Windows Server 2008 now available on Cirrus Tech Dedicated Servers

Install Web, Standard, or Data Center Edition of Windows Server 2008 on any Cirrus Tech Dedicated Server

Toronto, ON – Aug 26, 2008Cirrus Tech Ltd, a leading Canadian Web Hosting Company, is now offering the latest version of Windows Server for their dedicated server hosting plans. Clients can choose from several versions of Windows Server 2008: Web, Standard, and Data Center Edition.

Ordering Windows Server 2008 with a Cirrus Tech Dedicated Server will allow for a robust web hosting solution that offers a high level of availability, security and reliability. Building on the strengths of the award-winning Windows Server 2003 operating system, Microsoft has added additional benefits to offer clients a new level of server performance.

Some highlights of Windows Server 2008 are Hyper-V and Terminal Services RemoteApp. With Hyper-V, the Windows Server 2008 virtualization solution, users can optimize server resources and allow a single server to host multiple virtual servers to better distribute the business workload. Access for remote users has been improved to allow for a more flexible remote access capability. For example, with Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp), users can access individual applications rather than an entire desktop. Users are only sent the application window in a terminal server session. With these innovations in addition to numerous other features, businesses can truly benefit from choosing Windows Server 2008 when purchasing a Cirrus Tech Dedicated Server.

Cirrus Tech will continue to offer Windows Server 2003 alongside Windows Server 2008. Clients can also choose from a number of Linux distributions to install on their dedicated server.

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Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been actively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has focused on 24/7 tech support, value added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. Cirrus is now one of Canada’s largest Web Hosting companies and is a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services. Cirrus provides locally based sales and engineering support for its Internet services in Toronto, Canada, and offers Web hosting services to customers in many countries.