Imagine having a secure and customizable remote environment where you can collaborate with your co-workers and have access to project documents, tasklists, calendars, and workflows from any computer. Having this capability can enhance the productivity of your employees and build a collaborative culture within your organization.

All this is possible with Cirrus Tech’s SharePoint Hosting Services. You can take advantage of the benefits of our SharePoint Hosting Services without the technical knowhow, expensive hardware investment, long deployment time, and high maintenance costs of an “in-house” SharePoint Hosting solution.

With the tiered Microsoft SharePoint Hosting Plans offered by Cirrus Tech Ltd., you will have an intranet that can be customized to suit your organizational needs. Members of your organization will have a portal, which can be personalized for their roles and needs. With a familiar web-based interface, and close integration with many applications including MS Office programs, users will be able to take advantage of MS SharePoint’s capability right away.

What is SharePoint Hosting?

A Collaboration Portal: Our SharePoint Hosting Service is an intranet portal that facilitates the collaboration and sharing among employees with predefined levels of authority within an organization. Information, documents, content, and processes that are needed can be shared. Users at different physical locations can simultaneously work on same projects by accessing the organization’s MS SharePoint portal.

Easy-to-use server applications: Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated suite of server applications that is easy to use, and significantly boosts company effectiveness. MS SharePoint enables users to manage their content, accelerate business processes, promote better decision making, and simplify knowledge sharing in and out of the organization.

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