The Rising Candian Dollar and Its Effect on Cirrus Web Hosting Plans

Toronto, ON – November 05, 2007 Cirrus Tech. Ltd, a leading Canadian web hosting provider, takes a different approach in attracting customers to buy from a Canadian web host. Having benefitted from the strong Canadian Dollar, and being appreciative of the enormous demand by the Canadian market, it is time to share our fortune with hosting clients both in Canada as well as in the US, according to Ali Mirdamadi, Product Director at Cirrus Tech LTD.

Not only has Cirrus Tech. reduced pricing on its Canadian Web Hosting plans but more importantly the exchange rate was taken out of the equation when US prices were determined in our US store. In other words, web hosting clients have the ability to buy affordable web hosting plans from Cirrus Tech and pay the exact same dollar figure no matter if the pay in Canadian or US Dollars.

This in fact has improved Cirrus Tech’s sales in the third quarter as Canadian customers who were reluctant to purchase from Canadian web hosting companies due to the strong dollar value can now take advantage of our cheap web hosting solutions without having to look across the border to find more affordable hosting plans. However this is only half of the story as US customers, bound by their week purchasing power, are forced to limit themselves to hosting providers in the US. But not anymore, since Cirrus Tech. not only offers reduced hosting prices, but also takes into consideration the buying power of both the Canadian and US market.

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