. This allows OnApp to offer a global reach to customers who need it without having to surrender control of their customers to providers in other geographical locations. The customer only gets a single view or face end of the service. For them, it appears that their service provider is global, leaving them just dealing with one point of contact and one bill to pay at the end of the day.

Cloud Federation helps customers engage and enter new global markets after mastering their own local market expertise. It helps in generating new revenue streams helping you to flexibly expand the business.


Benefits of Cloud Federation

  • Dealing with a single company
  • Unlimited capacity expansion
  • No downtime

This is a very exciting time for Cloud hosting and it’s meticulous reconstructions are worth keeping an eye out for. Before you know it- your business model might get too old, too soon!

Breeze Through Your Cloud Security Concerns



In 2014, businesses had begun to really grasp the IT Enterprise and fully comprehend Cloud Technology and its practices. The Cloud in return adjusted more of its core features and incorporated traditional needs for this Enterprise called IT. Weather it is for native Cloud Web-scale applications or for businesses of varied sizes, the Cloud is gaining its respect to be one of modern days best practices to increase efficiency as well as flexibility in any digital savvy business environment.

However, it is also estimated that the companies that do choose to adapt Cloud this year- about 25% percent of them would be investing in Cloud for the very first time. A lot of the companies across the world are being driven back to private cloud after the initial thrill into public and hybrid models, mainly due to the increasing security concerns.

In 2015 Gartner surveyed more than 2,800 IT leaders globally and found that a majority of CIO’s both in Canada and across the world had a concern about the increasing risks around securing data being created in the digital world in business practices. Apparently the Canadian CIO is said to be more focused on legacy modernization, application development and IT services, compared to other global business environments. And here then lies further credit due to the Canadian CIO for being experimental and brave despite his far greater fear than its global counterparts regarding digital risks. It has been surveyed that the Canadian CIO’s (92%) as compared to Global CIO’s (83%) are far more concerned regarding the ability to deal with these risks from a management perspective.

Both Canadian and other Global CIO’s are following almost the same patterns with only a slight variation when it comes to adapting Cloud options for Software and Infrastructure. Virtualization has increased efficiency and flexibility on the server side of computing. However, the storage side of it has remained mostly unchanged.

Canada in 2014 however, has not had a large number of breaches reported in comparison to other parts of the world especially the US.

Canadians attitude towards data privacy:

  • 78% – Have become reluctant to share personal information with businesses.
  • 1 out of 3- Have been fully satisfied with a companies’ privacy policy before starting a business with them.
  • 81%- Have expressed that the business they do with a company, depends on the companies’ public reputation around privacy.

It has been found that Cyber attackers can have unconstrained access in a victims systems for a median of 205 days before they are exposed and some breaches on the other hand can go undetected for even years, says a new report from FireEye. Apparently very few businesses can even detect a breech on their own. In 2014 it was estimated that around 69% of a company’s breach was found out by a third party.


Security with Cirrus Tech. Ltd.

Cirrus has been actively adopting measures for Cloud Security, throughout its business years in Cloud Hosting. Cirrus, not only adopted industry standard practices but has also after about 16 years of working within the industry and being deeply engaged with actual early on adopters of Cloud, has managed to reached some novel methodologies developed by its internal engineers.

Cirrus’ physical infrastructure resides in layer 3+ datacenters in Toronto, Canada and the entire access process is monitored, logged and supervised by specialized engineers 24/7/365.

The network layer of the infrastructure is powerfully protected not only for DDOS, data breaches and any sort of malicious attacks but is actively monitored by some of the very best threat management applications such as ThreatStop, Brocade firewalls, etc ….

VLANs or Virtual Private Networking option on Cirrus cloud hosting offering, adds another layer of security into the company’s offering, creating network isolation & separation. This helps to prevent any source of network data sniffing. Cirrus also has adopted Starwind one of the greatest industry storage platforms and created a unique data “block storage” layer in its cloud infrastructure with absolute data isolation amongst cloud clients that may be sharing some of this physical computing or storage layer.

All the customer relationships, from sales to support related issues are also entirely logged and performed through PCI compliant platforms and some very rigorous audits for potential points of breaches that may have been overseen.


There is no black and white around Cloud security just yet-however some companies and governments are far more committed to customer security and data management than others. As more and more hackers succeed to get their cheap thrills by breaking through the code- there will always be systems in check to ensure other peoples data privacy, remains sacred.

Charming You With Cloud VPS or VM



The advent of IT innovation began more than half a century ago. Leading us now at a point where we have web scale computing, lightning fast processor speed and at a junction of cloud computing, to manage all of our IT requirements.  As with most large scale operations, the technology sector too has not only become faster but also cheaper with time. If our predecessors were fortunate enough in the 60’s to have technology, they would be paying around $1000 per MB of storage. Today, a terabyte of storage is almost equivalent to the cost of our toothpaste consumption in a month.

During the 60’s era, computing was mainly used for modeling, forecasting and simulations for scientific research and government programs like NASA. Today’s technology consumption and utility have increased leaps and bounds , due to the low cost computers and storage devices, high- capacity networks as well as widespread adaptation of service-oriented culture and hardware virtualization. We are compelled to increasingly contemplate about cloud computing.

Some businesses however, are still resisting the transition from dedicated servers to a cloud environment. In the mid 1990’s when cloud hosting was picking up as an option for business practice, it took a while for internal systems to catch up to the capabilities of expanding. However, creating a hybrid platform these days is easier than ever.

Cloud VPS or VM hosting is just one of many types of hosting options available in the market today. Essentially, a VPS is a virtual server that offers many if not more advantages then a dedicated server. VPS is a shared server but it makes sure that with partitions in the VPS the user’s information remains highly confidential and secure by allocating separate nodes to each business client. Trustworthy web host providers like also allocate plenty of VPS server resources to responsibly avoid server downtime.

One of the hurdles that companies come up against in migrating from dedicated servers to cloud VPS is that some companies use programs that are designed to work with legacy infrastructure or have not been updated in a long time.

It is seldom that businesses jump off the rut of daily business practices and ask themselves, if there is a more efficient way of testing, deploying or even developing our business applications. Or are just looking for some extra infrastructure that readily scales whenever one would require it to.

Innovation is the buzz word for today’s businesses and that requires agility. If it typically takes your business a while to accommodate new technology and with even greater struggle to disseminate that internally, then you probably want to consider significant restructuring. Cloud computing helps with that struggle as it permits companies to have their applications up and running faster, have lesser maintenance costs, better manageability and allows IT to keep abreast with the rapidly fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.

With additional stability and scalability, enterprises would highly benefit from a private cloud that is easily available and can be upgraded without experiencing downtime or impacting critical business endeavors.

Cloud also helps in maximizing  the use of computing power thus reducing environmental damage as well since less power, air conditioning, rack space, etc. are required for a variety of functions. With cloud computing, multiple users can access a single server to retrieve and update their data without purchasing licenses for different applications.

A service provider like takes over most of the management, including security, memory, storage, IT support and even helps in the virtualization.

Customers consistently want to connect their services together more easily. That is the power of cloud; it eases the average business of having to constantly worry about infrastructure maintenance and management.

Virtual Private Servers VS Dedicated servers

  • Same Security
  • Flexibility
  • Same Performance
  • Better Scalability
  • Migration to New Hardware
  • Better Redundancy
  • Easier Upgrade Paths

Apparently Cloud computing is going to reach a record high in 2015, it is time for businesses to make hay while the sun shines. Meaning it is time for businesses to lay the foundations that will help keep their business up and running for many years to come. It is either that or wait for the inevitable failure of important systems/hardware which of course in the long run, cost far more damage to the business than switching to cloud now.

Migration to Cloud doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It is simply one that is highly recommended for businesses today. It is an incredibly powerful service- whose time has come.