Cirrus Tech Announces Virtualization for its Dedicated Server Plans

Canadian Web Host, Cirrus Tech, aims to inform its clients of the benefits of Dedicated Servers with Virtualization Technology.

Toronto, ON – April 15, 2008 Cirrus Tech prides itself on being at the forefront of the Canadian web hosting industry and offering clients innovative hosting solutions. Cirrus has long been offering Linux and Windows Virtual Private Server (Virtual Dedicated Servers) hosting plans to its clients. But with a growing number of VPS clients upgrading to dedicated servers, Cirrus Tech has officially announced the availability of virtualization technology on its dedicated server hosting plans.

For a minimal monthly charge, clients can enjoy the benefits of the same virtualization technology used in Cirru’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans in a standalone dedicated server. Although a VPS has dedicated resources and is isolated within the server, it still exists in a physical server that hosts other VPS instances. A dedicated server with virtualization utilizes all the resources available in the dedicated server with a layer of virtualization for added benefits.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server with Virtualization Technology

The major advantage of a dedicated server with virtualization technology that cannot be realized on a dedicated server without it is fast scaling time. By saving your server instance in an image file that can be uploaded to another server with more resources, upgrading time is significantly reduced. Virtualization eliminates the need to manually recreate an instance of a server, which can be a time-consuming process. This is especially useful for clients on a VPS hosting plan that wants to upgrade to a dedicated server.

For example, say a website that is hosted on a VPS is experiencing a huge spike in traffic and requires the resources of a dedicated server ASAP. By upgrading to a dedicated server with virtualization technology, it’s a matter of uploading the saved VPS instance onto the new dedicated server and some minimal configuration. By offering virtualization technology in its dedicated server hosting plans, Cirrus Tech hopes to help VPS clients make the transition to a dedicated server quickly and with minimal hassle.

Cirrus Tech uses industry leading virtualization software, Virtuozzo by Parallels, for its VPS and dedicated server with virtualization technology hosting solutions.

About Cirrus Tech Ltd

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been actively promoting its services to the hosting industry since 1999. The company has focused on 24/7 tech support, value added services and a cooperative attitude towards all its clients. Cirrus is now one of Canada’s largest Web Hosting companies and is a leading provider of comprehensive Internet services. Cirrus provides locally based sales and engineering support for its Internet services in Toronto, Canada, and offers Web hosting services to customers in many countries.