Get Full Support on Cold Fusion

Toronto, ON – March 2006 Cirrus Tech Ltd provides its clients with full support for ColdFusion as part of all its web hosting packages.

ColdFusion is an application server and software development framework used for the development of computer software in general, and dynamic web sites in particular. In this regard, ColdFusion is a similar product to ASP.NET or Java Enterprise Edition.

The primary feature of ColdFusion is its associated scripting language, Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML), which compares to JSP. C#, or PHP and resembles HTML in syntax.

“ColdFusion” is often used synonymously with “CFML”, but it should be noted that there are additional CFML application servers besides ColdFusion, and that ColdFusion supports programming languages other than CFML, such as server-side Actionscript.

ColdFusion provides a number of value-added services out of the box:

  • Conversion from HTML to PDF and FlashPaper
  • Client-side form validation including rich forms using Flash
  • GUI Widgets such as datagrids and date pickers
  • Platform-independent database querying via ODBC or JDBC
  • Data retrieval from common enterprise systems such a s Active Directory, LDAP, POP, HTTP, FTP
  • Client and server cache management
  • Session, client, and application management
  • File indexing and searching service based on Verity K2 (Enterprise Edition only)
  • XML parsing, querying, and validation
  • Server clustering
  • GUI administration
  • Task scheduling

Other implementations of CFML offer similar or enhanced functionality, such as running in a .NET environment or image manipulation.

Full Support of cold fusion is included in all of our Windows Web hosting solutions. Please visit the following page for more detailed information:

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