BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 Available on Cirrus Tech’s Hosted Exchange Plans

Canadian Exchange and Web Hosting Leader, Cirrus Tech, upgrades their Exchange Hosting plans with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.

Toronto, ON – Oct 25, 2010 Cirrus Tech, a leading Canadian Hosted Exchange provider, announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5 is now available with their Hosted Exchange service. With robust mobile services available with Hosted Exchange, business and individuals looking for a powerful and flexible wireless business email solution will find it with Cirrus Tech’s Hosted Exchange plans.

More businesses are enabling their employees to work wirelessly with smartphone devices. Cirrus Tech hopes to attract businesses that aim to take advantage of the enhanced mobile features of Microsoft Exchange with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5. BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides mobile Hosted Exchange users with the ability to synchronize their Exchange data, such as email, calendar, contacts, tasks, between their BlackBerry device and Microsoft Outlook client.

With BlackBerry smartphones leading the way, especially among business users, Cirrus Tech aims to attract businesses and individuals that rely on their BlackBerry to conduct business. Engineered for mission critical environments, Cirrus Tech’s Hosted Exchange Server with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 improves IT productivity and efficiency and simplifies deployments and upgrades to existing BlackBerry users through a simple to use Exchange Control Panel.

In addition, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 offers the following benefits to End-Users:

  • Organize email messages that require follow-up with the use of flags, as they do in Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Easily access network drives using the remote file explorer directly from their BlackBerry smartphones
  • Open and forward calendar appointments, including attachments
  • Browse folders on the BlackBerry smartphone to view and attach files to email messages
  • Simplify mailbox folder management by adding, renaming, deleting, and moving folders as necessary
  • Easily manage personal and public distribution lists
  • Listen to WMA files while on the go with extended support for audio file types

Cirrus Tech Hosted Exchange plans not only supports BlackBerry devices through BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but also support a number of other smartphone platforms, such as iPhone and Android devices through their ActiveSync support.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 is available as an add-on to Cirrus Tech’s Hosted Exchange plans.

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