The Emergence of Debian 4 on Dedicated Server Web Hosting Plans

Toronto, ON – March 2008 With the comparatively large number of Linux distribution systems and applications available within the Linux platform, user’s demands and expertise are also largely varied; hence, Cirrus Tech has expanded their product options to its clients by adjusting its plans to offer the new Linux Distributions to its dedicated server web hosting clients.

In continuation of updating its web hosting plans, in order to meet a greater range of customer’s; demands, new updates of CentOS 5, Fedora 7, and a new Debian 4.0 are now being offered on all dedicated servers. In particular, it has been recognized that there has been a growing demand for the Debian 4.0 Linux Distribution on our dedicated server plans. The technical staff at Cirrus Tech has done extensive tests of this new release by Debian, and the company is now proud to offer this OS (which came out in February of 2008) on its dedicated server plans.

About Debian 4.0

Debian is a popular and influential Linux distribution, which is known for its adherence to the Unix and free software philosophies, and for its abundance of options the current release includes over eighteen thousand software packages for eleven computer architectures. Debian is also known for its package management system (especially APT), for its strict policies regarding its packages and the quality of its releases. These practices afford easy upgrades between releases and easy automated installation and removal of packages.

Mani Aminian, Sales Manager at Cirrus Tech, has expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunities that these new introductions create for the potential and existing dedicated server web hosting clients of the company, as well as the opportunity they offer the company to expand its customer base, and gain greater presence in the competitive industry of Web Hosting.

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