Launch of CloudTO – We’ve Added Cloud Hosting to our Services

At Cirrus, we’re always looking to bring our Canadian web hosting customers the best technology there is. Well, cloud hosting is the latest and greatest development in the hosting industry, and true to our mission, we’ve jumped on board the cloud train.

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of CloudTO. Our new cloud hosting offering includes 3 options:

  1. Elastic Cloud Hosting
  2. Cloud Virtual Machines (VMs)
  3. Private Cloud Hosting

Choose the cloud hosting option that’s best for your needs!

The many benefits of CloudTO Cloud Hosting

We’ve built up our cloud environment on robust, industry leading technology. Get the power of the cloud working for you and enjoy the following benefits of CloudTO:

  • An obsessive commitment to redundancy: You’ll get redundant power, bandwidth, servers, and storages.
  • Killer performance: rapid deployment and built-in load balancers that offer complete availability.
  • Industry leading hardware: The reliable and meticulously redundant hardware that powers our cloud is thelatest in technology – Dell’s Power Edge C series with multi-core (16 Cores) CPUs. The hardware is also self-healing – CloudTO automatically brings another hardware node online if anything goes awry.
  • Total scalability: Get additional resources when you need them, and only pay for what you use.
  • Easy upgrades: Our flexible cloud environment can accommodate upgrades seamlessly. Let us grow with you.

That’s the beauty of our cloud hosting in Canada.

The support and security you;ve come to count on with Cirrus

You’ll get the 24/7 support and easy management with CloudTO that you do with the rest of our VPS hosting services. CloudTO also takes advantage of the existing network infrastructure of Cirrus Tech and is housed in one of the best data centres in the industry at 151 Front Street in Toronto.

Been thinking it’s time to get your business on the cloud? There’s no better time than now. Visit or give us a call 1.877.624.7787