Cirrus Tech Ltd. Launches New Xen Virtual Machines (VM) Hosting Plans

Leading Canadian hosting provider, Cirrus Tech, now offers Xen hypervisor based VM hosting plans alongside their Virtuozzo based VPS plans.

Toronto, ON – March 30, 2010 Over the past few years, Cirrus Tech has seen an expansive growth in the virtualized hosting market. Over this period of time, Cirrus Tech has grown to be one of the leaders in the VPS hosting industry gaining recognition for their Virtuozzo-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In a continued effort to provide the widest selection of web hosting services and technologies, Cirrus Tech has launched their Xen VM hosting plans.

Cirrus Tech hopes to attract clients looking for a hypervisor based Virtual Machine (VM) that will give them a more isolated virtual environment and more control over the operating system. Each Xen VM has an operating system that is completely separate from other Xen VMs. This allows the user to perform security updates and OS modifications not available in OS-level virtualization technologies such as Virtuozzo.

Each Xen VM is allotted a guaranteed part of the server’s resources such as RAM, disk space, and CPU. Cirrus Tech has built their Xen VM hosting infrastructure with redundancy as a key factor. All Xen VMs run on Dell Blade servers with redundant power and redundant SAS hard drives. Xen VMs feature hardware Raid 6 which allows data redundancy of up to 2 hard drive failures. Clients can also choose to purchase multiple Xen VMs and load balance them with a virtual load balancer add-on. For added data protection, all Xen VM containers can be backed up with the available R1Soft remote backup solution add-on.

Cirrus Tech Xen VMs are available in Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, and the following Linux distributions: CentOS 5, Debian 5, Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora Core 12. Cirrus Tech currently offers a total of 6 different Xen VM hosting plans with up to 320 GB of disk space, 8 GB of RAM and 8 Core CPU allotments. Clients are able to scale their Xen VM to a higher plan easily.

About Cirrus Tech Ltd

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