Dedicated Server Host, Cirrus Tech Ltd., Upgrades Dedicated Servers with Latest Intel Processors

Canadian Dedicated Server Provider, Cirrus Tech Ltd., updates dedicated server offerings to include servers with up to 2 x Six Core Processors

Toronto, ON – July 14, 2010 Canadian dedicated server hosting leader, Cirrus Tech Ltd., has announced an update to their Intel Dedicated Server hosting plans. In addition to keeping up with the latest processors on the market, Cirrus Tech hopes to attract clients looking for a customizable dedicated server solution at an affordable price.

For clients looking for a powerful server, Cirrus Tech’s Intel Enterprise Servers include 2 x Six Core Intel Xeon 5600 series processors. Clients who are looking to purchase or upgrade to a dedicated server, but do not require bleeding edge performance, can take advantage of the more affordable Pro Servers with Quad Core Intel Xeon 5500 series processors. Clients also have the ability to upgrade the RAM and hard disks on any customizable server.

“Having been in the web hosting industry for over 10 years, we’ve seen our client’s dedicated server requirements change significantly, explains Cirrus Tech CEO, Ehsan Mirdamadi.”As a result, we are always looking for the latest web hosting technologies to meet the adapting needs of our clients, and we feel that our latest CPU offerings meet these needs.”

In addition to their customizable dedicated servers, Cirrus Tech also offers a range of discounted, or Ready2Go, servers that can be provisioned within 24 hours. These servers are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, and are pre-configured with CPUs ranging from Intel Celeron to 2 x Quad Core Intel Xeon processors.

Intel claims that the 5500 series is the “Greatest Intel Xeon Performance Leap in History” and the 5600 series surpasses the performance gains of the 5500 series. Clients wanting to future-proof their IT may want to consider Cirrus Tech customizable servers.

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