Plesk Onyx Is Reaching Its End of Life

It is time to say goodbye to Plesk Onyx, if you are still using Plesk Onyx to manage your websites time is running out to upgrade your control panel to the latest Plesk version (Plesk Obsidian). As we highlighted this in our previous blog Plesk Onyx will reach its end of life on April 2021.

In order to get the important security updates, access to free SSL, latest application and features, mitigate risk and ensuring compliance with standards like GDPR we strongly advise you to upgrade your control panel to the latest version. If you are using Plesk Onyx or an earlier version you should contact our support team as soon as possible to discuss different upgrade/migration options. You can read more about Plesk’s end of life here.

Plesk PanelEnd of Life
Plesk ObsidianN/A
Plesk OnyxApril 2021
Plesk 12January 2019
Plesk 11December 2016

This is only applicable to our VPS / VM / dedicated server clients. To check the Plesk version installed on your VPS / VM / dedicated server you should log in to your Plesk and take a look at the system overview page; here you will find the OS and Plesk version information. We strongly recommend that you take the time and check your OS and Control panel version and again if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our support team.