Cirrus Tech Ltd. Xen VPS Hosting Plans Coming Soon

Canadian VPS Hosting Leader, Cirrus Tech, reveals plans to add Xen VPS Hosting Plans to their VPS hosting plan line-up.

Toronto, ON – Feb 10, 2010 Cirrus Tech hopes to build off their strong reputation as a leader in VPS hosting by launching their new Xen VPS Hosting Plans. Today, the company announced plans to unveil a new VPS hosting service based on the Xen hypervisor. As one of the first companies in Canada to offer a fully scalable Xen based VPS solution on a clustered blade server infrastructure, Cirrus Tech has once again established itself as an industry leader.

Cirrus Tech’s Xen VPS hosting plans are based on the Xen hypervisor, which is a powerful, efficient, and secure technology for virtualization. Cirrus Tech hopes to offer Xen VPS plans to clients that are looking for an alternative to their Virtuozzo VPS or a dedicated server. The main difference between Virtuozzo and Xen is the how they perform the virtualization. While Virtuozzo uses an OS-level virtualization, Xen uses paravirtualization which allows for a VPS that is more similar to a dedicated server and allows for full control over the operating system including the ability to modify and update the OS. “We’re continuously trying to offer our clients access to the latest technologies,” says Cirrus Tech CEO, Mr. Ehsan Mirdamadi. “We are confident the addition of Xen will allow us to expand our hosting services even further.”

The introduction of the Xen VPS will give clients the choice between two cutting edge technologies. As an alternative to the Virtuozzo VPS, the Xen VPS offers users the freedom of unparalleled scalability, availability, and performance. Each Xen VPS is allotted a guaranteed part of the server’s resources such as RAM, disk space, and CPU speed. Each Xen VPS also includes a virtual firewall and router to enhance security and allows for additional Xen VPSes to be added to create a virtual network or cluster of VPSes.

Clients will be able to choose from Windows Server or a variety of Linux operating systems. Cirrus Tech aims to launch their new Xen VPS plans by spring 2010. Detailed specifications and pricing are not yet available.

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