Customized Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at Cirrus Tech

Toronto, ON – October 31, 2007 Cirrus Tech Ltd., a leading Canadian Web Hosting Company, introduces its new dynamic web hosting plans designed specifically for its dedicated server hosting offerings. With the recognition that the needs of organizations, companies and people who use Dedicated Servers are as varied as themselves, Cirrus Tech. is introducing new customizable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

There is much more to it than just having the ability to customize the desired dedicated server to your own hosting needs. According to Mani Aminian, Sales Manager at Cirrus Tech, “Not only have we widened the scope of our hardware/software offerings, but we have also created the proper online environment that would allow customers to see what they want and know what the associated costs are, without having to go back and forth with a designated sales person to get one single quote. “

That’s nothing new at Cirrus Tech, as customizable dedicated server hosting plans were always part of our service offerings. But what is so remarkable is that never before did online visitors have the possibility to create a server from scratch through the website itself.  The good news doesn’t stop here; clients are getting more CPUs types, Memory options, HDDs, Applications, and Operating Systems to choose from.  Thus they are not limited to the defined packages and can virtually create countless types of dedicated server hosting packages to fit their requirements.

Given the soaring customer base at Cirrus Tech, major ingredients to a successful dedicated server hosting plan have been recognized, and with that, 6 main packages have been defined that are subcategorized under INTEL and AMD CPUs.  Each package can be further customized to the client’s needs, but more importantly each package satisfies certain hosting needs such as speed, processing power, and future growth.

On top of the newly added flexibility to the customers the dedicated server hosting plans offered are very competitive within the hosting industry, ranging from $110/month to $275/month satisfying all users of this market segment.

Check out our Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

About Cirrus Tech Ltd

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been actively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has focused on 24/7 tech support, value added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. Cirrus is now one of Canada’s largest Web Hosting companies and is a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services. Cirrus provides locally based sales and engineering support for its Internet services in Toronto, Canada, and offers Web hosting services to customers in many countries.