Load balancing, firewall, and VPN all-in-one solution available for Dedicated Servers

Toronto, ON – July 10, 2008 Cirrus Tech is now offering an all-in-one dedicated hardware solution for clients seeking additional security, stability and features for their dedicated servers. This innovative hardware developed by HotBrick Corporation features load balancing, firewall, and VPN capabilities.

Ali Mirdamadi, Product Director at Cirrus Tech, elaborates on the decision to go with HotBrick’s device, “Each of our clients has very specific requirements and having to set-up a separate device to accommodate each of their needs is very inefficient. With an all-in-one solution, our clients can enjoy additional features at relatively the same cost as a single application.”

Benefits of HotBrick’s all-in-one hardware

  1. Cirrus Tech currently offers either a software firewall that clients can configure on their server or an external firewall that is managed by Cirrus as part of their dedicated server hosting plans. With the all-in-one device from HotBrick, clients have full network firewall management capabilities.
  2. The VPN feature allows clients to establish up to 10 simultaneous VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels with various encryption methods easily.
  3. For clients that want greater stability and redundancy, this hardware will be able to provide load balancing between 2 or more servers.

This firewall, VPN and load balancing all-in-one solution can be purchased as an add-on to any of Cirrus Tech’s dedicated server hosting plans. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, Cirrus Tech is continuously seeking out innovative new products and services to compliment their existing product and service offerings. Look for new exciting product announcements from Cirrus Tech in the near future.

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